Haircuts for medium hair with a short crown

Luxurious haircuts for medium hair with a short crown are suitable for any type of face and for all ages, favorably giving the hair volume and sophistication.

Volume and splendor – haircuts with a short crown

Regardless of the length of the hair, there is a category of haircuts, the main feature of which is in short strands at the crown. The main part of the hair can reach the ears, fall beautifully on the shoulders, or even crumble down the back. But on medium hair, such a haircut looks the most intriguing and versatile. After all, the top of the head is decorated noticeably and brightly, and the hair falling on the shoulders or ending just below the ears will brighten up all the shortcomings of the neck and chin.

The top of the head decorated in this way is very suitable:

  • for girls with thin hair. A special part of the hair from short strands on the head gives the hair the necessary volume and splendor;

  • full and large ladies. Although it is believed that haircuts with short strands are contraindicated for a lush lady, so as not to aggravate the overall impression of “roundness”, our option will be ideal for obese women: medium-length hair and a voluminous short crown;

  • For chubby women, the volume at the crown allows you to visually stretch your face slightly. Especially they should choose graduated options;
  • owners of thick, heavy and thick hair – such a haircut will lighten the hair, give a pleasant volume, airiness and fluffiness;
  • for women over 50, such a haircut will be just right: it will noticeably rejuvenate and refresh, help create the image of a sophisticated and stylish respectable lady;

  • young girls – you can experiment, creating daring and stunning images. Young women of fashion combine a short crown with a shaved temple or nape, highlighting with bright defiant colors.

With highlights

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Important. The medium haircut with volume on top is in harmony with any clothes, suits any style and fits into any look. With such a hairstyle, you can safely go for the usual walk, and for a solemn event.


But who should think carefully before deciding to choose this haircut – these are girls with curly or very naughty strands. Hair without styling will look untidy and chaotic, and the process of putting the hairstyle in order will require a lot of time and effort.

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Stylish short haircuts

There are many luxurious variations for medium hair with and without bangs. The length of short strands at the crown can be different, and the transitions to the main length can be brightened up with smooth intermediate layers or deliberately left with an even cut.

When choosing a haircut, be sure to take into account:

  • face type;
  • appearance flaws that we want to hide;
  • advantages that we want to emphasize;
  • structure and type of hair.

See photos of different options to choose the best haircut for yourself.


The most ideal haircut for a short crown – there are layers, smooth or sharp, allowing you to make a complete and harmonious hairstyle on your head.


There may be a pronounced crown – the so-called “hat”, and layers of cut hair begin near the tips, forming the so-called understated Cascade.

A double Cascade may well come out with a short crown, when the strands on the crown are cut not of the same length, but of different lengths, already forming the first part of the Cascade. The second part can decorate the tips.

The cascade is suitable for owners of narrow and elongated faces, round and triangular face types. For ladies with a square type of face, it is enough just to make a voluminous crown, and it is better not to make a ladder near the face. The split ends of the hair will be cut off, and the hair will take on a well-groomed and neat look.


A characteristic feature of this haircut is the arc near the face, formed by lush bangs, elongated side strands. This option is suitable for ladies with bulging or wide cheekbones, a triangular type of face. It is also ideal for obese women. Only ladies with an elongated, elongated face need to beware of such a haircut – visually it will be even longer.


A short crown is a striking feature of this haircut. And then there are longer strands. You can practically not style your hair – just wash and dry your hair.

In 2019, “Italian” (another name for Aurora) continues to be in trends. This hairstyle allows for slightly curly hair, but ladies with a round and full face should first consult an experienced master. It may well be that the haircut will further emphasize the roundness of the face.

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Medium Bob

A great-looking Bob haircut is also done on medium hair. The hairstyle comes out very high and voluminous. The ends of the hair can be even and neat, creating a harmonious and sophisticated version of the Bob. And you can cut it in a torn style, giving the owner of the hair a creative, chaotic and daring look.

Ideally, a graduated Bob suits the owners of a triangular face.


This women’s haircut is great for square and full faces. The crown should be as voluminous and lush as possible, because its job is to visually soften the features and contour of the face. We recommend wearing a side parting.

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asymmetrical haircuts

Among the fashion trends of the season are asymmetry and negligence. Such a haircut can be done on the basis of the main options. Bob and Cascade look best with uneven strands on the sides.


With a bang

Bangs can be very different. But she adds completeness to any haircut with a short crown, helps to hide and disguise appearance flaws, and makes the look expressive.

Bang options:

  • smooth, straight bangs suit ladies with an oval face. The easiest way to make such a bang is for girls with straight hair;
  • asymmetrical bangs can also be done on wavy, curly straight hair. It can be placed on the forehead in different ways, stabbed, laid;

  • torn bangs are suitable for any type of face. As a rule, the main strands of hair are also profiled in the same way. Such a haircut will give the hostess mischief, cheerfulness and audacity.

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Important. When creating your unique image, choose an experienced master. He will be able not only to creatively approach the masterpiece on your hair, but also advise suitable options for bangs, lengths of strands and styling.


Fashionable haircuts for medium hair with a short crown look great. Our photos, we hope, convinced of this, and inspired the search for a new image.

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