Haircuts for medium hair 2023

Read our latest review to find out which women’s haircuts for medium hair will be in fashion for the 2023 season. Caution: it is difficult to resist the current trends and not sign up for the salon for the next date!

Main trends

In order not to make a mistake with a fashionable haircut for medium length 2023, take note of the key trends of the season.

  • Medium haircuts for women 2023 are in line with the trend for conciseness and simplicity. Excessive creativity, torn ends and obvious asymmetry left the fashionable Olympus.

  • Fashionable images of the 2023 season are ideally complemented by a haircut with volume at the bottom. Pomp and bouffant at the crown are considered the anti-trend of the season.

  • The most fashionable haircut of 2023 on medium hair is presented with a bang-curtain. Elongated strands in the spirit of the 70s will add a special femininity and charm to the image. A nice bonus – such a bang makes the look expressive and rejuvenates the appearance.

  • Slight carelessness in a layered haircut is a trend that has been entrenched in the world of hairstyles for a long time. In the wake of the trend, such women’s haircuts for medium length hair 2023 as shaggy, mullet and cascade do not lose their relevance.

Elongated caret

A fashionable version of a haircut for medium hair 2023 is an elegant elongated bob. A megastyle solution would be an even cut of the haircut. To prevent styling from becoming a tedious daily ritual, stylists advise choosing a hairdo with a straight texture.

A graduated chin-length bob is a fashionable example of a rejuvenating female haircut 2023 for medium hair. It is important to avoid asymmetry, which has become the anti-trend of the season.


The main favorite of fashionable haircuts in 2023 after 40 years is an elegant cascade. Haircut has no age
restrictions and pleases with excellent versatility. The current version of the cascade in 2023 involves an emphasis on the strands near the face and a smooth gradation of length from the chin.

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Coloring for the cascade 2023-2024 will perfectly complete the new stylish bow. Against the background of a multi-layered silhouette, shatush and balayazh are beautifully revealed, as well as fashionable contouring with lightening of the front strands.

long bob

Among the beautiful medium haircuts 2023-2024, the long bob model plans to find many fans.

Bob acts as a suitable haircut for medium thin hair 2023. Graduation, shoulder length and side parting are the main secrets of voluminous hairstyles.

Long bob looks beautiful on straight strands, but also does not mind fashion styling with natural curls and waves. The universal length will allow you to experiment with images at least every day.

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The most fashionable version of the ladder haircut in 2023 is made with noticeable length transitions made of four ponytails. However, the classic hairstyle with elegant smooth cuts also does not lose its relevance.

Straight cut

Perfectly straight hair with an impeccably even cut is another trend for women’s haircuts in 2023. A new look will adorn the owner of thick and well-groomed hair.


To give dynamics to the hairstyle and extra volume to the hair, in the 2023 season, you can decide on a daring shaggy haircut. Such a hairstyle is the sure key to a fashionable and spectacular look.

A feature of the shaggy is a textured silhouette with a noticeable transition from short strands at the crown to long curls. This silhouette gives the hairstyle splendor and charming negligence.

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On the basis of shaggy, it is especially interesting to experiment with styling. Variable length adds definition to curls and sleek silhouettes.

wolf cat

The she-wolf haircut breaks all records for popularity in the 2023 season. Signs of a fashionable silhouette are tousled bangs, a change in length and an emphasis on the side lines. The choice in favor of the trend has already been made by Billie Eilish, and many street-style heroines followed her.

Fashionable haircuts 2023 for medium hair length is a great opportunity to make the image more relevant and interesting. Strands below the shoulders are considered the most comfortable and obedient, and a fashionable hairstyle will also make them mega-stylish.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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