Hair coloring 2019: fashion trends

In 2019, as in previous seasons, hair coloring is extremely relevant for every girl; a variety of fashion trends are used to create it.


Varieties of hair coloring

In 2019, the main fashion trend used in hair coloring is the maximum naturalness and naturalness. In our photo review, you can get acquainted with the current trends and get an idea about a particular technique used for painting. The most popular of these include the following.

  • Monochromatic coloring. Hair can be dyed in one color and emphasize their natural beauty. So, for blondes, such colors as platinum blond, golden wheat, cream tone will be relevant. Red-haired girls will be able to use the entire palette similar to this color. Brunettes can shade dark hair with tones such as eggplant, cherry, wine color, chestnut.

  • Shatush. This is one of the new stylistic trends that has become incredibly popular among the fair sex. The technique consists in giving the hair the effect of burnout in the sun, which is especially important on the eve of summer. When stained, the ends remain intact, this is one of the undoubted advantages of the shuttle, which does not require constant correction.

  • Balayazh. In 2019, such hair coloring rightly belongs to the most fashionable trends. Curls take on a sophisticated and chic look. The technique consists in applying strokes to individual strands, resulting in an indescribable effect, the hair seems to play in the sun.

  • Air Touch, which in translation means “a touch of air.” In the process of dyeing, the hair is divided into separate thin strands, which are subsequently blown with a hairdryer. As a result, all weak hairs are separated, and paint is applied to the remaining ones. The result of such work of the master will be indescribable overflows on the curls.

  • highlighting. Although this technique has been known for quite a long time, the fashion for it does not go away, and it always remains in trend. Highlighting will be appreciated by girls who want to highlight individual strands with a lighter shade. This stylistic technique looks most organically on blondes and on owners of blond hair.

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  • Coloring. This technique is similar to highlighting, but it has certain differences. If any one shade is used for highlighting, then when coloring, they can be extremely different. Both similar colors that create soft transitions and contrasting colors are welcome. Coloring can be both vertical and horizontal.

  • Booking – This is a very fashionable hair coloring in recent seasons. With the help of an experienced master, complex color transitions are created that are as close as possible to the natural color of the hair; colors that differ by 2-3 tones are used to create the desired effect. As a result, the hair becomes visually more lush and acquires additional volume.

  • ombre. This is a technique familiar in recent seasons, which, nevertheless, does not lose its popularity. It consists in the transition from one color to another, starting approximately from the middle of the hair length.

Dyeing for short hair

Owners of shortened strands are somewhat limited in the manifestation of their imagination, but they can still diversify their image if they are guided by certain fashion trends, which are as follows:

  • you can apply monochromatic coloring, this is the easiest option. At the same time, it is worth considering that the trend is maximum naturalness, so it is recommended to use paint that is close to the natural tone of the hair;

  • if you want to make the image more catchy, you can paint individual strands in a different color or lighten the ends of the hair;

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  • there are options for short hairstyles with long bangs, in which case this haircut detail can act as the basis for the realization of fantasies. For example, it can be used to embody techniques such as shatush or ombre.

Painting on medium strands

In 2019, hair coloring using length for medium hair is becoming especially relevant. This is due to the fact that such a length is in trend, it is considered universal and most suitable for the implementation of various ideas. Suitable as monochromatic coloring, as well as any technique using complex color transitions.

It is worth saying that the average length of hair is the most beneficial, it provides much more room for imagination compared to short strands, and at the same time it is easier to color it compared to long curls.

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Coloring for long hair

Owners of elongated luxurious curls will be able to further emphasize their charm by applying fashion trends used in hair coloring. They will look unsurpassed as a monochromatic coloring, as well as the use of several shades.

Beautiful colour

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Given the significant length of the hair, it is allowed to use topical techniques not on all hair, but on their separate part. In this case, an ombre or highlighting the ends of the hair will become indispensable in order to give them the effect of burnout in the sun.

In our photo selection, we tried to take into account the most fashionable trends of 2019 used in hair dyeing. We hope that they will help you make the right choice and make the best decision when creating a stylish look.


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