Hair decapitation: what is it and how to do it at home

Every woman wants to be beautiful. To achieve this goal, they often experiment with their appearance. Carrying out hair coloring, there is a possibility of obtaining an undesired result. Specialists in cosmetology have developed a number of drugs and procedures that help achieve the desired result and correct errors.

Decapitation is a hairdressing procedure that helps to gently neutralize coloring pigments from the hair. A positive final effect will allow you to return the natural hair color or lighten the existing shade by a couple of tones.

This procedure occurs at the expense of specialized means intended for washing.

During the decapitation procedure, the components of the preparation used penetrate into the hair structure. He, in turn, breaking the integrity of the pigments with the structural parts of the hair, envelops the macromolecules of the original dyes, thereby contributing to the easy and gentle removal of the coloring matter from the hair.

For one washing procedure, hair color decreases by 1-3 tones. This fact indicates that to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to carry out decapitation several times.

The main types of decapitation

  • Bleaching, deep action. Its advantage lies in the fact that preparations without ammonia and perhydrol are used for the procedure. The form of release of such funds is a special powder and emulsion. Thanks to its composition, such decapitation does not lighten the hair, but gently washes off the shade. It is recommended to carry out minor color adjustments if necessary. The only drawback is the possibility of allergic reactions. Given the peculiarities of the procedure, it is recommended to carry it out in beauty salons with the help of professional craftsmen.
  • Acidic surface action. When carrying out such a procedure, only artificial pigment can be decomposed. Chemicals penetrate deep into the hair structure and remove dyes there. This procedure is more gentle on the hair. But she is not subject to the removal of some permanent dyes.
  • Natural wash. This type of hair decapitation is carried out with preparations, which include natural ingredients. The impact on the hair of such drugs is gentle, and brings a good effect. But if you need to wash off strong dark tones, you will have to repeat the procedure several times.

Types of products for washing hair

  • With fruit acids – these are preparations whose composition is based on fruit acids. Often these are gentle correctors. They are used to wash out the color after they have been dyed with professional hair dyes.
  • Complex means. This is a complex of preparations for carrying out all decapage processes. A distinctive feature of this procedure is a mild effect and gentle treatment of the hair structure.
  • System of correction (complete removal) of color. The simplicity of this procedure allows you to carry it out at home. An unstable result requires immediate hair coloring.
  • Aggressive color neutralization. There are drugs with a very strong negative effect on the structure of the hair. Such correctors-washes are used to discolor natural shades and intensively neutralize color.
  • Rapid color neutralization. Means that allow you to wash off in one procedure up to several tones of color. The presence of certain components in the composition of such preparations cares for the hair, giving it gloss and silkiness.

Carrying out the procedure at home

The line of professional products for hair decapitation includes preparations, the use of which is provided only by professional masters, but also exist for use at home.

The positive side of hair decapitation at home is respect for the hair structure, the minimum cost for services. But the effectiveness will be much less than from a salon visit.

The main advantage of washing at home is the use of natural substances.

Natural mixtures for washing at home

  • Oil wash. To prepare the product, add 30 grams of pork fat to 200 ml of vegetable oil and heat in a water bath. Apply the resulting mixture to the hair and keep warm for 60 minutes.
  • Dairy. The main ingredient is 850-900 ml of kefir, to which 25 grams of salt and oil are added. Mix and apply to hair for 1 hour.
  • Egg – beat two egg yolks adding 80 ml of castor oil to them. Apply to hair and hold for 45-50 minutes. Such a mixture will not only change the tone of the hair, but also strengthen the hair follicle.
  • Soda. Wet the hair with a solution of soda and warm water and keep it for about half an hour.


Also carry out hair decapitation at home can be done using special preparations.

Using an Estel hair dye remover emulsion is perfect for home use. It consists of a reducing agent, a catalyst and a neutralizer. It is also worth buying a shampoo for deep cleaning. This emulsion will allow you to remove the most persistent stains.

Here such ingredients are mixed 25 grams of powder with 20 ml of shampoo. Then add 100 ml of warm water. Apply the resulting mixture to slightly wet hair and massage for 5 minutes throughout the head. Rinse well with warm water and apply a hair mask.

But do not forget that the work of professional masters will allow you to carry out the procedure without harming your hair, and will help you achieve the desired result.

General rules for achieving the desired result

  1. The wash mixture is applied strictly to dry hair.
  2. Hair with the mixture must be kept warm by wrapping it in cellophane and a towel.
  3. The exposure time of the natural mixture is from 45 to 60 minutes.
  4. Cleanse your hair with warm water and shampoo.
  5. It is not recommended to use a hair dryer.
  6. The frequency of use of the wash is once every seven days.
  7. Hair coloring is allowed on the third day after washing.
  8. If you follow these recommendations, then the desired result will please you for a long time.

Hair care after decapitation

After the washing procedure, it is necessary to systematically use moisturizing and restoration procedures, which will make them silky and healthy looking.

If the use of medical cosmetics has not brought results, you need to use the services of a salon to restore and strengthen your hair. For this…

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