Haircuts with torn bangs

Do you want to bring variety to the usual image? Then such an option as haircuts with torn bangs is ideal for you. This element of the hairstyle will help you look younger and add a stylish twist to the styling. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the varieties of such bangs in our review.


Who suits torn bangs?

This element of the hairstyle is deservedly recognized as universal, since the milled bangs suit absolutely everyone. With its help, you can achieve a certain effect, for example, correct the oval of the face, give it tenderness, hide certain imperfections. If a woman is naturally endowed with sparse hair, then a torn bang will add visual volume and splendor. Owners of thick hair will be able to further emphasize their luxury.

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There are different ways to style bangs. If you need to give additional volume, it should be well ruffled with your hands. If you have thick, chic hair, you can use another method, namely, lay your bangs with foam or mousse.


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The benefits of torn bangs

Many women prefer to complement their hairstyle with such a detail as milled bangs. It is able to harmoniously complement a variety of styling created on hair of different lengths. In this case, the strands can be straight or wavy, thick or sparse, in any case, the bangs will look equally good. It has the following distinctive features:

  • Ease of installation. Torn bangs are created using a special technique, it is milled with special scissors. As a result, the strands acquire the property to lie down well in any order, regardless of how they are arranged. To refresh your hair, you don’t even need a comb, you just need to slightly ruffle the bangs with your hands.

  • The ability to adjust the shape of the face. Any representative of the fair sex should choose a hairstyle taking into account their individual characteristics. Depending on the choice of a particular haircut, the face can be given a more round or, on the contrary, an elongated shape. Torn bangs play an important role, different options for its design can give one effect or another.

  • Versatility. Milled bangs are suitable for completely different haircuts that can be created on hair of any length. It can be a shortened squeak, a bob made on medium hair, an elongated cascade.

Universal bangs suitable for any haircut

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Varieties of torn bangs

In 2019, stylists use a variety of fashionable haircuts with torn bangs, they can be studied in the photo. Depending on one or another type of appearance, girls will be able to choose the following options:

  • Thick torn bangs. This variety is ideal for owners of luxurious lush hair. If a woman has sparse hair, this hairstyle may look out of place.

  • Rare torn bangs. It will help to give additional volume to girls with sparse hair and decorate the image of owners of thick hair.

  • Oblique torn bangs. This option can be called universal, since it is perfect for both chubby young ladies and girls with an elongated face. In both cases, asymmetry will be a win-win solution. In addition, oblique bangs will be a real salvation for women whom nature has endowed with a square face shape. It will help soften the features and make them more tender. In 2019, oblique torn bangs are especially popular.

  • Straight torn bangs. This variety will look good on the fair sex with the correct oval face type. In addition, this technique will help balance the proportions of the face with its pear-shaped shape.

  • Short torn bangs. This option will look win-win on girls with an elongated face. This stylistic technique helps to make the face visually rounder.
  • Long torn bangs. This option will be appreciated by chubby ladies. The elongated strands located in front will allow you to visually stretch your face.

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Ragged bangs with haircuts of different lengths

Such an element of a hairstyle can be used on completely different hair lengths, in any case it will look harmonious. Milled bangs are able to refresh the familiar image and bring zest to it. Many women who have decided on such an experiment note that they began to look rejuvenated and rested. Let’s look at the options for creating hairstyles for different hair lengths.

Haircuts with torn bangs for short hair. They are presented in a daring youth or universal elegant version. In the first case, we can note such hairstyles as pixie and garcon, in which torn bangs act as an organic addition to the general idea. In the second case, haircuts such as bob or square deserve special attention. When creating them, bangs can harmoniously fit into the overall concept of the image, if the hairstyle is profiled along the entire length, or make a spectacular contrast with the rest of the even and neat strands.

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Important! It is worth noting that torn asymmetrical options are more suitable for making bold youth bows, and women’s hairstyles, in which torn bangs are combined with straight hair, will become a universal solution for all ages. Such styling is suitable even for going to the office.


Haircuts for medium hair with torn bangs. For this length of strands, a huge selection of all kinds of hairstyles is offered:

  • Grunge. This haircut gives the image a slight casualness, it is perfect for casual and informal bows. Ragged bangs incredibly organically fit into the overall image. The hairstyle can have a variety of design variations, for example, be asymmetrical or contain a shaved temple.

  • Cascade. This is a spectacular layered hairstyle that gives splendor to the hair. Only bangs can be milled, while the rest of the strands are trimmed evenly and are arranged in layers one above the other.

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A very interesting variation of the cascade is the aurora haircut, in which the ends are intentionally torn.


The difference between two similar types of haircuts can be seen if you look at the photos that show haircuts for medium hair with torn bangs.

  • Bob or bob for medium hair. The hairstyle can have the lower strands cut almost at the same level, or be made to lengthen when the hair in front is much longer than the strands at the back of the head.

Haircuts with torn bangs for long hair. With elongated strands, such an element of a hairstyle can make a very effective contrast. Romantic curls and a daring milled detail are a very original combination that will make any look unique.

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Ragged bangs can be used to create such elongated haircuts as a cascade, …

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