Hair coloring for summer 2023

Hair coloring for summer 2023 should be light, stylish and refreshing. The fashion trends of the season did not disappoint, offering just such colors and techniques for a beautiful change of image!

What fashionable coloring will be relevant in the summer of 2023: techniques


The summer 2023 color trends are gradually moving away from bright creative techniques and are calling for gently emphasizing natural beauty and enhancing the saturation of natural color. A fashionable effect can be achieved by a contouring technique that brightens the front strands. This technique visually narrows the face and rejuvenates the features. Another nice bonus is the lack of frequent correction.

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Following the mono-coloring in the 2023 season, the play of highlights is returning to the trends. Light accents create the effect of burnt strands, perfect for a summer look.

Air touch

The trendy Air Touch technique with a characteristic soft shading of the borders does not require regular color correction. The master with the help of a hair dryer creates a natural pattern of shades, so that the strands look well-groomed and voluminous.


The balayazh technique, which has been relevant for several years, does not give up its positions. In the warm season, the trend will be even more in demand, because it creates the effect of sun-bleached strands and looks very summery.


A stylish idea for a change of image in the summer 2023 season will be dyeing using the babylights technique. The main highlight of the trend lies in light highlighting with the use of the upper strands. With this approach, the master embodies the solar effect and attractive volume on the hair.

Durty Brunette

This trend in coloring for the summer of 2023 is a real gift for fashionistas who can’t decide whether they plan to transform into a blonde or a brunette in the new season. With the new technique, you can combine a deep dark shade with soft light strands and create a stylish and elegant look. The basis for this coloring are trendy chestnut or caramel tones.

Trendy hair colors for summer 2023

sand blonde

For light, carefree looks with sundresses and short shorts, sandy blonde coloring is ideal.

honey blonde

The warm and radiant trend for honey blonde 2023 is planning to gain a lot of fans in the warm season. The fashionable shade captivates with a play of contrasts – the dark color on the roots smoothly turns into a warm honey blond.


Not just a blonde! Fashionable coloring summer 2023 for dark hair looks stylish in a chestnut color scheme. Well-groomed dark strands will shimmer beautifully in the sun and create a stylish and elegant look.

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Champagne color

Another trendy hair color for summer 2023 is a soft shade of champagne. It is easy to recognize the trend by a golden blond base with a pinkish overflow. This color looks soft and natural, but at the same time beautifully increases the volume and emphasizes the texture of the hair. Strengthen the positive effect will be obtained by coloring using several shades.


The appetizingly named coloring conquers with shades of brown with golden and caramel accents. The rich palette is ideal for layered haircuts.


The spring-summer 2023 color trends are also in line with cheerful copper shades. If you wanted to try on a bright and spectacular look with the advent of heat, take a closer look at this trend.

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Finding the perfect shade is easy with a focus on skin tone. At pale temperatures, a golden or pinkish tint is preferred, and with olive skin, a berry or plum nuance of copper staining looks beautiful.

With the advent of warmth, the desire for stylish change becomes so strong that it is almost impossible to resist it, and it is not worth it. Fashion hair color ideas for women 2023 will inspire you for a new beautiful look.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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