Haircuts with long bangs

Modern and stylish ladies now have haircuts with elongated bangs in their favorites. Therefore, first you should find out what kind of bangs are, with what haircuts it is combined and how it is fashionable to style them. And then you can already think about changing the image.

Why do you need a long bang

From young girls to respectable ladies, many people choose haircuts with long bangs. Of course, she often gets into her eyes, covers part of her face and sometimes really infuriates, but the image is incredibly attractive and impressive.


  • smooth, just below the eyebrows – suitable for balanced girls and combined with almost any haircut – from Bob to Cascade;
  • oblique – starting with shorter strands and up to long ones – it looks very interesting, combined with both asymmetric and classic haircuts;

  • laid set or divided into two sides – of course, long strands will interfere with seeing, falling on the eyes, so it is specially laid so that it does not interfere. Such a bang softens the large features of the face, hides the flaws in appearance;

  • uneven, torn, asymmetric – in recent seasons, asymmetry has been kept in fashion trends. This option is original and helps to create non-trivial images;

  • triangular, semicircle, arch and so on – for ladies who like a bright personality.

[stextbox id=’info’]Clue. Ladies with a low, small forehead or petite faces should do without bangs. In extreme cases, long strands of bangs should be laid on their side, creating a soft and romantic look.[/stextbox]

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How to wear long bangs

This version of the front strands goes well with any length of hair and the most fashionable haircuts. Under the type of face, any stylist and master will be able to advise exactly the kind of bangs that is most suitable and will brighten up the imperfections of appearance.

Short Kare with long bangs

You can see options for haircuts with elongated bangs in the photo and get inspired for new looks.

But long bangs must be laid:

  • twist, twist, fix for a light wave or curl;

  • lay, secure on that side or sides as planned. Even if the bangs look sloppy, this does not mean that they have not been styled. On the contrary, it is the highest level of skill;

  • add a “wet effect” with wax or gel. So styled hair is now in trend;
  • make a “mohawk”, varnish it, or simply comb the strands forward and up, creating an informal look;

  • you can weave it into a braid, comb it up with the main hair, lift it higher or to the side and stab it with hairpins – if you want to temporarily be “without bangs”.

Fasten the bangs with a hairpin

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Haircuts with long bangs look stylish and bright just after styling. [/stextbox]

Short haircuts with long bangs

Playing on the contrast of short basic hair and long strands on the face, girls achieve not only attention from others, but also their own original image. To enhance the effect, you can add highlighting – only on strands of bangs, with bright and unnatural colors.

Short haircut options:

  • pixie;
  • Garson;
  • Page and Cesson;
  • Bean;
  • Shaggy;
  • With a shaved nape and temples.


Pixie is suitable for women of any age. This is a stylish anti-aging haircut that refreshes the face and gives a spark of mischief to the overall look. The peculiarity of Pixie is in the volume at the crown and short temples. By adding long bangs to Pixie, we get a bold and bright bow. One has only to look at the photo to agree with us.

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Unlike Pixie, Garson has an even shorter length and goes for slender girls with oval faces. But if you add a long bang, you can safely make Garcon for ladies with a triangular, wide, square face. Only a narrow elongated shape will be a contraindication. This is a defiant and mischievous haircut for energetic and active fashionistas.

Page and Cesson

Or else they say “Hat”. The page is cut almost the same length in a circle, and Sesson has longer strands on the back of the head, and then they smoothly rise up along the face. Classically fit, tucking the tips inward.

These romantic and “rounded” haircuts frame the face very beautifully, brightening up imperfections, but they are far from suitable for every character. It is best to do such haircuts for ladies with a calm and balanced temperament. In this case, the long bangs are made beveled, gradually turning into the main length.



A popular and beloved haircut of all ages in 2019 goes well with long bangs. Moreover, it can be cut at an angle and the longest strands will go to the length of the main hair or stand out brightly both in length and styling, but it looks amazing in both versions.

Wavy Bob


Full of chaos, asymmetry and carelessness, the haircut looks perfect with long bangs. At the same time, the bangs are laid in the same style with the general hair. This haircut is chosen by creative people who do not have time for styling.

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With a shaved head and (or) temples

Stylish haircuts with shaved parts of the head have long gained popularity among girls. And in combination with long strands on the face, such an image will be even more daring and eye-catching.

Haircuts for medium and long hair with long bangs

If the hair is shoulder-length and longer, then the contrast and impression of a long bang will no longer be so strong, but at the same time harmony comes into force. Ladies often choose uneven bangs that beautifully frame the forehead, and then go at an angle, lengthening everything. This option will help brighten up the sharp corners of a rectangular and square face, hide protruding cheekbones, and visually reduce full cheeks.

For medium length hair, such haircuts are made:

  • Kare – a very famous haircut goes wonderfully with long strands on the face. All hair can be styled both in a soft and elegant style, and randomly;

  • an elongated Bob looks more gentle and romantic than a short one, and you can safely choose for ladies over 30, 40 years old;

  • the middle Cascade also looks harmonious and luxurious. Strands of bangs, as a rule, are not cut evenly, but with a slight difference in length or the tips are carefully milled.

Long bangs with long hair

If you need to achieve overall harmony and elegance in the image, then avoid contrast. Choose long strands in front, which are laid on their sides or separated on both sides. Long strands in front are well suited for any haircut option: Cascade, ladder near the face. Hair with especially trimmed ends (the same Fox tail) does not put forward requirements for bangs, but by styling long hair in a high hairstyle or making a ponytail, you can experiment with it to the fullest.

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