If you choose the right haircuts for a round face, its proportions can be made perfect. The main goal is to make the face thinner, to give it sharper features. Some hairdressers advise short haircuts, but this is not true. Any length suits you, the main thing is to choose the right shape. Fashion trends and trends 2023 to help you.

round face haircuts
round face haircuts

Round face – features

To accurately know the shape of your face, just take a meter and measure the distance between the chin and forehead, the distance between the left and right ear. If they are approximately equal, it means that it is round. Features of this form are full cheeks, a rather wide and low forehead and a not very pronounced chin.

Recommendations for choosing a haircut

These faces are very feminine. Look at pop star Selena Gomez, model Lily Cole, actresses Michelle Williams, Jennifer Goodwin, Marion Cotillard. This face allows you to enjoy the length and volume of hairstyles.

  • The main task – optical draw a circle and bring it closer to the oval. You must work on verticality, that is, create volume at the top of the head, keep the length below the chin and avoid volume concentrated on the sides.
  • Long haircuts. The ideal length is considered below the jaw line. Long hair will look very good.
  • Parting on the side – remember, the parting in the center of the head is your enemy! Hair laid to the side, which has a good basal volume, ideally emphasizes the cheekbones. This is one of the most classic hairstyles that suits you.
  • Texture – you need a natural, fuzzy structure with beautiful waves and light curls that frames the head.

What doesn’t work

Firstly, all hairstyles that end at the level of the cheekbones are not recommended, because they emphasize and increase the width.

  • A bad solution would be a straight bang, which will emphasize the wide line of the forehead.
  • Very short haircuts can be a risky decision, because they reveal the whole face.
  • Absolutely avoid small curls and curls – they visually expand the face.
  • Do not go short, smooth, flat, symmetrical hairstyles.

What bangs to choose

Bangs are an important part of the hairstyle. It can drastically change the image. Some people don’t like it at all, others can’t do without it. When choosing a bang, it is important to understand exactly what needs to be hidden and what to emphasize, then it will fit the image. You need to choose it according to the rules:

  • Asymmetric, laid on the side, beveled bangs – suitable. They smoothly fall from the forehead, taper towards the tip and pass into the bulk of the hair.
  • Graduated, torn, cascading bangs – go all textured and not having symmetrical lines. You can choose a bangs curtain with a side parting.
  • Straight, thick, elongated, heavy bangs – do not go. A clear, horizontal line in the forehead area emphasizes the width of the cheeks and an inexpressive chin.

Short haircuts for a round face with and without bangs

Short hairstyles help to balance volumes. The short length will emphasize your face, and the pomp present at the top of the head will soften the features. But do not choose too short options. On the contrary, they can emphasize the jaw.


A classic, short bob that ends at the chin line will not work. It will emphasize the width. We need a long version, asymmetrical, with elongated front strands.
Graduated bob is the best solution. Its fuzzy shape, volume at the crown, allows you to balance the proportions.

Kare with bangs for a round face

It is best to choose a square with oblique bangs. All kinds of curvatures and asymmetries in the face area are recommended. French bangs curtain and long bob will look good. Regardless of the length of the hair, straight bangs are not recommended, you should completely refuse them.


Pixie is perfect for bold women who are not afraid of a real transformation. Now the most fashionable pixie options are with long, noticeable bangs, which are ideal for all ladies with a round face shape. A voluminous, graduated hairstyle will divert attention from full cheeks. This is one of the few short haircuts that is recommended for this shape.

Medium haircuts for a round face

The average length will be the ideal option – the golden mean. This is hair reaching to the collarbone or slightly lower. A shaggy haircut will look good, a cascade starting from the crown, an elongated bob.

Cascade and Aurora

The main feature of the cascade and aurora is multi-level layers. This shape with graduations at the crown is best suited. It is important that the shortest strands start at the level of the temples or cheekbones. This volume and splendor in the upper part will visually stretch the face.

long haircuts

If you have long hair, there are many reasons to be happy. Any hairstyle below the jaw line is ideal for a wide face. If you add gentle waves to this, you will have the most stylish hairstyle of the 2020 season. Opt for rounded or unstructured short bangs, cut off just above the eyebrows.

No styling haircut for round face

Shaggy remains the most popular. This is a voluminous, graduated and shaggy hairstyle. That is how it is translated from English. The main feature of shaggy is no order. All you need is to wash your hair and just dry it with a hairdryer without a comb.

The second option is an elongated square. If the hairdresser has created a good shape, she does not need additional styling. To get volume at the roots, simply dry your head by tilting it down and dry the roots well.

For fine hair

If you have thin hair and a round face, the ideal is to choose a medium cut just below the chin with graduations. With this form, you will return a little volume. The best options for thin curls are those that are full of dynamism and mess.

For women over 40

When choosing haircuts for women over 40, look for undercut models that are slightly longer on the top of the head than on the sides, with elongated bangs falling to one side. A graduated caret with bangs is also suitable.

If bold decisions do not scare you, make a pixie with an elongated bang. This graduated hairstyle looks very stylish. A beautiful shape can be emphasized with fashionable coloring.

For women over 50

The right hairstyle at 50 can help you look ten years younger. Short hair is always at the top of the list of anti-aging hairstyles for women in their fifties. This is a pixie, garcon, page.

Hairstyles for a round face and styling

You need to bet on the volume and movement of your hair. To do this, you will need several products that will help you have the perfect hair. Ultra-smooth hairstyles emphasize the round effect, so you forget about the straightener.

Little advice: If you don’t have basal volumizer, you can use dry shampoo.

Any voluminous braids, tails collected on one side are the best solution. The more voluminous the hairstyle, the better.

Texture, light waves, small ripples on loose curls – it’s stylish and…