Haircuts with bangs: trendy in 2019

Women’s haircuts with bangs in the 2019 season are incredibly stylish and spectacular – that’s a fact. We have selected for you the most relevant options that have a wonderful property to inspire fashion changes. And to make them really happy, we did not forget to mention who these haircuts are suitable for.


What is she – the most fashionable bangs?

  • Oblique variations of bangs in the new season can be both with a clear graphic silhouette and with light thinning. Any of the options is ideal for correcting a square or round face shape. Today, at the peak of popularity, a long side bang, which is fashionable to combine with graduation throughout the hair.

  • If you have a high forehead, opt for oblique bangs with a slight bevel.

  • Ragged bangs became a reflection of the trend for slight negligence. Modern women of fashion are not afraid to cut strands unevenly with the effect of fashionable disorder.

  • Ragged bangs, complemented by graduation, are amazingly combined with cascading and layered techniques, and can also become the highlight of a graduated bob or bean. Despite its extravagance, such a haircut is suitable even for girls over 30 and will make their image unforgettable.

  • Not far behind and asymmetric bangs. Variation with a noticeable difference in length as if created for a triangular face shape. The main hit of the season is a long asymmetrical bang paired with a side parting.

  • Straight bangs to the eyebrows are a classic solution for an elegant look. But the option to the eyelashes will create the image of a fatal seductress and self-confident fashionista.

  • If you have an oval face shape and want to make your look more sophisticated, semi-circular bangs are what you need! This model looks attractive with a classic bob or a stylish Cesson haircut.

  • The key trend of 2019 is short bangs. This move will help you look non-trivial and stylish and, if necessary, correct a too high forehead.

Such a different caret

Straight bangs, in addition to the classic bob, appear among the main trends with enviable regularity. This time, fashion trends offer to design an extraordinary shortened bangs. Its level should be much higher than the eyebrows – such a technique will be in the hands of the owners of an oval face, but fashionistas with a triangular shape are advised by stylists to take a closer look at the arched shape of the bangs.

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Important! The short version of the bangs is categorically not suitable for full girls with chubby cheeks, as well as owners of a large and wide nose.


Among all the options for fashionable haircuts with bangs for the 2019 season, girls no less often opt for an elongated caret for medium hair. The photo below shows that this hairstyle goes well with a long straight bang. Fashion trends are very supportive of this choice. They also support the idea to complement the elongated bob with oblique or torn bangs.

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elegant bob

The classic or elongated look of the bob is designed to soften facial features and create a stylish accent on beautiful cheekbones. In the new season, you can play a little “hooligan” and cut out a fantasy bob with sloppy edges and oblique short bangs.

Textured bob is a definite trend of the 2019 season. Such a haircut is often performed with bangs, and goes well with its various types: straight, oblique, profiled or torn. However, the bob in a duet with layered bangs to the chin is especially popular with fashionistas.

flirtatious pixie

Pixie haircut for short hair has surpassed all expectations in terms of popularity. The surge in fashion for this option is quite justified, because the pixie adds volume to the hair, corrects the appearance and allows you to look impressive and stylish. After 40, the anti-aging property “minus 10 years” is added to these benefits.

Modern fashion has made its own adjustments to the familiar version of the pixie. She suggests creating an emphasis on slight negligence and disheveledness, complemented by thick voluminous bangs to the eyebrows. A flirtatious torn variation is also welcome.

Another idea for a trendy haircut with bangs is an elongated pixie. This hairstyle is indispensable for fashionistas who want to experiment with a short length, but are afraid to drastically cut off their hair. The most stylish pixie haircut in the new season is combined with an elongated bang to the middle of the cheekbones or chin.

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Fashion often tends to be extreme, and in 2019, she suggested complementing a short haircut with a similar bang. If long strands near your face bother you and always get into your eyes, decide on such stylish changes. We are sure that everyone around you will appreciate your creativity and originality.

Another feature of the 2019 season is ultra-short hair with long bangs on one side. Such an addition has a significant advantage – excellent compatibility with various images. Such a haircut will suit any face shape and give the image of style and showiness.

Classic session

The trend of the 2019 season turned out to be a sesson haircut, which is hard to imagine without bangs. This hair design will come in handy, because the trends are bringing the 70s back into fashion! In the center of fashionable attention were short and arched bangs in addition to the famous hairstyle. Sesson is absolutely not suitable for chubby girls, but it will be a wonderful decoration for an oval face shape.

rebellious shag

It is hard not to notice how rapidly the shag haircut for medium hair is gaining popularity. It is performed in a multi-layer technique, which means it gives the hair an amazing volume. Of course, such a stylish haircut looks the coolest in the company of bangs. The most relevant options are thick a la Brigitte Bardot or torn.


Cascade is a timeless classic that allows fashionistas to look feminine and stylish from season to season. In the new season, at the peak of popularity, the combination of the famous haircut with a long, sparse bang, which coquettishly falls in separate strands almost to the cheekbones.

Another trendy option for a cascade is a layered long bang, which fits romantically on one side.

The bangs, divided into two halves, are also perfectly combined with the cascade – a practical move for girls who grow their hair. Separate the front strands with a middle parting and lay the tips away from the face.

Very beautiful haircut

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A fresh trend is the addition of such bangs by highlighting or highlighting individual curls in a bold pink, blue or emerald tone.


Cascading haircuts for long hair are in perfect harmony with the elongated oblique bangs. In this case, step thinning is recommended to start from the forehead and end below ear level. The ideal addition to such a haircut is slightly lightened light blond or ashy strands.

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Whatever type of cascade you prefer, stylists will offer you to complement it with trendy coloring. The stepped haircut is amazingly combined …

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