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For those who want to choose a new look or are looking for the most suitable photos, as an example for the master, here is a female haircut option for you – Sesson. With such a hairstyle, it is easy to create a feminine and romantic look.

Fashionable haircut Sesson and to whom it suits

Sesson, sessun, sessun – whoever calls this haircut, invented by British stylist Vidal Sassoon. He wanted to create a hairstyle that did not need to be styled for a long time – the girl will wash her hair, dry it and you’re done. And he succeeded.

Vidal Sassoon and his work


  • very feminine and beautiful haircut;
  • one of the most fashionable in 2019;
  • you don’t need to style, and if, nevertheless, you make a little effort, you can easily create different looks, for example, a retro bow, a laconic image of a business lady or a “daring girl”;
  • masks the ears: the hairstyle is literally created for those whose ears stick out strongly or are not very beautiful in shape;
  • creates elegant volume.

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Important. The optimal length of the strands in the Cesson haircut is from the lobe to the shoulders.



  • a haircut is quite complicated and it should be entrusted only to a good master;
  • this is a hairstyle that cannot be run and “grow”, it must be updated regularly.

A haircut can be confused with other types – square or page. Especially with the page.
But there are some distinctive features:

  • the Page haircut has hair of almost the same length, while the Cesson has shorter front, longer back;
  • hair in the Page variant is laid straight, although the ends are also tucked, and with Sesson, the strands are rounded. Therefore, in our version, the haircut will look more rounded and voluminous;
  • in the classic version of Cesson, the bangs should be arched, but in modern variations, stylists play with bangs so that this haircut is ideal for any type of face.

Haircuts: Page, Sesson, Kare

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Who is Cesson suitable for?

This haircut is quite versatile:

  • both young girls and ladies of age can safely choose it;
  • the type of face is preferable to oval, but others are quite suitable if you choose the right bangs;
  • hair can be straight or wavy. In the second case, it is better to make graduated strands, it will be very attractive.

But it is better to do it on thick hair – so the result will look more perfect.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! For girls with a full or too round face, it is better to look for other haircuts or ask the master to experiment with strands near the ears.[/stextbox]

Creating a haircut, styling, care

We repeat again – it is better to get a haircut from an experienced master, even a hairdresser with little experience may not be able to cope with this haircut. It is not worth saving in this case – correcting the consequences will cost much more.


Despite the complexity of the implementation, Cesson’s styling is just easy: you just need to wash your hair and dry it with a hairdryer, slightly helping the tips to lie inside correctly. And if you want a perky and playful look, then the tips should be “released” out.

But for owners of unruly strands or even straight hair, it is better to use an iron. And if you add volume to the strands not only at the ends, but also at the roots, the hairstyle will be even more magnificent.


But the required regular care and updating can scare someone away:

  • a short Sesson should be updated once a month, even more often – preferably once every three weeks;
  • with an average haircut, you can go to the master once a month and a half;
  • on long hair with a haircut, you can walk for a month without visiting your master, but you need to carefully monitor the ends, because the appearance of split ends immediately requires intervention.

However, an elegant and stylish looking, elegant and rich haircut is worth it.

Stylish variations of Cesson

Sesson variability

Depending on the desire of the lady, facial features and type, you can choose:

  • short Sesson – the ends of the hair lie just above the earlobes, slightly opening them, the image is created gentle and romantic. If there are options where the ears are completely open;

  • haircut for medium hair – just look at the photo to agree that the female image with Sesson is becoming more elegant and sophisticated. And also you can easily throw off a few years;

  • elongated the option is suitable for those who like long strands. From the front, the hairstyle looks and frames the face in much the same way as with other types, but at the back, beautifully cut shoulder-length strands remain. And this haircut option visually lengthens the neck;

  • asymmetric Cesson is suitable for the daring and the daring. The hair looks just as neat, but it will definitely distinguish its mistress from the crowd;

Graduated Cesson

  • haircut with highlighting, toning, coloring. Modern paints and techniques allow you to create a truly masterpiece on the head of a lady. Who dyes only a few strands in front, who arranges a whole rainbow revolution – but with Sesson it all looks really incredible.

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Cesson with bangs

This women’s haircut looks best with bangs, which you can choose any:

  • covering the foreheadstraight with an even cut – such a bang can hide a forehead that is too wide, suitable for elongated face types;

  • short to half forehead, smooth – beautifully opens the eyes, makes the look even more expressive. Such bangs are chosen by young and daring girls. So you can easily create the image of an eccentric Frenchwoman;

  • arched, semicircular bangs are perfect for Cesson, creating the right romantic frame for the face;

  • two arcs – along the line of the eyebrows, a little longer than the strand above the bridge of the nose – an absolutely neat and sophisticated version is created. Expressive eyes and a seductive look are provided!;

  • beveled to one side asymmetrical bangs will easily correct facial imperfections: for a square or triangular type, it will smooth out the upper corners, stretch the face. It will mask too pronounced cheekbones, hide the asymmetry of the eyes or eyebrows. A short bang on the side is suitable for a rectangular face;

  • torn bangs suitable for owners of not too thick hair, will hide facial imperfections and add mischief to the whole image. It turns out a slight contrast between the neat main strands and the slightly careless looking bangs, which will allow the girl to express her self. You can see the difference in the photo.

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But even without a bang, the haircut remains gentle and feminine. The main thing is to choose the option without bangs for girls with a beautiful forehead and perfect brow ridges.

Hair color and Sesson

The most successful option Sesson is considered to be on dark hair. Many girls before and even now inherit the style of the French brunette singer Mireille Mathieu. This beautiful woman has always been faithful to only one haircut – Cesson.

In our time, many stars have already managed to show off with this hairstyle, so it will remain in fashion for a long time.

Paris Hilton with Cesson haircut for medium hair

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