Natural straight hair looks great without much effort. They are beautiful on their own and do not require much maintenance. Their sleek nature gives you an edge in creating a wide variety of haircuts and hairstyles. Below are the best haircuts for straight hair for 2023.

Fashionable haircuts for straight hair 2023

The perfect haircut for straight hair 2023

The ideal haircut for straight hair 2023 will depend on several factors. This is the type of hair, their text, thickness and face shape.

Before deciding which type of haircut best suits your personal style, you need to determine what kind of results you want to achieve. Whether it’s volume or control, a more modern look or something vintage.

Below we list some types of feminine haircuts that can be done with straight locks so that you can get inspired and create simply charming looks.

Haircut for medium straight hair – photo

The average length – from the shoulder and a little lower, is ideal. This length is easier to style, it allows you to create different hairstyles and looks feminine.


Cascading hairstyles are in trend. They are suitable for women of any age and those who are 20 years old and those who are over 50. There are many types of cascade – frontal, round, double.

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Shaggy has broken layers and textured ends, adding volume and movement to straight curls. If you’re looking to add more texture or visual volume to your fine hair, then you should definitely consider shaggy.

double cascade

If you want to add volume without creating too many layers, a double cascade is a great option. The curls are divided into two layers. The bottom layer is the longest. The top layer is short. This is a great option for those who have very thick, voluminous curls. The double cascade looks beautiful on straight hair.

textured caret

Layered and textured bob topped with bangs that fall over the forehead, it favorably frames the face from all sides. The best length for a graduated bob is below the chin because it creates the illusion of width and volume.

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Sometimes it all depends on what texture you have. Choose a mullet that works well for thin types. This retro hairstyle still involves a combination of short and long lengths. The modern form of mallet has a less sharp contrast between lengths. The hair can be left longer at the back, with a slightly shorter length at the front and sides.

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Straight cut to shoulder

A straight cut without layers favorably emphasizes the richness of the curls. Haircuts that have a solid clean line at the ends give the impression of thicker hair and the illusion of more volume. One of the best options for thin curls.

Elongated caret

The medium elongated square remains fashionable this year. This bob provides a versatile fit and amazing wear quality. It is popular for its strong emphasis on clean geometric lines.

Haircut for long straight hair – photo

Length is more difficult to care for, harder to style, but there are haircuts that allow you to preserve the beauty of curls.


The V-shape will never get old! The best thing about this form is that it is easy to style. The V cut includes many layers so that the ends form a V shape. Suitable for any length. The layered cut will give volume and mobility. This hairstyle can become your favorite if you want a simple yet elegant haircut.

Feather haircut

The layers are cut to different lengths to create a graduated effect. The longest layers are at the bottom, and the shortest are at the crown. Layers can be trimmed to frame the face, and the cut can be customized to suit the shape of the face, the type of curls, and the person’s personal style. Layers of feathers provide great styling versatility. But requires regular trimming to keep the shape and prevent the ends from looking shaggy.


Layers in ladders are created only near the face, the rest of the length remains the same.

Short haircuts for straight hair – photo

With short hairstyles, it is easiest – they are easy to style, easy to care for. It is more difficult to choose the shape of the hairstyle itself.

classic bob

This classic cut can be tailored to suit a variety of face shapes and personal styles. A chin-length bob is a versatile option that can be worn sleek and straight or with loose waves.

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dumb bob

A blunt bob is great for medium lengths that need volume. The short length and even cut will visually add density.


If you want to experiment, then you should definitely choose a pixie. Pixie is a short women’s hairstyle. You will lose most of your curls. But what you get is a stylish hairstyle that can be easily washed and styled. Pixie will add spice to you and a lot of compliments.

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french bob

Perform it with bangs and curved ends. This is a retro hairstyle that carries all the romanticism of the 60s.

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Haircut for straight hair with bangs – photo

In 2023, especially popular are long, oblique, graduated bangs and, of course, a curtain.

Long oblique bangs

Tired of the usual bangs? Then make a long oblique bang. Long, side-swept bangs that frame the face are in vogue. They grow back nicely, just in case you get fed up with them and want a change. We like thick, heavy bangs and oblique bangs. Just avoid thin, thin bangs of one length. Women with straight hair should definitely try this haircut at least once. Slanting bangs are the most fashionable in 2023.


The curtain has a straight shape, resembling a curtain. Characterized by its long, fine texture and the way it glides softly on the forehead. Usually bangs are cut so that they are slightly longer than traditional bangs. When laying, they are divided into two parts, laid on the sides of the face, creating the effect of a curtain.

A curtain can be a great option for those who want to add a little freshness to their hair without resorting to a full cut. They can be a great way to add some volume. The curtain is easy to combine with various hairstyles.

It can be cut to fit different face shapes, hair types and personal styles. They can be cut shorter or longer depending on the preference of the individual. The curtain requires regular adjustments to keep its shape and prevent it from being too heavy.

With straight bangs – photo

Straight bangs or classic bangs is what most people think of when they think of bangs. This is a straight section that covers the forehead and can look amazing.
It suits you:

  • If your face is in the shape of a heart: a slight straight line with a slight graduation.
  • If you have a long face: thick straight bangs are for you.
  • If your face is oval: anything suits you.
  • If your…