Haircut lunar calendar for February 2023

The last month of winter is charming in its own way, but most of us still want it to end as soon as possible. After all, the long-awaited spring is coming after him. It is not surprising that already at the end of the winter season, women seek to transform. Changing your hairstyle and hair color is a great opportunity to update your look and meet the spring thaw fully armed. And we will suggest favorable days for a haircut in February 2023. Focus on the dates that we indicate in the review, and your curls will always look great.

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The most favorable dates for a visit to the hairdresser: February 2023

There are several phases of the moon, each of which has its own influence on our human life. And this has been known for quite some time. There are lunar calendars for those who are engaged in agriculture, as well as for losing weight and those who monitor their health. There is also a lunar calendar for weddings and for business. But, of course, the most popular is the lunar calendar of beauty. Millions of women turn to him, striving to always look perfect.

And if you are among these fashionistas, then the following list of favorable and unfavorable days for a visit to the hairdresser will be useful to you.

  • 01.02. The first day of February – and immediately a good date. The growing Moon is located in the sign of Gemini and favors those who decide to change their image. A new haircut made on this day will not only bring joy, but also enhance your intuition. Curls after it will grow healthy and strong.

  • 04.02. The day before the Full Moon is also considered the most favorable for working with hair. The night luminary completes its growth in the sign of Leo and fills us with energy. This is a great time for accomplishments and experiments with the image. Feel free to decide on a radically new haircut and bright coloring.

  • From 16.02. to 17.02. The moon is in its waning phase and the sign of Capricorn, which gives us two whole days of good transformation. A haircut made in February 2023 on these days favorable according to the lunar calendar will turn out stylish, help you look younger, more elegant. This is a great opportunity to transform.

  • From 24.02. to 25.02. The moon has entered its growth phase again. Located in Taurus, she will favor ladies who are looking to bring something new into their lives. Astrologers recommend drastically changing the length of the hair, this will have a positive effect on well-being. With a new haircut, you will become more confident and stronger.

  • 27.02. The penultimate day of winter 2023 will be favorable for hair care. Get your curls ready for spring. Make nourishing and firming masks at home, or decide on healing treatments in the salon. The manipulations carried out on this day will be beneficial. The Moon is waxing in Gemini.

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February 5 – Full Moon. A very controversial date. In general, on this day you can go to the hairdresser to update your haircut. But try to avoid radical intervention. There is a high probability that this will have to be regretted quickly.

Unfavorable days for going to the hairdresser: February 2023

February 2023 turned out to be quite generous with the dates when a trip to the hairdresser should be postponed. Let’s list these unfavorable days.

  • 02.02. A haircut made on this day will be unsuccessful. Hair will grow naughty, styling will be shapeless. The moon is in the sign of Cancer. To neglect the recommendation of astrologers on February 2 and go to the hairdresser – this means incurring trouble, scaring off luck.

  • 10.02. The waning moon is in the sign of Libra. And this is also not the best day to visit the master. If you decide to shorten the curls, this will lead to a breakdown, loss of energy, disappointment. Changing hair color is also not the best solution. There is a high probability that you will not get the result that you expect.

  • 19.02. The day before the New Moon is one of the most unfavorable in the month. It is worth abandoning any manipulation of the hair, even the banal washing of the head. This procedure will not bring the desired freshness. The waning phase of the moon can contribute to hair loss. Care for them is also contraindicated.

  • 21.02. The night luminary has entered the phase of growth and the sign of Pisces. If you want to make a beautiful hairstyle or styling, it is better to choose another date. Because on February 21, nothing will work for sure. Hair will be unruly. Cardinal changes in appearance will negatively affect your personal life.

  • From 22.02 to 23.02. These are also far from favorable days for a haircut in February 2023 for a woman. The Moon, located in the sign of Aries, will not favor those who decide to change their image. A new hairstyle can cause conflicts, aggravation of old problems, loss of strength. Care manipulations will bring harm.

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February 20 – New Moon. The most unfavorable day for a visit to the hairdresser. Even a simple haircut made on this date will fail, and fashionable coloring will disappoint.

February 3, 9 and 28 in the lunar haircut calendar for February 2023 are also listed as quite suitable for a visit to the hairdresser. However, they are not unambiguously positive. For example, 3 numbers can be done with any coloring, but it’s better not to increase the length. February 9 is suitable for aligning the tips and updating the shape, but not suitable for grooming procedures. And on the 28th, you can decide to experiment with shortening curls. But it’s not worth doing a perm.

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