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A fox tail haircut for medium hair is a trendy solution that has a lot of advantages. You will learn about them, as well as about who suits such a stylish haircut, from our article. Nice bonus! We’ll also show you the latest styling options and styles so you can experiment with your look.

What is the point

If you dream of beautiful medium-length hair, not without zest, a banal straight cut is unlikely to surprise you. A completely different matter is the triangular edge of the hair, which owes its name to the resemblance to a fox tail.

Distinctive features of the fox tail haircut

It is noteworthy that the main length of the hair is preserved, and only the side strands are subject to adjustment.

Fashionable haircut “fox tail”

The hairdresser can offer you 2 ways to achieve such a spectacular result. The first will involve processing the tips, and the second grading the hair in several layers – a cascade with a triangular descent.

Cascading version of the “fox tail”

Adding thinning to any haircut is almost always a great idea – this trick will allow you to quickly and effortlessly style your hair, because even after natural drying, the tips will take the right direction on their own. And if the hairdresser cuts with hot scissors, it will help you forget about split ends.

These photos show the back and front views of the foxtail haircut for medium hair. True, they cannot fully convey its beauty and originality.

This video also showcases the beauty of this wonderful haircut.



  • We know how hard it can be to grow those precious centimeters of length and how hard it can be to part with them. The fox tail will not doom you to such torment of choice, but will simply allow you to add zest to the haircut and make changes to the image.
  • In order for the hair to lie in an impeccable way, you do not need additional efforts. The correct shape of the haircut and the formed volume naturally create a designed silhouette.

  • The fox tail does not require frequent visits to the salon – once every 2-3 months will be enough to maintain the desired shape.
  • This haircut is a great way to stand out and create a unique look.

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Note! In contrast to the advantages, there is one disadvantage. The fact is that medium hair with this design creates problems with creating hairstyles. When you want to braid a braid or a bun, individual short strands will stick out treacherously.


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It suits me

  • On lush, healthy and thick hair below the shoulders, this haircut always looks amazing. Therefore, if you are so lucky, you can safely decide on such stylish changes.
  • When the hair is too thick and heavy, this is an ambiguous advantage, because they lack lightness and airiness. Haircut fox tail will help to achieve the desired effect.

  • Straight hair is the perfect base for creating a triangular cut. It is this structure that will demonstrate the effectiveness of the haircut. A beautiful result can also be obtained on slightly wavy hair.

  • If you are faced with a hairdressing misunderstanding in the form of unsuccessful coloring or want to say goodbye to split or burnt ends in a stylish way, then a fox tail can be your salvation.
  • A rare haircut can boast of compatibility with any face shape, and the fox tail has such an advantage. Especially with this option, girls with a triangular or round face win. Pretty women with a slightly elongated oval face are recommended to do a hairstyle with bangs, and rectangular or square outlines are an argument in favor of asymmetry.

“Fox tail” with bangs

“Fox tail” with asymmetry

Who is not suitable

The fox tail is able to play a cruel joke with the owners of rare and thin hair, because they will lose their precious volume even more. For such girls, cascading haircuts will be a real find. However, if the hair is not too thin, it is possible to create such an amazing haircut with an even triangle at the bottom and light thinning of the tips.

This haircut is definitely not suitable for women of fashion with very active curls. If your locks are very curly, then the desired fox tail effect will be difficult to achieve both in the haircut and in the styling.

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  • A fox cascade, as in the photo below, is possible on both medium and long hair. Its feature is in the splendor and volume, which is mainly demonstrated in front, as well as in the refinement of the rear view. This is a stylish combination of 2 fashionable techniques that guarantees a spectacular and modern look. In addition, hair after such a design is distinguished by obedience and ease of styling.

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Interesting! Thick hair in such a haircut usually needs additional graduation and thinning of the tips, but thin hair will acquire the necessary splendor with an evenly defined edge.


  • We advise fashionistas with a hair level slightly below their shoulders to pay attention to the “fox ladder” haircut. The formation of the technique begins in front with the shoulder strands, followed by lengthening. In such a hairstyle, the triangle can be both clear and smooth.

What bangs are suitable

The fox tail is most often cut without bangs, but the new season has made its own adjustments to this. In 2019, any bangs are in trend as an addition to almost any haircut. Therefore, you can choose the option that suits your appearance.

Straight long bangs give the image elegance and mystery, and also make the eyes more expressive. Amazingly combined with such a haircut bangs in the form of an arch – it creates a truly romantic and delicate bow. Slanting bangs usually become the natural start of a cascade.

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What about coloring?

Fashionable coloring will help to give expressiveness to the haircut. The name clearly hints: any red shades will be very useful. In the 2019 season, copper, honey and golden tones are at the peak of popularity. An interesting choice would be the shade “rose gold”.

Fashionable coloring haircut “fox tail”

If you are a brunette and just want to add depth to your hair, we recommend that you look at the luxurious chocolate and chestnut tones.

For blondes, stylists advise choosing pleasant caramel and wheat notes.

For those who don’t plan to give up their natural color, we suggest using a tinted balm and creating amazing smooth transitions that will make your natural shade more versatile.

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