Haircut options for women over 50 from Evelina Khromtchenko

Do not forget about the appearance of gray hair. It is difficult to paint over it on long hair, and it becomes problematic to care for curls. And the average length is the best option for those who want to look good without spending a lot of time styling.[youtube][/youtube]

What hairstyles are suitable for older women

Many haircuts from Evelina Khromtchenko for women over 50 suggest the presence of additional layers. They make hair more voluminous, they are easy to style with only a comb and it will take only a few minutes to create a festive look.

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[stextbox id=»warning»] At the same time, such options are suitable for those who are ashamed of their neck – curls will perfectly hide all age-related changes in this area.[/stextbox]

And now it’s time to consider detailed options for fashionable anti-aging haircuts:

  • Shell with strands on the sides.

This option is suitable for women who most of all want to preserve their youth and make the chosen image soft and charming. Strands protruding on the face will help refresh facial features and lose a few years, if these are not small elastic curls – they give the opposite result.

  • Graduated bob (classic).

For many years, if not decades, this hairstyle has been at the forefront of fashion shows and is especially popular with modern stars. This is especially true for women with thin strands. Bob favorably emphasizes the chin and cheekbones, and the plus is that there are several haircut options – with and without bangs.


  • Artistic chaos.

If a woman has wide cheekbones and has a desire to always remain creative, the presented hairstyle is just right for her. Due to the volume at the crown, it will be possible to visually lengthen the face and hide age-related “errors” in the form of gray hair. It is best to complement this hairstyle with highlighting or coloring.

  • Pixie.

Ideal for women with a round face and short hair. It will allow even at a respectable age to look younger and much sexier, creating interesting images in a few minutes without leaving home. To do this, it is enough to wash your hair, apply foam on wet strands, evenly distributing it at the roots. Curly strands can be straightened with an iron, and straight ones can be dried with a hairdryer and a round brush. At the very end, you should use a styling tool and fix the styling with varnish.


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  • Page.

This haircut is suitable for all women who want to wear bangs and add some volume to the curls at the crown. In addition, stylists offer several options for its implementation – make straight edges and smooth bangs or a side parting with elongated strands at the cheekbones. If a woman has a thin figure, then it is best to try to make short temples and asymmetrical bangs.

  • Cascade.

The presented haircut has been popular for many years. Indeed, due to the layering, it turns out to achieve an attractive splendor, and the thinning makes the curls weightless. True, such a hairstyle is best done on straight hair – women with curls will spend a lot of time styling.


  • Kare is relevant at almost any age, but especially after 50 years.

Such a haircut is most suitable for a round or oval face, as it will add a special charm and attractiveness to it.

  • Elongated caret.

One of the options for the previous hairstyle. It is most often recommended for women with a heavy chin and heavy cheekbones.

  • Bob-car.

A “lazy” hairstyle that looks good even without additional styling. Depending on personal preferences, the stylist can make wavy curls, add bangs, provide a smooth or barely noticeable transition in length. In any case, the haircut will be distinguished by a voluminous top and elongated strands from below.


  • Garson.

A simple haircut “under the boy” allows you to form a neat little head with the help of milled strands. This option is suitable for those who do not want to suffer with styling and spend a lot of time on painting and hair care.

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Recommendations for donuts

Regardless of the season and fashion trends, true professionals will never allow overweight women to have a very short haircut, especially without additional volume. After all, a small head will look ridiculous and funny against the backdrop of a lush chest and wide hips.

[stextbox id=»warning»] Short hair must be given a slight “splendor” so that the whole image looks harmonious. In this scenario, extra pounds will not be so noticeable and will stop aging a woman.[/stextbox]

Options for donuts

Otherwise, there are no contraindications in terms of hairstyles. You can make fashionable styling, highlight the bangs, revive the hair color and make the appropriate makeup. And if everything is done correctly, then not only the centimeters at the waist will visually become smaller, but the woman herself will feel several years younger.

As you can see, haircuts for women over 50 from Evelina Khromtchenko are available to everyone. Some of them you can even make yourself at home. But the best thing, of course, is to contact a professional stylist who is well versed in his business.

You should not give up on yourself, justifying yourself with family and work – a woman should always remain a woman and look good at the same time. And no numbers in the passport should not change this.[youtube][/youtube]

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