Haircuts for an elongated face

When choosing a stylish hairstyle for an elongated face, it is important to choose such types of haircuts so that they present the girl’s appearance in the most favorable light. In our review, we will discuss all the main points that you need to consider when visiting a stylist and creating a styling.


How to determine the shape of the face?

Before choosing the right haircut for yourself, it is important to understand whether your face shape can really be attributed to an elongated one. Visual analysis will help to determine this, during which it is necessary to pay attention to such pronounced characteristic features:

  • the main feature is that the length of the face is visually uniquely greater than its width;
  • the presence of a high forehead;

  • the cheekbones are narrow and not prominent;
  • as a rule, an elongated nose is characteristic of an elongated face;
  • the chin can also be called very narrow and long.

What should you refrain from?

There are certain details that must be excluded when creating haircuts for an elongated face. This is due to the fact that an already elongated shape will seem even longer. Items that are absolute taboos include the following:

  • the absence of bangs, due to which the high forehead is completely open for viewing and visually stretches the face;

Bangs will help hide a too high forehead

  • parting, which draws attention to the shortcomings of this face shape. To make them softer, it is recommended to use a side or side parting;

  • you just need to forget about very short haircuts “under the boy”, this is definitely not the option that is suitable for an elongated face;

  • another taboo is very smooth hairstyles, giving the effect of “sleekness” and placing an increased emphasis on the elongated shape.

The hairstyle of the owners of an elongated face should be a little tousled, voluminous

Short haircuts for a long face

Lovers of short hairstyles will be able to afford a variety of options. However, it is worth remembering that it is recommended to refrain from excessively short haircuts, for example, such as garcon and pixie. Among the most suitable women’s haircuts for an elongated face are the following.

Bean. This hairstyle has many design variations, the owners of an elongated face will be able to apply almost any of them. However, the A-shaped bob looks the most harmonious, which contains a shortened cropped back of the head and more elongated front strands that reach the level of the chin.

[stextbox id=info]This hairstyle will look most organic with an elongated bang, going down obliquely. It can reach the length of the front strands or be somewhat shorter.[/stextbox]

Page. This hairstyle can be made in two versions: be short both in front and behind, or contain lengthening front strands. The first variety is ideal for demonstrating a graceful neck. A feature of the haircut is the presence of thick bangs, completely covering the high forehead. This option is especially suitable for an elongated face with a long nose.

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It is worth considering that the page looks harmoniously on thick lush hair, while the strands should have an even structure. Owners of thin hair, this hairstyle is not suitable.

Kare. This hairstyle is justifiably considered a universal option, since it looks like absolutely any face. The elongated shape is no exception; with the help of a square, it can be presented in the most favorable light. The only point that needs to be taken into account is the mandatory presence of bangs.

beautiful haircut

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Bob with asymmetry. Using this hairstyle, you can diversify the usual image and bring zest to it. In addition, this is one of the most successful haircuts for an elongated face and thin hair. With the help of uneven length, you can give the strands visually additional volume. With this type of hairstyle, any bang can be used, both straight and lying obliquely.

You can understand how a well-chosen haircut can change a face for the better by examining the photos that show examples before and after creating a hairstyle.

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Haircuts for an elongated face for medium hair length

If a girl does not want to part with medium or long curls, she will be able to pick up numerous fashionable haircuts for an elongated face type. When choosing one or another option, it is important to take into account the structure of the hair, this is necessary so that the hairstyle looks as organic as possible. The most successful haircuts include the following.

Ladder. By cutting strands of different lengths, stylists successfully achieve the effect of softening facial features and making its shape more round. The short flight of stairs is used mainly only in the front part, directly near the face.

[stextbox id=info]Important! When creating styling, it is worth excluding straightening with an iron. On the contrary, a light curl is welcome, creating waves on the hair. This technique allows you to make the face visually more round.[/stextbox]

Cascade. This is another extremely successful option. The difference from the previous haircut is that the strands are cut in layers over the entire surface. The important point is that the cut of the first layer should be no lower than the level of the chin.

As for laying, when creating a cascade, the same rules apply as in the case of a ladder. The strands should be slightly curly and by no means perfectly straight.

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asymmetrical haircut. The hairstyle will be a real find for girls who want to divert attention from imperfect facial features. Asymmetry can be applied in any part, both when cutting bangs and in the side parts.

Styling features

Creating a successful hairstyle is sometimes not enough to get a harmonious look. Wrong styling can spoil the whole impression. This is especially true for haircuts for medium and long hair, which can be styled in a variety of ways. In our photo selection, we presented examples of how haircuts and styling should look so that the fair sex looks unsurpassed.

The main points to be noted are the following:

  • it is necessary to exclude such a detail as excessive volume at the crown, which visually stretches the face even more. To do this, avoid cutting in the back in the form of a “hat” and do not bouffant in this area;

  • an absolute taboo is a high ponytail or bun. If you want to decorate your hair with these details, then they should not be placed high, but in the middle at the back of the head or at the back of the head. In addition, the styling should be free, you need to exclude the presence of too smooth effect;

  • Hair straightening – no matter how beautiful it looks on …

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