Hair on the arms: remove or lighten?

Beautiful well-groomed hands are one of the main advantages of a true lady. Thin wrists, long fingers, neat nails, soft velvety skin… The presence of dark hairs on the hands can ruin this whole lovely picture. Naturally, every woman strives for the ideal, so she tries in every possible way to get rid of this problem, resorting to various methods.

Is it worth it?

In fact, getting rid of hair on the hands is not at all a mandatory procedure for every woman. If the hairs are light, thin and sparse, then this is not necessary. With any method of hair removal, delicate skin is negatively affected, so you should not injure it in order to get rid of an inconspicuous fluff

If the skin is covered with dark, long and too thick hairs, then to improve the aesthetic appearance, they should be lightened or epilated.

Which way to choose?

There are several options for getting rid of unwanted hair, but this does not mean that all of them will suit every person. This is a purely individual matter and you need to think carefully before proceeding with any action.

The main thing is to say “no” to the razor. Shaving is an ineffective way, as the hair grows back very quickly after it. In addition, after two or three procedures of this kind, the hairs will become darker and stiffer, and it will be even more difficult to get rid of them.

A good option for getting rid of unwanted hair is epilation. Here the range of services is huge – chemical, mechanical, laser. All of them have their pros and cons, which we will discuss later in the article.

If you can’t decide on epilation or the scale of the problem is not so global, you can simply lighten the hairs, which will make them less noticeable and prevent the growth of nasty bristles.

Removal of hair on the arms

There are many different ways to epilate. Some of them can be carried out independently at home, and some require the help of qualified professionals and special equipment.

Most methods of mechanical hair removal are painful and do not provide a long-term effect. After them, bristles soon appear, and ingrown hairs may also appear.

One of the mechanical methods is plucking hairs at high speed using an electric epilator. To reduce pain, you can first apply an anesthetic to the skin, such as lidocaine. To avoid redness and inflammation of the skin after the procedure, you should smear your hands with a special lotion or cream. The effect after the electroepilator remains for several weeks.

Waxing your hands is a simple procedure that can be easily performed without assistance at home. For its implementation, the wax is heated to a liquid state (30-37 degrees), then the applicator is applied to the skin with a thin layer in the form of strips. When the wax hardens, the strips are torn off with a sharp movement in the direction against hair growth. Since the hairs are plucked from the root, the skin remains smooth for a long time. The next procedure can be carried out only after they grow back by 3-5 mm. This method is suitable for those who have a low pain threshold.

Another good method of mechanical hair removal is sugaring. Previously, it was very popular in the East, but in recent years it has been increasingly used in our country. You can buy special pasta in the store or try to cook it yourself, which will require water, lemon juice, sugar. The mixture is applied in a thin layer to the skin in strips and, after drying, is torn off with a sharp movement in the direction of hair growth. This method is hypoallergenic, not very painful and affordable. Sugaring can be done by owners of not too long and hard hairs.

Chemical removal is completely painless. The procedure is carried out easily and quickly with the help of a special cream. The product is applied to the skin with an applicator. After a few minutes (the exact time is indicated in the instructions), the cream is thoroughly washed off with warm running water. Thanks to the chemicals that make up the depilatory cream, keratin is destroyed and the hairs fall off. Unfortunately, these substances can cause an allergic reaction, so you should initially test the skin for an adverse reaction.

The most effective is laser hair removal, but it is not available to everyone, since it is carried out only in specialized salons. Its cost is not cheap, and not all salons have the necessary equipment.

Lightening arm hair

Lightening hair on the hands can be carried out using chemical or natural means. Procedures can be carried out both at home and in the salon. Initially, you should check the skin for the absence of an allergic reaction in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

For owners of very delicate skin and fine hairs, the lightening method with chamomile is suitable. You need to pour half of the pharmacy package of dry chamomile with a glass of water, boil and then let it brew for half an hour. Apply the resulting slurry to your hands, wrap with plastic wrap and warm with a towel. Wash off after two hours. The procedure does not give instant results, therefore, it requires frequent repetition.

The most well-known method of clarification is a solution of hydrogen peroxide. You can wipe your hands daily with a solution and gradually the hairs will brighten. And you can dilute 30% peroxide with water in a ratio of 1: 1, add two ampoules of ammonia and half a teaspoon of soda. Gently lubricate the hairs without rubbing into the skin. After an hour, rinse with warm water and lubricate with cream.

For quick results, you can use hydroperite. This tool is used in hairdressing to lighten hair. It is sold in the form of tablets in pharmacies or cosmetics stores. To carry out the procedure, you need to grind ten tablets, mix with a tablespoon of water, a teaspoon of shampoo and two ampoules of ammonia. An hour after application, rinse thoroughly with running warm water.

The last two methods are chemical, so you need to be extremely careful and stop the procedure immediately if there are any suspicious signs.


It should be remembered that there are several medical contraindications in which hair removal and lightening is strictly prohibited. These are diabetes mellitus, hormonal disorders, allergies, damage to the skin. Before getting rid of unwanted hair, you need to consult with …

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