Haircut with hot scissors

Split ends of the hair spoil not only the hairstyle, but also the mood. It is impossible to have a well-groomed appearance if the condition of the hair is not perfect. Refreshing your hair at the barbershop is the right decision, but even more correct if the haircut is done with hot scissors.

Traditional methods of cutting do not improve the structure of the hair, their ends remain porous and defenseless against the negative effects of external factors. Split ends inevitably reappear, and the problem of choosing between hair length and hair health returns.

Haircut with hot scissors is a modern method of hair care, which has both aesthetic and therapeutic value.

In the process of cutting the strands with a hot tool, the ends of the hair are sealed and remain smooth. At the same time, the working scissors heat up only at the place of the cut, remaining generally cold.

The heating of the tool is determined by the master, so it is important that his qualifications and experience allow him to correctly program the hot scissors machine, taking into account the type of hair of each client.

As a result, hair is shiny and smooth with virtually no split ends. The shape of the hairstyle is better preserved, the nutrition of the hair improves.

For optimal results, it is very important not to make a mistake with the choice of a hairdresser or salon. Cheap services are a lottery where winning is possible but unlikely. The high cost also does not guarantee a 100% result. The most reasonable thing is to choose a salon where the hairdresser will competently answer all questions about cutting with hot scissors, describing the technology and the time it takes to complete it.

A real master will not start working without diagnosing the condition of the client’s hair with a special device that evokes associations with an ultrasound machine. The view of the hair from the inside is the necessary information for the work of a hairdresser.

Haircut with hot scissors is a long and laborious procedure, it lasts about an hour and a half. At the same time, the length of the hair can be reduced minimally, and the shape will be updated beyond recognition. Such a haircut will not add volume to the hairstyle, but it will make the hair more manageable for styling.

Once having made a haircut with hot scissors, having seen shiny healthy hair in the mirror, there will probably not be a desire to return to traditional methods of creating hairstyles.

There are several principles of the “correct” haircut with hot scissors:

  1. Trimming split ends is hard work! Haircut time – at least an hour.
  2. During the haircut, the hairdresser twists the hair into flagella, cutting off the ends.
  3. The haircut should be completed with hot scissors or a special hot razor. There can be no ordinary scissors in the hands of a real professional, even when milling bangs!
  4. Experience and recommendations are the advantages of the master. Pay attention to the tools, preferably German brands.
  5. One haircut with hot scissors is good. But it is more correct to talk about the real result for the health of the hair after three procedures.

The beauty of hair is a luxury available to every girl. Haircut with hot scissors gives this luxury!

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