Hair glazing

Hair glazing is akin to lamination, more precisely with its lighter version. The effect of it will be similar to hair lamination, only it will be washed off after 3 weeks, just in time for their next dyeing. This procedure is becoming very popular, among girls with gorgeous hair and among beauties with not so outstanding hair.

The glaze will give your hair a natural shine, ease of combing, nourish it with useful substances, the hair will gain a noticeable volume, become thick and strong, the hairstyle and styling will last longer. Girls with blond hair may be excited by the following question: “Will the hair color change after the glazing procedure?”. Not! The color of the hair will not change exactly as the icing is colorless. She envelops each hair and fastens the split ends.

Glazing hair is a procedure in which the hair is covered with a layer of glaze containing ceramides that can give your hair extra shine and volume. Glazing can be colorless or colored, it enhances the color and shade of the hair, whether it is natural hair or dyed. With the help of the glaze composition, you can make your hair lighter or darker by a couple of tones. Glazing will give the hair elasticity and lightness, because there is no ammonia in the composition of the products used.

Glaze contains ceramides and moisturizing ingredients. Ceramides, having penetrated into the hair, are able to restore the damaged hair cuticle. The protective film contributes to the thickening of the hair, especially in the root zone. This contributes to a noticeable increase in volume on thin and brittle hair. The glaze film is not durable, disappears after a few weeks, the condition of the hair and the frequency of washing also affects its duration.

The procedure for glazing hair is very inexpensive. Its price will depend mainly on the length of the hair and their condition. The more porous the hair, the more material is consumed. Hair glazing will provide hair with a noticeable shine, make it well-groomed and easy to style, the effect on porous and damaged hair will be especially noticeable.

In order to start glazing your hair, you must first rinse your hair thoroughly, pat it dry with a towel.

Then mix 1 part of your chosen tint dye with 2 parts of the same brand of tint activator. You need to mix very slowly, move the brush in only one direction. Do it carefully. When mixing, use gloves and a special brush. Make sure that air bubbles do not form, prevent their occurrence. After 5-7 minutes, you will achieve the formation of a thick pearlescent gel. Apply the resulting composition to the hair, leave for 15 minutes. Do not forget to rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water, squeeze out excess water with a towel.

After the glazing procedure, the hair will be simply magnificent, acquire a chic shine and a unique natural color! In addition to transparent glazing, you can apply one that will give your hair a different shade.

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