Haircut even bob: who suits, fashion ideas

According to stylists, a straight-cut bob haircut is a universally fashionable solution for many women. We figure out who should sign up for a salon to update the image and what kind of bob to prefer.

Who suits

It’s easier to part with the length of your hair if you understand who suits a straight bob with an even cut. Stylists have identified several girls who can safely decide on fashionable changes!

A girl with an elongated face shape will be decorated with a bob haircut with a level slightly below the chin.

Large and sharp features will be corrected by an elegant caret with graduation and volumetric styling.

Stylists advise to correct a round face with elongated front strands and graduation with a pronounced volume at the crown – it is better to refuse the classic blunt cut.

A haircut with an even bob will soften the square outlines of the face, subject to a side parting or bangs elongated to the side.

It is believed that a straight square is suitable for owners of thick hair, but stylists have found an exception to this rule. On thin hair, a haircut is harmoniously laid down with a smooth bob with graduation. The main assistant when laying will be a sealing mousse.

To refuse such a change of image is recommended for girls with chaotic curls.


It is very easy to fall in love with a women’s bob haircut with an even cut – for this you should find out the advantages of a fashionable hairstyle.

  • Visual volume is the main feature of an even square. A straight cut without gradations of length visually adds density.

  • The hallmark of a haircut is considered to be time saving. If nature gave straight hair, only a few minutes will be spent on morning preparations. The short length dries quickly and does not require tiring styling.

  • The stylish look of an even cut is another bonus in favor of the hairstyle. The silhouette adorns even simple everyday looks, and makes evening and business ones especially spectacular.

  • An even bob combined with a smooth styling with shine on the hair creates an incredibly relevant and feminine look.

  • Bob haircut has no age restrictions and is suitable for women 50 years old. Moreover, a stylish silhouette is able to lose a few years.

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  • An even bob does not limit styling experiments – a haircut is good not only with a classic straight shape, but also with curls, an unusual parting or accessories.

In contrast to the advantages, one can note the need for frequent updating of a square with an even cut.

Stylish types of caret

Types of bob haircuts prove the versatility of a fashionable hairstyle – we offer you to find your ideal option!

The classic version of the haircut implies a perfectly even cut. The success of a new image depends on the perfectionism of the master!

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An elongated straight square to the shoulders will suit girls who find it difficult to decide on a radically short length. Shoulder-length medium strands look elegant and delight with versatility – you can experiment with hairstyles on such a haircut.

A straight square with a bang-curtain is an unconditional trend of recent seasons. Elongated strands give a strict haircut elegance and soften facial features.

With a straight bob, even bangs to the eyebrows are well combined – you get a classic elegant image of a self-confident lady.

A short straight bob with bangs in a children’s style is the choice of young and stylish girls.

Coloring on a flat square

A square cut with a straight cut is perfectly combined with a noble dark coloring. Shades of chestnut and chocolate not only lie perfectly on an even length, but also visually add density.

A straight bob on light brown hair will ennoble the natural color and give the image additional elegance.

On the basis of the caret, coloring with a smooth transition of shades, embodied in the sombre technique, looks beautiful.

A bob with an even cut is often chosen by blondes who want to give their hair visual volume.

Contrasting tips, a fashion trend of recent seasons, will make the classic bob bold and bright.

A straight bob haircut goes to almost all women, making the image mega-stylish and spectacular. No wonder the choice in favor of a classic hairstyle is so often made by stars who strive to look unsurpassed.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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