Haircuts and styling that will make the image more expensive

Haircuts and styling will help women look beautiful both in everyday life and on special occasions, which will make a fashionable look more expensive and spectacular. Every fashionista should take care of not only an elegant make-up, a well-chosen outfit, but also stylishly styled hair, which is an integral part of any bow.

Signs of an expensive haircut and hairstyle

Of course, an “expensive” haircut is not a hairstyle for which a fashionista had to pay a lot of money. This is a styling, thanks to which the fair sex will feel beautiful, sexy and self-confident in any life situation. Such a haircut will help emphasize the individuality, femininity and charisma of a fashionista.

An expensive hairstyle, according to stylists, can be recognized by the following signs:

  • healthy, clean and well-groomed hair;
  • no split ends and dandruff;
  • natural hair color is preserved or high-quality professional coloring is done;
  • fashionable haircut matched to the shape of the face;
  • used a minimum of fixatives for hair;
  • nice styling done.

To make the haircut successful and not stop liking after a few days, you need to carefully approach the choice of the master. Only a highly professional hairdresser can make an expensive and spectacular styling that will make a woman look at herself in a completely different way.

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Fashionable haircuts that will make the image more expensive

When choosing a haircut, you need to focus not only on personal preferences and fashion trends, but also on the available data. Only a hairstyle matched to the shape of the face will look expensive, beautiful and spectacular. One of the following haircuts will be a win-win option:

  • Bean. The classic hairstyle will appeal to both young girls and ladies of venerable age. This haircut will help emphasize the femininity of a fashionista, focusing on graceful features and a long neck. There are many interesting ways to style hair cut in this way, and they all look very impressive. This hairstyle is perfect for both straight and wavy hair.

  • Kare. This versatile haircut has not gone out of fashion for many years. As a rule, it is she who is preferred by women who decide to update their image, but do not want to part with the length of their hair. Masters of hairdressing offer fashionistas a large selection of squares – asymmetrical, short, elongated, wavy, with bangs. Each of these fashion options looks expensive and beautiful.

  • Bob-car. This hairstyle is distinguished by an asymmetrical hair length: at the back of the head, the curls are cut shorter than at the face, which allows you to create additional volume and give the haircut a stylish and spectacular look. Both short and long bob are considered fashionable. This hairstyle rejuvenates and visually lengthens facial features.

  • Graduated haircut. This hairstyle looks romantic, sexy and playful. Curls of different lengths beautifully frame the face and fit into a voluminous “hat”, and the elongated bangs help to hide a wide forehead. A graduated haircut will fit perfectly into any fashionable look. It harmoniously combines with everyday and youth, as well as office and evening dresses.

  • Pixie. Despite the fact that this haircut comes from the distant 60s, it still does not lose its relevance. This hairstyle is a great option for women aged 45+, because it helps fashionistas look much younger. With this styling, you can easily create a chic and expensive look.

You can make sure that these haircuts look very beautiful with the help of a photo selection posted on our website.

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Stylish styling that looks expensive

Making a fashionable and expensive haircut is only half the battle. It is equally important for women to learn how to take care of their hair on their own. Stylists offer the fair sex to pay attention to the following types of spectacular styling:

  • Light wave. This hairstyle is great for hair of any length. It will beautifully complement both everyday and evening looks. When doing such styling, you need to ensure that you do not overdo it with fixatives, otherwise the hair will look untidy.

  • Brush-dried cascade. A special round brush and a hair dryer will help create a very effective and expensive styling. The resulting hairstyle looks playful, cute and feminine.

  • Combed hair. This original styling is great for going out. Stylishly pulled back and secured with hairpins, the hair will create a sophisticated and expensive look. The hairstyle focuses on fashionable makeup and an open face.

  • Hollywood Wave. Retro styling is back in fashion. The Hollywood wave is an elegant hairstyle suitable for any festive occasion (prom, wedding, anniversary). It looks equally interesting on both short and long waves.

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There are many options for haircuts and styling that will make a fashionable look more beautiful and more expensive. But no matter what hairstyle a woman chooses, the main thing is not to stop caring about the health and appearance of her hair.

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