Haircut lunar calendar for april 2023

April is the heart of spring. This time is distinguished by inconsistency and unstable weather, especially in the first half of the month. For example, in the morning it can snow in large flakes, and in the afternoon the sun can shine. It is in April that we finally change our winter wardrobe for spring, get rid of hats and large down jackets with hoods. And of course, this is the perfect month to change your hairstyle. We will tell you which days for a haircut in April 2023 can be designated as the most favorable.

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Best days for hair care in April 2023

In general, April 2023 will be a positive month. It can be devoted to career growth at work or restoration of relationships with a loved one. With proper effort and patience, efforts in both areas will be rewarded. If you have a dream, astrologers recommend making efforts to achieve it in April – there is a high probability that everything will work out. It is especially worth trying for couples who have long dreamed of a child – in the middle of spring you can succeed in your desires. A lot of positive emotions for both men and women in April will bring communication with the family.

From general recommendations, let’s move on to listing the most suitable days for a haircut.

  • 01.04. The moon is in the growth phase and the zodiac sign is Leo, and he favors the ladies who decide to change their image. A haircut will benefit, help get rid of complexes. Hair after it will look well-groomed and healthy. Further positive changes in life are not excluded, incl. on the personal front.

  • From 03.04. to 04.04. Great time to visit the master. And you can make not only a stylish haircut, but also trendy coloring. Feel free to move away from the classics when creating a new image, experiments will benefit. After leaving the salon, you will look younger. The moon is waxing, in Virgo.

  • 11.04. The lunar calendar marks this day as the most favorable for wellness procedures. Make masks to strengthen hair follicles, heal the tips, start taking hair vitamins. All this will be for the good. The Moon is in Sagittarius and is in its waning phase.

  • From 12.04. to 13.04. Very auspicious days. A haircut in April 2023, made on the indicated dates, will noticeably transform you. Along with cut hair, negative energy will also go away. After visiting the master, you will immediately feel a pleasant lightness that will inspire you to new achievements. Waning Moon in Capricorn.

  • 24.04. Nice day for a women’s haircut. The moon has entered the growth phase, located in the sign of Gemini. You can experiment with the length of curls and bright coloring, especially for young fashionistas. Even the most difficult haircut will turn out to be successful and will please you for a long time.

  • 27.04. On this day, haircuts for short hair will be especially obtained. Pixie, bob, square – choose your ideal option. Together with regrown curls, problems that have haunted you for a long time will go away. A good solution would be to make fashionable coloring. The moon is waxing, located in Leo.

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Full moon April 2023 falls on the 6th. The date is considered neutral in everything related to beauty. And yet, astrologers do not advise making radical changes to the image on this day.

Unfavorable days for a haircut in April 2023

The second month of spring 2023 turned out to be generous for unfavorable dates. Let’s name them all to make it easier for you to navigate.

05.04. The day before the Full Moon is extremely unsuitable for a visit to a beauty salon. It is very likely that after a haircut you will feel a headache, loss of strength, moral depression. The moon completes its growth in the sign of Libra. On this day, it is better to spend the accumulated energy on helping loved ones.

From 07.04. to 08.04. The waning moon is located in the constellation Scorpio. And this sign for women will not be the most successful, because anything can be expected from an insidious arthropod. Even the simplest haircut is likely to fail. It’s the same with coloring. Better stay at home.

From 14.04. until 15.04. The haircut lunar calendar for April 2023 marks these dates as one of the most unfavorable for a visit to the hairdresser. Refuse any cosmetic procedures – they can harm curls, especially if you were offered to try the product for the first time. The moon is waning, located in the sign of Aquarius.

19.04. The waning phase of the moon is coming to an end. Energy is almost at zero, so you should not waste it on a visit to the salon. Still, the plan will not be able to be realized. Astrologers warn: those who still decide to cut their hair on this day can suffer a serious setback in business. Zodiac sign – Aries.

From 25.04. to 26.04. A beautiful haircut or hairstyle cannot be done on the indicated dates. Curls will be naughty and simply will not take the desired shape. Even professional tools will not help. From care procedures, too, should be abandoned until another, more favorable period. The moon is waxing, in Cancer.

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April 20, 2023 – New Moon. Astrologers call this day the most unfavorable for any experiments with appearance. Do not cut even the ends of long hair.

This is what the haircut calendar for April 2023 looks like. We have listed only favorable and unfavorable dates so that you know exactly when it is worth going to the master for a fashionable hairstyle, and when it is better to stay at home. Be beautiful!

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