Haircut lunar calendar for January 2023

January is the heart of winter. The most quiet and serene month of the cold season. The festive chores are behind us, and after them – at the very beginning of the year – we will have a little time to exhale and gather strength. It is also a great time to make significant changes in your life: change your job or place of residence, make new friends, leave grievances and complexes behind, and transform. In today’s review, we list the favorable days for a haircut in January 2023 so that you know exactly when is the best time to update your look.

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Best days for hair care: January-2023

For January, as well as for the whole of 2023 as a whole, astrologers make cautious forecasts. Do not expect the season to be easy and bring significant changes to the current state of affairs. The most favorable time is the beginning of the month. The first decade should be spent surrounded by family and friends. Also, this period can be devoted to building new plans. Be determined and luck will follow you. This includes financial success.

And never forget about yourself. First of all, you need to take care of the beauty and health of hair, because it is a source of strength. Any impact on curls during this period can lead to unexpected significant changes in life. And so that they are always positive, refer to the lunar calendar. Next, we will name the most suitable dates for women’s haircuts in January.

  • From 03.01. to 05.01. The growing phase of the moon will be a source of energy and inspiration for many. These days it will be difficult to sit still. Spend the weekend with benefit – go to the salon. Please yourself with a new fashionable haircut and stylish styling, feel free to experiment with length. For curls, such manipulations will be good. The night luminary on the indicated dates will be in the sign of Gemini.

  • 12.01. The moon entered its waning phase and stopped in the sign of Virgo. In all respects, this is one of the most successful days for hair manipulation. A new haircut will give confidence, contribute to emotional recovery. And if you also decide on a new radical coloring, fortune will definitely turn to face you. After all, January is a month that favors the brave and resourceful.

  • 23.01. A haircut done on this day in January 2023 will be very successful. If you select the most favorable days according to the lunar calendar, then no doubt refer to this date. She is unbeatable. The moon is in the sign of Aquarius and again moved into the growth phase. This is a great time to try something new. And don’t be afraid to be extravagant. Changes in the image will entail changes in life.

  • 30.01. and 31.01. The very end of the month will be another chance for fashionistas to bring positive changes to their destiny. The moon is still in the growing phase, which means that the curls will grow faster and quickly take the desired shape. Haircuts made on this day will turn out beautiful. Astrologers recommend to decide on a new coloring. A well-chosen color will help attract love and solve business problems.

Full moon is expected on January 7 – on the day of the Nativity of Christ, and the New Moon – on the 21st. Both dates are considered unsuitable for a visit to the master. Astrologers recommend these days to do only the usual things.

Unfavorable days for a haircut in January 2023

Next, we list the dates that are categorically not suitable for changing the image. Avoid visiting the salon on these days so as not to harm your hair.

  • 15.01. The night luminary is located in the sign of Libra, and he will not favor fashionistas who decide to change their image. A new haircut is likely to be unsuccessful, which will lead to disappointment, discouragement and the emergence of new problems. Coloring is also controversial. The maximum that you can decide on is a temporary color change.

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  • From 16.01. to 17.01. The night luminary is in the waning phase and the sign of Scorpio. This means that there are two more unfavorable days in the “piggy bank” of January. Refuse any experiments with the shape of the hairstyle and the length of the curls – the result will not bring the desired effect. It is better to postpone all manipulations that will lead to cardinal changes in the image until a favorable period.

  • 24.01. One of the most unfavorable days of the first month of winter 2023. The phase of the moon is growing, the sign of the zodiac is Pisces. And everything seems to be fine, but a haircut made on this date can harm the health of the curls – they can become brittle. Care procedures should also be postponed. At a minimum, they will not bring the desired result, as a maximum, they will exacerbate the problems.

  • From 26.01. to 27.01. These are also not the most favorable days for a haircut in January 2023 for a woman. Astrologers warn that a bad haircut can lead to depression. Curls will grow for a long time despite the fact that the moon has entered a growing phase. She settled down on these dates in the sign of Aries. It is safe to do only a head massage.

Other days of January-2023

A good day to visit the master will be January 2. This day is good for those fashionistas who are eager to update their image. However, do not rush to radically change the length. It is possible that this will have to be regretted very quickly. But the color can be chosen and unusual.

January 10 is not one of the most favorable days, but this date does not carry any serious negative. The waning moon will help the new haircut to keep its shape for a long time. Feel free to get rid of split ends on this day, and they will not bother you for a long time.

January 25 – a small gap in a series of unfavorable days. If you urgently need to visit the master in the last decade of January, choose this date. In general, the haircut and coloring will be successful. But refuse to test new skin care products, otherwise there is a risk of harming the scalp.

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The remaining days not indicated in the review can be considered neutral.

This is how the lunar haircut calendar for January 2023 looks like. Listen to the recommendations of astrologers so that your expectations are always justified.

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