Haircuts 2023 for volume

Haircuts that add volume to 2023 suggest boldly deciding on a stylish change of image. And with what kind of hairstyle to do this, our photo selection of fresh trends will tell you!

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The fashionable wob is a classic bob with an enhanced voluminous effect. A recognizable silhouette is created with staggered steps or waves, and is supported by stylish side parting.

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Another trendy version of the 2023 bob haircut for women is the bixie model, which combines the advantages of two trendy hairstyles. The silhouette features elongated front strands and a layered pattern. Such a haircut, depending on the styling, can be bold or alluringly feminine – choose a style that suits your mood today!


Shaggy 2023 creates the effect of “broken” ends and gives the hair texture and volume. Daring and attractive, Shaggy is embodied on medium and long strands, and complemented with bangs if desired.

Shaggy looks especially good on thin and sparse strands that need extra volume. But if your hair is too thick or curly, then shaggy hair can make it even more voluminous and unmanageable.

If you don’t want to say goodbye to length, but want to give your hair some air and freshness, a stylish shag with many levels can be a great idea..


Among haircuts for thin hair for volume, the graceful silhouette of a ladder is the leader in popularity. Soft layers of hairstyles and graduations visually increase the volume of the hair and create an attractive dynamic. The most fashionable version of the ladder in 2023 is complemented by an elongated curtain bangs and creates a feminine look.

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A super-volume haircut with layers is given by styling with a hairdryer and a large brush or brushing – the ladder obediently takes on a sensual shape with such manipulations.

wolf haircut

The big buzz around the wolf cut made the haircut mega relevant in the 2023 season. The characteristic steps and fringes are what you need to create a bright and daring look!


Fashionable pixie haircut 2023 is a choice of stylish girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. The secret of the volume of the hairstyle lies in the length of the strands up to 10 cm, the texture and the effect of asymmetry from the oblique bangs to the shortened crown.

The most fashionable coloring of 2023 for a pixie haircut is manifested in the balayage technique. Overflows of related shades are another bonus in the piggy bank of hairstyle volume.

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Shoulder length cascade

An elegant haircut cascade is a classic silhouette, always in fashion and pleases with excellent versatility: the master will be able to choose a model for any face shape and hair type. The classic model creates the effect of a smooth transition of length between layers, which is responsible for volume and texture.

The trendy idea of ​​​​a haircut cascade in the 2023 season is smooth layers from the level of the chin and a stylish addition in the form of an elongated bangs-curtain. This silhouette looks incredibly feminine.

Side parting

The short bob haircut length 2023 is a well-known secret to creating a voluminous effect. To make the prank a success, ask the master to make a side parting in the hair – this way the hair will get extra splendor and density.

Bangs are an important part of a voluminous haircut, which visually increases the density of the strands. Graduated and elongated bangs do an excellent job with the task.


Fashion shows have confirmed that perm is triumphantly returning to trends. Large defined waves or small curls – this styling will honestly last for 8 weeks and give amazing volume.

Haircuts for volume 2023 showcased stylish ideas for thin hair and trendy looks. Paired with successful coloring and styling, real magic happens – the strands are filled with strength, density and beauty: try it yourself!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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