Hair degradation: gradient effect at home

To attract the attention of men and the envious glances of women, the representatives of the weaker sex are capable of much, for example, now it is very often possible to meet girls who “sparkle” with two or three hair colors at the same time. And this is not the usual highlighting, coloring or armoring. The current unusual coloring is called “degrade” (you can find the synonymous word – ombre). This method of dyeing hair today is considered the most fashionable and popular.

What is hair coloring in the “degrade” technique?

The term “degrade” is of French origin and literally translates as “semitone”.

Degrade is a two-tone horizontal or vertical hair coloring, in which the color stretch from one shade to the second occurs along a clear or blurry line. More often, however, you can find a horizontal color transition than a vertical one. With a smooth transition, the hair at the roots is given a black or dark chestnut tint, but the tips are dyed in various colors: from light brown or red to lilac or green. If you want to make the color transition more stretched, then you need to additionally apply another shade of the selected paint.

Choosing degrade staining, you can show the most daring and creative fantasies. You can make a transition from a light tone to a darker one, but the multi-colored degrade has become the most unusual and bold. In this case, five or more shades of paint are used, the most daring women of fashion experiment with completely different colors. The most spectacular multi-colored degradation looks on short haircuts without bangs.

Sometimes only some of the lower curls are dyed with the selected shade, while the upper ones are left unchanged. It will be interesting to look at a hairstyle with a predominant color only on the bangs.

For the first time, such a hair dyeing technique became fashionable among Hollywood stars in the seventies. Today, the gradient effect knows no boundaries – it is used not only in hairstyles, but also in makeup and manicure.


Degradation in lip makeup is not yet as popular as in coloring, however, this makeup technique is gaining momentum. Making makeup using this technique, makeup artists give the lips volume and a plump look, or vice versa – they reduce and can even change the contour of the lips, which visually changes facial features. Degradation on the lips looks more spectacular without blurry transition lines, but on the contrary, the shades should have clear boundaries. Before makeup, prep your lips with powder, lip liner, or foundation. Having enough knowledge and skills, competently using the natural colors of lipsticks, you can add zest to your appearance, the main thing is not to forget about the tenderness of the image and the smoothness of suitable shades.

In manicure, degradation occurs by gradual stretching of the dark color of nail polish into light. The stretching of color also looks original, starting from the thumb and down to the little finger. Such a manicure with a flow of bright colors looks elegant and stylish. You can experiment with different shades of the same color of nail polish, or you can take completely different ones.

Technology Benefits

If you want to refresh your image a little and not change your image drastically, then degradation is just what you need. Another advantage of this technique is that it looks equally stylish on both short haircuts and long hair, and it will also suit all girls, regardless of body type and skin color. Fashionistas with dark hair should pay special attention to degradation – this coloring is considered the most gentle for brunettes. Degrade also makes hair visually thicker.

Coloring in the degraded technique is universal and suitable for everyone who is in search of their own image and likes to experiment.


Preparing for coloring at home

If you decide to change your image, but do not want to contact the specialists in the salon, you can make a degradation at home. There is nothing fantastic about creating a beautiful and unique hairstyle. By the way, the “stretching” of color looks best on a hairstyle with bangs along the entire length of the hair. Follow simple tips and you will get a light and beautiful gradient effect on your hair.

“Stretching” the color scheme on the hair at home is not difficult and does not take much time, but before you get down to business, you need theoretical preparation. The main thing in this case is to create conditions for dyeing hair.

The very first condition for a perfect hairstyle is high-quality hair dye with a shade similar to your color. If you are a brunette, brown-haired or have light brown hair, then it is better to choose an ammonia-based paint. Ammonia-free paints may not produce the desired gradient effect. You should not experiment on yourself and take risks by choosing untested paint. Take the one that suits you the most. At home, it is better to “stretch” the color, leaving the hair roots unchanged and toning from its natural color. Otherwise, you risk getting an untidy hairstyle, as if you have dyed your hair for a long time and the roots have already grown.

A tinted shampoo or other tinting agent will also successfully affect your hair. This will help you even out your hair color to the desired shade.

And do not forget to nourish your hair with vitamins, because any exposure to chemicals harms the hair. Pick up a balm or hair mask and they will delight you with their shine and well-groomed appearance.

How to make degradation at home?

To achieve the best effect when coloring your hair, you need to carefully follow the instructions that come with the paint. Most paint packages contain a special bottle with an applicator, mix the paint in it as written in the instructions. In the absence of such an applicator, you can use any plastic container, by the way, salon professionals mix paint in just such containers.


Comb your hair and divide it into equal strands. After that, secure them with clips just above the crown. Start coloring from the bottom strands, but not along the entire length, but only to the middle. Carefully paint over the ends of the hair or their roots – depending on which toning you have chosen. To create a luxurious overflow, apply several tones of the same paint. In this case, do not overdo it with color and tone, so as not to look stupid with a ruined hairstyle.

Gently apply the dye to your hair and wait for the time indicated in the instructions. Most often it is 20-40 minutes, depending on the color of the paint and the type of your hair. If you do not stick to the specified time, you risk getting a completely different color and shade of hair. By…

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