Haircuts for thin and sparse hair

There are special medium length haircuts suitable for sparse, thin hair. They give the hair the desired volume, luxurious density and look stylish. We will tell about them.

Rare and thin strands – what to do?

According to statistics, it turns out that many ladies have thin and sparse hair. They try to fix the situation in different ways, but they can still look attractive and stylish. This will help to achieve a suitable and correct hairstyle.

For sparse and thin hair, an important mission of a successful haircut is to add volume to the hair.

This task will be easier the shorter the hair. Then the strands are easy to comb or “fluff”, curl at the ends or create a creative mess. But too short haircuts can sometimes fail:

  • not everyone goes short;
  • ladies with large facial features, a wide nose and cheekbones, with fullness, it is definitely better to choose an average length. Too short strands will only further emphasize the flaws of the face, or even create an unpleasant visual effect of a “small head”;
  • medium hair can always be styled, pinned up, gathered in a bun or arranged with a ribbon or headband.

Long thin strands look “liquid” and create a not quite presentable overall image. Therefore, the average hair length is most suitable for girls with sparse strands.

Haircut rules for sparse and thin hair

  • Heavy styling is a test for thin and sparse hair. Strands of such a structure are unable to maintain a given silhouette for a long time. Given this property, you should not choose a haircut that needs complex regular styling using wax and other cosmetics.

  • Women love change – spectacular and long-awaited. In order for the new image to correct the problem of thin hair, choose a haircut paired with a suitable coloring – coloring with a palette of 2-4 shades will work on creating volume.

  • Hides fine structure and cascading layered hairstyles at the right length. With the filing of a professional hairdresser, the haircut takes on a voluminous shape that does not need additional styling.

  • It’s great if the new hairstyle allows you to change the direction and location of the parting – this technique masterfully creates the effect of volume.

  • An even cut is rarely suitable for thin hair, as it emphasizes the lack of density. For such a structure, a lush and airy hairstyle with an uneven length of strands is recommended.

Choosing the right haircut length

The main task of a haircut for thin hair is to create a voluminous effect. Stylists have noticed that the shorter the strands, the easier it is to cope with the task. Accordingly, the main favorite of girls with thin strands are haircuts with a level above the shoulders.

The average hair length does not impose age restrictions and is considered a universal choice for women. Such haircuts are not whimsical in care, easy to style and easily fit into any look.

Hairdressers note that the longer and straighter the hair, the thinner it looks. An even cut based on thin strands looks boring and dull. Long thin hair can be styled for the illusion of extra volume. However, it should be borne in mind that thermal exposure, bouffants and cosmetics in a regular format deprive strands of strength and beauty.

In theory, long haircuts are not suitable for owners of sparse curls, but there are several fashionable exceptions to this rule. A professional master can arrange a stepped transition of length, which will add volume and strength to the hair.

14 best haircuts for thin and sparse hair

A haircut should be chosen according to the type of face in order to emphasize the dignity of appearance and brighten up the flaws. But in the case of sparse hair, the haircut must be approached even more carefully. There should be a lot of strands visually, they should look voluminous, lush and thick. Let’s look at the photo, what haircuts can do it.


A fashionable pixie hairstyle with short hair at the back of the head and temporal zone and elongated strands at the crown helps to make the image elegant, energetic and perky. The uneven length is responsible for the effect of lush and thick hair.

Pixie is a haircut with an interesting shape that requires regular maintenance in the salon. If you are ready to visit the hairdresser on average once a month, feel free to make a change!


Shaggy haircut is easy to recognize by the characteristic creative mess on the head – volume and tousled strands create a memorable image.

Fun fact: no two shaggys are the same. The haircut technique implies the creative approach of the master – the final look of the haircut also depends on the thickness and structure of the hair, as well as on the girl’s facial features. If you’re looking to create a unique look, a puffy mischievous shaggy will be a great addition.

Leg haircuts

The silhouette on the leg with a characteristic shortened nape also helps to visually lift the hairstyle. Such a detail fits into most short haircuts – from pixie to square.

The variation of the haircut on the leg opens the neck, which makes the image elegant and expressive. The master easily varies the mood of the hairstyle, making the transition of length to the back of the head smooth or sharp.


Garson conquers women with a versatile nature – the hairstyle, depending on the styling and the rest of the image, can look gentle or bold, perky or businesslike. Visually, the haircut resembles a pixie, but differs in shortened occipital and elongated parietal strands. Even thin hair can maintain airiness and lightness in the garcon.

The short length of the garcon with graduation will suit women who want to emphasize the graceful line of the neck and shoulders. The special shape enhances the volume without extra styling costs.

Garcon adapts to any hair structure, but is not suitable for every appearance. So, the hairstyle is able to focus on a large forehead or nose.


Undercut also acts as a suitable haircut for thin hair for bold and extravagant natures. Recognizable features of the hairstyle are shaved or noticeably shortened occipital strands and elongated bangs, turning into the main length of the hair. A girl with such a haircut does not go unnoticed, because she looks stylish and spectacular.

The expressive look of the undercut should be supported by styling – creating curls or giving the desired direction to the bangs. If the hair is obedient, it promises to look stylish in a haircut with torn ends and asymmetry – it is believed that this model is ideal for visual volume.

Cascade and graduated cascade

The most versatile and popular haircut for the last seasons in a row. The strands are sheared in layers, of different lengths, creating a voluminous cap at the crown, or fall in a graduated manner on the shoulders. In any case, this haircut will be ideal for girls with sparse hair. It’s just better not to make too much distance between the layers and cut the upper strands strongly – so that the lower ones …

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