Hair color that is youthful

In the life of every lady there comes a moment when it is necessary to choose a hair color that is young. If you haven’t picked your favorite shade yet, let’s take a look at the trending styles and color options together.


Main selection rules

When choosing a shade for painting, remember that a youthful look is given by colors one or two shades lighter than natural hair. Especially this method is suitable for blondes and fair-haired ladies. You should not hide gray strands with dark shades, since when the roots grow, they will contrast strongly, they can add several years.

Burning brunettes should be careful, as black strands will stand out too much when they grow back. Dark shades also emphasize the sharpness of the face, make wrinkles more noticeable, and highlight swelling.

Not always dark color adds years

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In 2019, multi-level, rather than uniform coloring becomes relevant. You should focus on your natural shade, adding a few tones lighter to it. For example, instead of a monochrome look, blondes can create a natural effect of burnt strands, as if you had just returned from vacation.

The main thing when choosing a hair color that will rejuvenate a woman should be skin color. For example, chestnut and rich blond shades are perfectly combined with an olive undertone. Owners of golden, easily tanned skin should take a closer look at the honey blonde, swarthy girls are better off choosing chocolate colors.

Actual shades depending on skin color

Experts distinguish 4 main color types. Having identified them, you can easily choose a shade of hair that looks younger even after 40 years.

  • The spring color type is characterized by warm, light or honey skin tone, while the eyes can be blue, gray or light green.

If your appearance fits this description, then remember that the girl-spring will be rejuvenated by dark red, honey or golden blond, light brown or chocolate.

You should definitely not choose a light red tone, as it makes the skin too pale, a cold ash or platinum blond, because it makes a soft face too cold. With a black tone, you should be especially careful, as it can emphasize imperfections, add age, the photos are presented in our review.

  • The autumn color type most often has a warm peach skin tone, but unlike the previous type, the skin does not look transparent. The eyes are usually bright, rich emerald, blue or golden brown with flecks. For ladies with such appearance characteristics, it is necessary to choose copper-blond or dark shades, a mixture of chestnut and chocolate.

If you want to add saturation and brightness to the image, then pay attention to dark red paints with several strands painted in mahogany color. This will make the bow look more natural. You should not choose orange, pure red or gold tones, as the skin looks darker, unnatural.

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  • The winter type is the easiest to recognize among the rest, as the contrast between the color of the eyes, hair and skin stands out strongly. In a cold undertone, the skin is most often very light, with a bluish tint, while the warm type has a more olive, slightly yellowish color.

Pearl Ash

Hair color should be chosen deep, saturated, so a silvery, cold color close to blond is suitable, without any hint of yellowness, it is better to choose paints with a bluish tint. Also, such girls will suit a dark brown color without a redhead.

Bold and self-confident girls should choose black shades with bright blue or red splashes, they are in fashion today.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! There is no such thing as a blonde winter, but if you want to lighten your hair, then you should choose a cold ash palette without yellowness. Remember that all complex coloring should be carried out by a specialist hairdresser, as independent procedures can lead to an unexpected effect.[/stextbox]

  • Girls belonging to the summer color type most often have olive or ivory skin, eyes – from blue-gray to brown. “Summer” ladies usually have a muted, soft hair color that can be easily dyed in any shade. But some people prefer to only change for a few tones, therefore, in order to choose a hair color that will make a woman look younger after 40, you should listen to the following tips.

Firstly, if you are the owner of dark hair, but quickly tan and burn out, then feel free to choose an ashy, cool blond. Secondly, for an inexpressive natural shade, it is better to choose a light brown-haired, it will make the image deeper and more lively.

For such a color type, the color “caramel”, “milk chocolate” will look advantageous.

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Trendy coloring methods

The right choice is not only the color, but also the method of staining. For ladies of age, multi-level colorings that create visual volume and splendor are becoming more and more popular. Let’s look at trending options:

  • Ombre is a smooth transition from a dark tone to a light one, or vice versa, created by a specialist. This does not create any sharp shades, they are smoothed along the entire length. Young people use ombre to draw out bright tones, but when choosing a hair color that will make a woman younger after 50, you should focus on light blond or light chocolate, the photos are presented below.

  • Balayazh is a trendy coloring method in recent seasons, in which many more tones are used at a time than in the previous version. The result is as natural as possible, as if you had just returned from a beach holiday. This method should be addressed to ladies with chestnut, dark chocolate or brown hair colors.

  • Highlighting is an old, time-tested way of coloring thin or thick strands. At the same time, melanin, a natural pigment, is removed from the hair, and then the pigment is applied to the bleached strands. There are three options for highlighting: American, Venetian and classic.

For older ladies, it is best to choose the Venetian or classic way for light shades. This is due to the fact that the color of the hair improves without drastic changes, which means that the hair structure does not deteriorate so much. Gray hair is also well covered, the image is original and unusual.

  • Mazhimesh is a gentle, non-harmful method of dyeing for hair. Wax is added to the paint, it helps to achieve softer tones.

french majimesh

It also makes hair more manageable and smooth. In this way, you can lighten your hair by 3 or 4 shades. Choose majimesh for light tones, on dark hair it will be almost invisible.

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