Haircut caret cascade: photo

Many photos of female images with a Kare haircut in a cascade will help each girl decide on the choice of a fashionable hairstyle, styling and choose the most suitable bow for herself.

Four of a kind in a cascade and to whom it suits

Kare’s haircut has been known for a long time. Once upon a time, it was a bold step forward, choosing an easy and comfortable haircut as opposed to frilly long hair styles. Now it is a popular and loved by many stylish haircut. Over the past time, many modifications of Kare have appeared, and now you can choose a variant of this haircut for any type of face.

Advantages of Kare cascade:

  • can be done on hair of any length;
  • does not require frequent updates – due to the different lengths of the tips, even decently regrown hair looks interesting and harmonious;
  • multifunctionality – without special styling, Kare looks feminine and careless for an everyday bow, but if you try a little, it will be a magnificent and worthy evening hairstyle for a gala evening or holiday.

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Interesting: Kare cascade is suitable for any age. Young girls can safely choose any haircut options, but for respectable ladies it is better to stay on an elongated Kare.


Who suits Kare cascade:

  • girls with sharp, sharp and rough facial features – a haircut will smooth, soften and mask them;
  • for full and chubby ladies, an elongated Kare will help to stretch the face, refresh the image, add femininity and elegance;
  • women with sparse or thin hair – Kare will add luxurious volume. It is better to stop at shorter hairstyles – so the volume will be more noticeable and more magnificent;
  • owners of thick, heavy, unruly hair Kare will help shape the strands into the perfect hairstyle;
  • for ladies with curly strands, a haircut will reduce styling time, form beautiful tips and an overall well-groomed look.

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Tip: For owners of sparse, brittle and dry hair ends, the cascade will be a lifeline. Yes, and it will be more convenient to grow hair with such a haircut, they will look well-groomed, regardless of how long you have been at the hairdresser.


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Hair styling and styling

Kare haircut in a cascade is quite complicated and requires skill from the master. It is worth choosing an experienced specialist, because the result can be disappointing.

The cutting process consists in isolating a control strand, along which others are already cutting. It will depend on the height of the strands and the angle of inclination of the cut, what the cascade will be like. Further, the strands are milled, and the transitions can be made very smooth using a blade or razor.


You can see how filigree the Kare haircut turns out to be in a cascade – in the photo, a rear view.


Haircut is difficult, but styling is not only easy, but you can also play with images:

  • without styling – ladies with thick hair can wash their hair, dry it and go;

  • “On the way out” you can make waves or light curls using brushing. Do not forget to apply a product so that the curls last longer. Large curls – a win-win option for a gala event or an exquisite meeting;

  • “wet effect” – apply foam to wet hair and dry;

Neat styling

  • “creative chaos” can be applied to everyday looks and walks with friends. Apply funds to the hair and “fluff”, casually lay them in the form of a mess.

There are no restrictions for a haircut – every stylish girl can experiment with her looks.

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Fashionable images with Kare cascade

In recent seasons, Kare has not left the ratings of the most popular haircuts. It is enough to look at the photo of the images of the best women’s bows to notice how many ladies choose this haircut. Moreover, there are many options and modifications:

  • for short hair;
  • for medium hair
  • for long hair;
  • elongated Kare;
  • With a bang;
  • without bangs;
  • with highlighting.

For short hair

Young girls are very fond of this option. They combine a strict Kare with a shaved temple, with bright highlights or a daring ragged bangs, creating their own individual look.

And if a slender lady over 30, 40 wants to not only feel young, but also show it, she should also choose a short Kare cascade. It gives the image fragility, tenderness and prettiness.

For medium hair

For such a length, Kare is the most convenient way to use a cascade, not to mention the possibilities of a creative approach. After all, you can change the number of layers, depending on the thickness of the hair, try something special – for example, a double cascade, and often girls resort to light highlighting or intriguing coloring.

And near the face, the master can make a ladder that beautifully frames the face and hides too protruding or wide cheekbones.

With a medium cascade haircut, you can do without bangs – see the photo by adding shorter strands near the face or easily curling the front strands.

For long hair

This subspecies of Kare is less common. As a rule, the bulk of the hair remains its length, only a little cascading layering is added closer to the tips. Such a haircut looks especially luxurious on wavy or twisted hair.

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According to the execution technique, this Kare resembles a haircut on medium hair, but some long strands remain here. Layers can transition smoothly into each other or be deliberately different. And the strands can remain long at the back or, conversely, in front, near the face. The upper part of the hair (top layer) can be cut to medium length. This results in additional volume, and also visually lengthens the face. This option can be safely chosen for ladies with a square, rectangular or full face.

Kare cascade with bangs

Bangs are a universal thing for changing the face. Long or short, torn or straight, asymmetrical or oblique – used to mask the flaws in appearance. A high or wide forehead, small eyes, protruding brow ridges, and so on – everything can be advantageously hidden or emphasized with bangs.

No bangs

If a girl has beautiful eyebrows and eyes, as well as a forehead of medium height, you can not do a bang, but do without it. In this case, a girl can achieve a variety of onions with different partings – straight, side, or even neatly made zigzag.

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With highlights

You can add brightness to the hairstyle by full coloring or highlighting in different shades – both light and dark. Or you can even create your own unique masterpiece by using layers of hair and different colors for an overall harmonious picture.

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Girls with an oval face and pleasant features can try absolutely all the options for this stylish haircut.

So, for any length, straight or curly hair – great …

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