Hairstyles for girls at graduation in kindergarten

A girl’s hairstyle for graduation in kindergarten should be light, beautiful and original, do you agree? Luckily, all of the options in our selection meet these strict criteria!

Ideas for long hair

The most beautiful and elegant hairstyles are obtained, of course, on long hair. Any option from our selection will turn the baby into a real princess, which means that she will remember such a celebration forever!

Idea #1

  • Comb your hair well.
  • At the forehead, select a small strand and start twisting it into a tourniquet.
  • On the side at the same level, select a strand of the same size and also turn it into a tourniquet.
  • Connect the second harness to the first.

  • Continue this “weaving” around the entire circumference of the head, moving towards the back of the head.
  • When you get to the opposite end, twist all the remaining hair into 2 bundles, twist them together and stretch them in the form of a rim. Secure the tip with a pair of invisibility. A chic hair crown is ready!

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Idea #2

There is one simple way to pacify long hair without sacrificing beauty. To do this, you just need to pick up a high tail, braid 3 pigtails from it, and from them braid one common braid. The final touch is the extension of individual links as in the photo.

Idea #3

In general, you can experiment with braids endlessly. For example, weaving can be arranged in the form of a wreath around the head. To do this, braid 2 pigtails from the back of the head and lay them in the upper part in opposite directions.

Simple but very beautiful hairstyle

Idea #4

When choosing a hairstyle for a girl at graduation in kindergarten, many mothers prefer to pick up long hair so that nothing prevents the baby from having fun and enjoying the holiday. A great option for this is a beautiful bunch.

  • Take a tight tail in the center of the head, leaving a few strands in front.
  • From the tail, select a thin strand and take exactly the same from the face.

  • Pick up another strand from the ponytail and now start braiding around the base of the ponytail.
  • Continue weaving, alternately connecting the front strands to it.
  • When all the front strands are over, continue the braid without additional curls.
  • After all the strands of the tail are over, finish the braid and wrap it around the bun.

Idea #5

In 2019, mothers do not like to create complex designs in children’s hairstyles, because fashion trends dictate the trend for naturalness and comfort. And, you know, it’s great! Even for prom, you can braid a simple romantic braid. And to add a touch of celebration to your usual hairstyle, we offer you to learn the French way of weaving and do not forget about decorations.

  • Select 3 strands at the top of the head and start braiding. The peculiarity of the French method is that the curls are placed under each other as in the diagram.

  • Thus, connect the side strands to the weave, and when you get to the back of the head, finish the braid of hair divided into 3 equal parts.

  • The secret of a festive hairstyle is in the correct stretching of individual weaves to create volume. It is necessary to pull exactly for the extreme parts of the links.
  • You can add artificial flowers or rhinestone hairpins to the braid.

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Idea #6

If you braid 2 French braids with ribbons, you get such an interesting hairstyle.

Idea #7

A light and festive hairstyle will work for any mother on the basis of a beam. Remember the simple sequence of actions!

  • Have the girl tilt her head down.
  • Starting from the back of the head, weave the spikelet upwards.

The perfect hairstyle for a little princess

  • Take a ponytail at the crown of all hair.
  • Thread your hair into a special bagel.

  • Alternately wrap all the strands around the donut. Light negligence will not damage such a hairstyle and add volume to it.

It looks interesting and two beams

Medium Length Ideas

Many interesting hairstyles can be embodied on medium hair. Now you will be convinced of it!

Idea #8

  • Grab the parallel side strands and pull them into a ponytail at the back of the head.
  • Poke a hole over the elastic with your fingers and thread the entire strand of the tail through it.
  • Divide the loose hair into 2 halves and braid them into pigtails.

  • You can additionally stretch the weave in different directions to create volume.
  • Lay the braids in different directions and stab them with invisibility.

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Idea #9

Such a naughty prom hairstyle is sure to please any girl.

  • Divide your hair into 2 sections with a center parting.
  • At the top, on one side, take some hair into a ponytail.
  • After some distance, braid the next tail, capturing the first tail and side strands.
  • Create several of these ponytails, braiding the last one at the back of the head.

  • At the same level, braid the ponytails on the second half.

Idea #10

On the basis of curls, you can create a Cinderella-style hairstyle, and at the same time an unforgettable look on such an important day.

  • Curl the curls and fluff them up with your fingers.
  • Divide your hair with a center parting.

  • In the temple area, select a thick strand, divide it in two, twist a tourniquet from each part, and then form a common flagellum.
  • Tie the end with an elastic band in the color of your hair.
  • Lay the tourniquet in the form of a rim.
  • Temporal strands direct to an impromptu rim.

Another version of Cinderella’s hairstyle

[stextbox id=info]Interesting! This hairstyle will be even more beautiful with the addition of a diadem.[/stextbox]

Idea #11

The festive hairstyle “Babette” looks very cute and attractive on children’s hair. It turns out that elementary execution is hidden behind its showiness!

  • Gather all your hair into a ponytail at the crown.
  • Put a foam bagel or roller with wire inside over the elastic.
  • Gradually wrap all the strands around the roller.
  • For additional fixation, secure the strands with hairpins, and decorate the finished hairstyle with a ribbon.

Idea #12

An original hair bow will be perfectly combined with a festive outfit. As practice shows, little fashionistas are usually delighted with such a hairstyle. Mom is attracted by the speed of its implementation.

  • Gather your hair into a tight ponytail at the crown.
  • Divide the ponytail into 2 halves.

  • Fold the strand in half and secure with an elastic band. Slightly spread in different directions for the splendor of the bow.
  • Do the same with the second half.
  • The ends of the strands can be hidden under the hair with elastic bands.

  • If desired, you can decorate the center of the bow with a thin braid and sprinkle the hair with glitter varnish.

Ideas for short hair

Idea #13

  • In the forehead area, start weaving a spikelet, grabbing additional strands.
  • The spikelet should be woven in a circle, adding strands from the back of the head.

  • When you reach the top of the braid, finish the braid and lay it along the central parting. Of course, the tip of the braid needs to be fixed with an invisibility, and the weaving should be decorated with beautiful hairpins.

Idea #14

We have already told you how easy it is to do French braids. See what a wonderful look you can create on short hair if the braids are finished with charming buns with ribbon bows.


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