Haircut Caprice for short hair

Fashionable and modern haircut Caprice on short hair looks amazing. Who it suits, how you can style your hair, and why a haircut is wonderful – now we will tell and show.


Short haircut Caprice: what it looks like and who suits it

Caprice is a cascading, multi-level female haircut with thinning strands and “careless” careful styling.

Benefits of a haircut:

  • an original silhouette that allows you to style your hair without much difficulty. It is enough to wash your hair, dry it and fluff it with your hands so that you can already go about your business. And using styling products, you can get a luxurious hairstyle for the whole day;

  • knowing that negligence and naturalness are now in fashion, you can easily figure out that Caprice is the most popular and fashionable haircut of 2019;
  • suitable for any type of hair and its structure: thin and sparse hair will look voluminous and luxurious mane. And thick and thick hairs will obediently lie in the shape given to them;

  • looks great on straight and wavy hair;
  • suits girls with any type of face. Due to its structure, the haircut will model a beautiful and delicate “oval” even for owners of rectangular or angular faces;
  • although it is believed that such a haircut is not entirely suitable for a round face – in fact, girls just need to add a long oblique bang or style the strands not with an even cap, but slightly stretching the volume – then even a round face will visually look oval;

  • such a haircut is one of the options for a short hairstyle for full ladies and women with large facial features. The main thing is that the strands are not completely short. Bangs will also help – graduated and laid slightly casually.

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Advice. Caprice refers to complex haircuts, so it is better to give your hair to the professional hands of a good specialist.


Haircut Caprice on short hair looks the most luxurious. You can look at the photo, consider the types of hair in front and behind, in order to understand how it differs from others.

The main nuances of Caprice:

  • open neck – now you can safely wear shirts and blouses with unique collars and cutouts, dresses with open backs and other gorgeous outfits – with this hairstyle you can show everyone your beautiful neck;

  • short temples – some women of fashion, with a general “chaos” on their heads, carefully stack the strands at the temples and near the ears so that the ears look small and neat. Now intriguing earrings or a whole range of trendy piercings will be noticed by everyone;

original haircut

  • long strands at the crown can be casually laid out all over the head, laid to one side, parted or combed strongly to one side – change the image at least every day.

Haircut Caprice is most often performed on short and medium hair. On medium hair, Caprice looks more voluminous, you can come up with many different looks, add hairpins, headbands and even braid pigtails. But short hair does not require so much time for styling, and it’s not hot at all in summer, and in winter you can safely wrap yourself in a scarf and put on a hood, without fear that the lower strands will stick out ugly.

Haircut Caprice for short hair

If you still want to decide on such a haircut, you need to carefully consider which options to prefer and how to style it for different occasions in your life.

Haircut options:

  • elegant Caprice – we look at the photo for examples – it is created by mischievous light chaos, although this is just at first glance. The strands are laid evenly and distributed over the entire head. The hair on the top of the head is deliberately left longer so that you can arrange volume on the head;

  • A great way to diversify a haircut is to add highlights. Some make the lower strands dark, and the upper strands light. Or as if “dotted” – like feathers on the hair. Daring trendy girls paint individual strands or bangs in bright defiant colors – red, purple, blue. With such a haircut, it will look great;

  • you can add a touch of creativity, both in the process of cutting and styling – lay a little longer than the rest of the strands from the crown in front: form a light comb for young informal girls or simply create an intriguing wave out of them;

  • haircut whim looks great on short hair with bangs – especially with torn, asymmetrical, uneven. Some ladies really like the contrast of long bangs and short main hair.

Styling options:

  • in the office, at business meetings and negotiations with clients, it is better to put Caprice in a neat haircut, evenly smoothing the strands – this is what will tell your interlocutors about your composure and responsibility. You can see photos of possible options, rear and front views;

  • for a walk with friends, parties and discos, you can make “chaos” styling, specially “cheer up” and make the strands stick out in all directions – this speaks of playfulness, optimism and a cheerful mood;

  • for a family holiday, corporate party and a date, you can combine a strict form and careless strands: do not arrange a complete creative mess on your head, but lay the strands slightly at ease, but in a general restrained style;

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  • for an elegant evening and an elegant dress, you need to tinker: twist the strands a little, put them in a strict but delightful hairstyle. Do not forget to use the means so that the fashionable styling lasts as long as necessary.

Stylish haircut

Suitable hair colors:

  • a haircut on dark hair looks brighter and more multifaceted, and if they are emphasized with separate bright strands, then the image will be original and memorable;

  • whim on light short hair looks luxurious complete with tanned skin or bright makeup;

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  • red hair, styled in frivolous rings or sticking out to the sides like a “hedgehog” – will give the girl playfulness, throw off a couple of years and express all the energy and restlessness of nature;

  • for ladies over 50 years old, it is better to wear a haircut on dark blond, chestnut or milk chocolate-colored hair, styling it neatly, although allowing slight negligence. Strongly blond hair will create the effect of inexpressiveness and even gray hair, and very dark hair will emphasize wrinkles and give out age.

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Interesting. Haircut Caprice is so called for the complexity of execution and the slight audacity that she adds to the overall look, no matter how carefully and carefully the lady does not style her hair. But after all, you need to occasionally give yourself the opportunity and “be capricious” Isn’t that a sign of a playful female nature?


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It will be great if our photos inspired daring fashionistas to try an unbanal Caprice haircut for short hair. Or maybe they suggested to the ladies options on how else to style strands in a unique way, if they are already happy owners …

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