Haircut lunar calendar for May 2023

The last month of spring marks the beginning of the holiday season, summer bliss and lush flowering. We finally put away warm clothes and shoes in the closet, refuse hats, replacing them with elegant hats and stylish baseball caps. And many even prefer to go in the summer without hats. But, of course, in this case it is very important that the hair is in perfect order. On what dates in May 2023 will the haircut be the most successful? Let’s call auspicious days according to the lunar calendar. Pay attention to them before making an appointment with a hairdresser.

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Auspicious days for a haircut: May-2023

May 2023 is characterized by astrologers as a month of violent passions. Many actions of people will be dictated by emotionality. Old grievances will become aggravated, mistakes and disappointments will become more painful, suppressed desires will break out. In some cases it will be for the good, and in some, on the contrary, it will bring harm. Therefore, try to keep a sober mind and not enter into vain disputes. May 2023 is also a great time to take the initiative. And this applies to all areas of life, from work to relationships. The main thing is to act honestly so that nothing mars the taste of victory.

Now let’s move on to listing the most favorable days for a visit to the hairdresser.

  • 01.05. The day is perfect for relaxing and forgetting about business. Dedicate it entirely to yourself: get enough sleep, watch your favorite movie, go to a beauty salon. A haircut made on this day will definitely turn out to be successful and will become a source of good mood. The moon is growing, located in the sign of Virgo.

  • From 03.05. to 04.05. If you have not yet been engaged in the restoration of hair after the winter, then it’s time to fix it. Any wellness procedures will only benefit curls. You can also do toning, balayazh or highlighting to refresh the image. The moon is waxing and is in the sign of Libra.

  • 09.05. Do not reschedule the visit if you signed up for a hairdresser on May 9, because this is a great time to radically change your image. Any experiments with hair will be crowned with success. For example, make a bright coloring or a creative haircut – it will turn out great. The moon is waning, in Capricorn.

  • From 18.05. to 19.05. Quite favorable days for a haircut in May 2023 according to the lunar calendar. This is a great time for women to get into a makeover. Make biolamination of curls or increase the length, choose a fashionable shade for coloring – everything will be good. The moon is waning, in the sign of Taurus.

  • From 25.05. to 26.05. A haircut made on this day will be a source of good mood and positive changes in life. Perhaps it will help you attract the attention of a particular person or even get a promotion at work. Don’t be afraid to stand out! The moon has returned to its growth phase, located in Leo.

  • 30.05. The end of the month is also quite suitable for both a cardinal change of image and for an easy transformation. The new color will stay on the hair for a long time, the haircut will turn out spectacular. Even the banal cutting of split ends will have its positive aspects. The moon is waxing and is in Libra.

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May 5 – Full Moon. On this day, energy will literally boil around. It is better to refrain from visiting the salon. There is a risk of making an impulsive decision, which you may later regret.

Unfavorable days for haircuts: May-2023

If you believe the lunar calendar, in May 2023 there will not be many unfavorable days for working with hair. We list them so that you know exactly when to stay at home.

06.05. The moon has just entered its waning phase. And this is not the best day to visit a hairdresser. It is highly likely that a new haircut will negatively affect your personal life and can lead to conflict situations. And the zodiac sign Scorpio does not really favor fashionistas who decide to change their image.

From 13.05. to 14.05. Going to the hairdresser on either of those two days is a bad idea. There is a high risk of being disappointed in a new haircut, and coloring will not bring positive emotions. It is also better to postpone hair care for another time, as there is a high probability of harming the curls. The moon is waning, located in the sign of Pisces.

May 22. Far from the most favorable day for cutting hair in May 2023. Even simple styling options will fail. Hair will unpleasantly surprise you with its disobedience. Avoid coloring too. Moreover, astrologers recommend that you think carefully about choosing a shade. Waxing Moon in Cancer.

24.05. If you want to make a fashionable and beautiful haircut, it is better to choose another day for a visit to the salon. After all, even an experienced master will not be able to bring your idea to life, since the ideal result simply cannot be achieved. Refuse and care procedures, they can lead to hair loss and dandruff.

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May 19 – New Moon. The most unpredictable and disturbing phase of the moon. On this day, it is definitely worth refusing to make any decisions, even if they relate to the choice of a new hair color.

We have identified the most favorable and unfavorable days for a visit to the hairdresser, based on the lunar haircut calendar for May 2023. We hope that the information presented in the review will be useful to you.

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