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About a third of all women on the planet suffer from the fact that their hair is not strong enough and thick enough. It happens that for girls it is problematic to put thin hair in a neat hairstyle. If they are of medium length or long, they often get tangled and lose volume. In addition, such strands become brittle, split and look lifeless. That’s why it’s important to choose the right haircut for thin hair. In the article we will talk about the most current trends in the upcoming 2019. In the before and after photos on the Web, you can see that a well-liked haircut can radically change your image for the better.

You can always look spectacular, even with thin hair

Short hair is easier to style and looks no less attractive.

How to start choosing a haircut

To improve the condition of thin hair, you need to properly care for them. This lies in their competent and regular nutrition. You can also try salon procedures – masks, body wraps. And of course, the introduction of vitamins A, C, E into the diet on an ongoing basis will help. They are found in fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, mushrooms, fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, the right haircut will help make the owner of fine hair more beautiful.


In order for your image to turn out to be harmonious and bright, it is important that some nuances are taken into account:

  • if you have thin hair, opt for short or medium length haircuts. The fact is that long strands in your case will constantly get tangled;
  • also choose such haircut options in which you can easily style your hair. Or choose an option where styling will not be needed at all. A professional hairdresser will help you do this;
  • Interestingly, some haircuts can visually add volume to the hair. For short hair, this is ideal.

For thin hair, it is better to choose short haircuts.

Do not forget about the right shade of hair, which also gives visual volume to the hairstyle.

The right choice of color is also important. After all, if some shades can make your hair lively, interesting, then others, on the contrary, spoil your appearance.

Short haircut options for thin hair in 2019

Short can be considered the length to the earlobe or to the lower part of the cheekbones. It is this length that will help give the haircut volume, and the hair will not seem thin.

Hair will not seem thin if you choose the right haircut

The most popular haircut 2019 – Pixie

  • Pixie is the most popular haircut in 2019. We can say with confidence that it will suit almost any girl. There are several options for this hairstyle. You can choose for yourself an unusual bang, a tousled nape or completely smooth lines. Stop at the option that suits you the most.
  • A graduated haircut will also be relevant for owners of thin hair. It will also allow you to look well-groomed and without styling. If the haircut in layers is done professionally, it will visually add volume to your hair. In this case, you can style your hair only with the help of mousse or a special foam.
  • Kare is a haircut option for thin hair, which is still relevant in 2019. I must say that the caret will look great on any hair. However, it is very important to choose the optimal installation method. If you make a bob on straight hair, you get a strict look. A bob on wavy hair looks playful and romantic. You can also choose an asymmetric square, a cut with a bend inward.
  • Bob – this haircut is still relevant in the coming 2019. Moreover, every year it acquires new variations. Image makers constantly offer unusual solutions, interesting elements. And if you are the owner of thin and short hair, consider this option by all means.

To add volume, the bob haircut is one of the winning options.

As you can see, there are many haircut options for both short and medium length hair. You can choose your option, which will emphasize your beauty.

Features of a pixie haircut

Let’s dwell on pixies in more detail. Her homeland is Great Britain, where “Pixie” appeared in the 60s of the 20th century. Then it was worn by popular models. Unexpectedly, the hairstyle returned to the number of fashion trends a few years ago. And Victoria Beckham decided to revive it. It was she who was the first among celebrities to decide on such a haircut. And, I must say, this unusual step set the tone for other popular beauties. Today, this haircut can be seen on the heads of many secular fashionistas and girls who are not related to show business.

Without a doubt, this hairstyle can be called bold and bright. It gives a special charm to its owner. And she gives femininity to even the most rude facial features.

Today Pixies are chosen not only by girls, but also by older women.

There are several options for this haircut, which is so suitable for owners of thin hair in 2019:

  • with oblique bangs – for chubby girls, for volume, it is preferable to choose options with elongated bangs. But for those whose face shape is close to an oval, you can choose options with very short bangs;
  • haircut on thin wavy hair – in 2019, Pixie with shortened curls in the ears and neck, as well as in the crown area will be very relevant. Whiskey and the back of the head in this case are open. And this gives the hairstyle an extraordinary enthusiasm. This option will visually create the effect of thick hair – exactly what we need;
  • with a shaved temple – Despite the fact that the pixie haircut has been in fashion for many years, some trends are only appearing now. For example, a haircut with a shaved temple is gaining more and more popularity. It used to be common among young people. Today, older girls tend to keep up with fashion, and choose Pixies.

So, still popular in 2019, the pixie haircut is a great option for those who are constantly in a hurry and do not have enough time to create stylish hairstyles on their heads every day.

And it is not necessary that your head will look the same every day. Haircut allows you to experiment. For example, you can comb the strands back and style them with hairspray, wax or gel. However, do not use too much fixative. Indeed, in this case, the hairstyle will not look beautiful at all.

Pixie haircut is still in trend in 2019

You can give hair a slight disheveled

You can also give your hair a slight mess. This is a fairly popular everyday styling option that highlights your natural beauty and spontaneity. In this case, the hair is dried with a hairdryer, and then sprayed with varnish. You can slightly lift the bangs with your fingers or attach a corner to the forehead.

To create a more solemn look, comb the curls back and form a beautiful volume at the top of the head while…

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