Hairstyles on one side

Symmetry is boring and banal, and hairstyles on one side are a completely different matter! We invite you to add variety to your everyday or festive look and experiment with hairstyles and their location. Even the usual ponytail or braid will look more interesting if you braid them on the side. Look for other fashionable options in our article!


Options for every day

Idea #1

Such a strict hairstyle is distinguished by elegance and ease of execution. It will look equally good on an office worker or on a schoolgirl. What to do, and the one and the other, you have to put up with the dress code and discipline.

  • Comb your hair and divide it into 2 parts using a central parting.
  • Braid 2 pigtails-spikelets, and at the end secure them with an elastic band.
  • Lay the first pigtail in a circle, while placing it on the side.
  • The second braid should be laid around the first and secured with invisible efforts.

Tail to one side

Idea #2

This hairstyle will delight you with its practicality and elementary implementation. Her stylish look is also on top!

  • At the left temple, select a strand and divide it into three identical parts.
  • Weave a pigtail in the French technique in a downward direction. This method of weaving assumes that you put the strands under each other when creating each link.
  • Continue braiding without additional strands, moving to the right.
  • Gather all your hair into a side ponytail and decorate it with a pretty elastic band.

Retro hairstyle on the side

Idea #3

If you place the braid not diagonally, but from top to bottom, you get this version of a hairstyle on one side for long hair. To make it look spectacular, pay due attention to stretching individual strands to create splendor and volume.

Idea #4

Such a stylish hairstyle will last throughout the day, and at the same time give you confidence in your own irresistibility. Such weaves always excite the imagination of the opposite sex, so if you want to win one male heart as a bonus, weave today just like that.

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  • Select 3 identical strands at the temple.
  • Weave them into a French braid without additional curls. In this case, you need to place this beauty on the crown, and then down. So you create a romantic imitation of a pigtail headband.
  • When you get to the bottom, start braiding all the hair using the fishtail technique. If you suddenly have not yet practiced creating it, use this photo as a cheat sheet.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Interesting! To make the braiding process easier, you can take the side lower ponytail from all hair, including the French braid. Now it will be much easier to select individual thin strands for the fishtail. When the hairstyle is ready, just remove the elastic.[/stextbox]

  • The last stage is fixing with a thin elastic band and straightening the strands of the braid in different directions.

Beautiful wide braids

Idea #5

A slight carelessness in the hairstyle is a recognized must have of the 2019 season, and it definitely plays into the hands of fashionistas who are always in a hurry. Create hair designs as quickly and relaxed as possible and this will be a 100% hit in trends.

  • Comb and grab a strand of hair in the occipital region.
  • Get this curl on top of the rest.
  • Again, take the strand below and place it on top of the hair.
  • Thus, select individual curls and wrap them inward.
  • When you get to the opposite side of your neck, gather all of your loose hair into a side ponytail.
  • At the same time, wrap one strand around the base of the tail, masking the elastic band.

Four strand braid

Idea #6

Having replenished your piggy bank of hairstyles with this option, you can always get out of the situation when you need to collect hair without an elastic band. Remember a simple trick that will help you do this.

Messy braided bun

  • Gather the hair at the bottom side and divide into 2 halves.
  • Divide one half again in half, twist the bundles from each part and twist them together.
  • The same steps must be repeated on the other side.
  • Tie a knot from these bundles, and then another.

Braid with a tail on one side

Idea #7

Fashionable hairstyles on one side can be both daring and incredibly romantic. Now we will show you the second option.

  • Select 3 strands at the crown and weave a French braid, moving in a straight line above the ear. In this case, curls should be added to weaving only from the upper part of the hair.
  • When the pigtail is located behind the head, change the direction of weaving. Now you need to move down and wrap around loose hair on the opposite side.
  • According to this principle, wrap the falling curls with a pigtail again and secure at the end with an elastic band.

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Idea #8

Owners of long hair are incredibly lucky, because they can repeat such a wonderful hairstyle. It only seems that the hair is incredibly thick and voluminous. In fact, the whole trick lies in the correct stretching of the links of the braid.

  • From above, select 3 identical strands and weave a French braid from them, heading down.
  • From the very edge of the face, select 3 very thin curls and weave a pigtail out of them in the classic way.
  • Using a thin comb, work the braid from the bottom up to loosen it up a little and create a trendy casual effect.

  • Gather your hair at the back of your head with your hands.
  • Weave a pigtail from the whole head of hair in your favorite way.

  • Place the braid on one side and straighten its weaves.

Idea #9

Braid with plaits is something new and just right for diversifying your everyday hairstyles!

  • At the left temple, take 2 strands. Position the bottom one above the top.
  • Separate a new curl at the crown and place it between the two previous strands.
  • Point the bottom strand up.
  • Once again, take an additional curl and place it between two strands.
  • According to the given principle, you need to perform a hairstyle to the right ear.

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! In all the points described, you need to slightly scroll individual strands to form bundles.[/stextbox]

  • Divide all hair into 2 halves, turn each into a bundle, and then twist these bundles around each other.

Harness on one side

Idea #10

This flirty hairstyle will require only a couple of minutes of free time and a few rubber bands to match the hair color.

  • Braid a low side ponytail.
  • After some distance from the first elastic band, tie your hair with another one.

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  • Make a hole with your hands above the second elastic band and thread all the hair through it.
  • At the same distance, fasten another elastic band and again scroll all the hair over it.

  • Repeat these manipulations along the entire length of the tail.

Idea #11

Step by step, you can easily cope with such an original version of a ponytail braid.

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