Halloween images 2020 for girls

This article offers you a variety of Halloween images 2020 for girls. Among the selection of ideas you will find both easy-to-implement and quite extraordinary options – everything for you to become the main star of the most terrible party of this year!

The best ideas for your inspiration


Many girls copy the image of a catwoman as a winning image for Halloween. The main feature of such a character is the characteristic ears, which are often combined with a leather mask. As the main image, you can choose not only a latex jumpsuit, but also a classic total black look with an ending in the form of spectacular shoes with heels.


If you are interested do-it-yourself images for Halloween 2020 for girls, you can take a closer look at the costume of a charming devil. This idea is quite simple to implement – for this it is worth arming yourself with a headband with horns (which can be found in any store with props), red clothes (ideally with a corset) and wings.

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At the same time, you can create the last component of the image on your own in just one evening. To do this, make a cardboard base, strengthen it with newspapers and gradually paste over with feathers cut out of paper. Improvised wings can be attached to the tape, so that later they can be easily included in the main outfit.

bloodied doll

The image of a bloodied doll for Halloween looks oh, how scary, and at the same time pleases with the elementary incarnation. If you want to repeat exactly this look, you can take a cute babydoll dress as a basis and stain it with red gouache to simulate bloodstains without a drop of regret. Mary Jane shoes and golfs will be a suitable completion of such an image. Of course, you should also think about the hairstyle for this Halloween outfit. Here, curls taken with hairpins or two cute tails can become a win-win option.

A dead bride

The favorite of many girls in 2020 is also the image of the dead bride. The basis of such an outfit can be a white floor-length dress (or a blouse combined with a skirt) and a wedding veil in the form of gauze or other mesh texture. The last accessory can be fixed on the hair with a headband or hairpins. For a complete entourage, we suggest using a bride’s bouquet of black artificial flowers and makeup in chilling shades.

Angel and devil

If you are going to a Halloween party with a friend, you can create a spectacular couple of an angel and a she-devil. For more entourage, you can even enter into a role and give appropriate advice to others and argue among themselves.

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Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has become the favorite heroine of many fashionistas when choosing an image for Halloween. It’s pretty easy to make this look – you can just find similar parts of her costume in the store or make them yourself.

Special attention should be paid to the hairstyle, because Harley always wore two tails with pink and blue tips on the strands. Of course, there is absolutely no need to dye your hair for such an effect – you can get by with colored crayons with harmless temporary staining.


For the costume of a frightening, but at the same time such a charming witch, you don’t have to come up with anything complicated. Such a stylish look is easily made up of a black floor-length dress, long gloves and a high hat. By the way, the last accessory can be made of cardboard and pasted over with black cloth and a suitable decor.

Another option for creating an atmospheric hat for a witch is presented in this master class.

To make the image of a witch really unforgettable, you should pay due attention to makeup. On the occasion of Halloween, you can afford an unusual eye design with arrows and smokey eyes and scarlet lips – when else can you use everything at once in a make-up ?!

The image of a witch is most conducive to creative experiments. For example, if you use all the possibilities of makeup and a cloak with a hood, you can easily reproduce the association with a witch from a fairy tale.

Wensdy Addams

If you are looking for a simple image for Halloween 2020 for girls, you can take a closer look at the image of Wensdy Addams. This costume has the necessary darkness and gothiness, but at the same time it seems quite cute. To repeat this image, a girl can wear a black dress or sundress over a white collared blouse, put on leggings and shoes. Perhaps something is missing … Of course, such an image would not be complete without tight braids and a special bleached complexion.

If you find such a carnival costume suitable for experimenting with makeup, you can additionally apply the smokey eye technique on the eyes in dark shades and make up your lips with black lipstick.


The main rule of a successful image of a vampire This is a strictly enforced dress code. A girl can bet on the predominance of black things, gothic accessories, a mask and a black cloak. In general, such an image is very conducive to experimentation, because it can be based on almost any clothing. The main role in creating the image of a vampire on Halloween is given to makeup – it only welcomes scarlet lips, bright eyes and traced fangs, along with improvised drops of blood.


For the image of a nun, it is not at all necessary to buy a long black robe – a fashionista may well get by with her favorite dress in the appropriate color. The chosen outfit should be complemented with a collar cut from a contrasting white fabric, as well as a headdress typical for the image of a nun.

The last accessory can be made from a long piece of black fabric and a white border sewn to it – it is additionally recommended to build a cardboard base so that the headpiece retains its shape throughout the party.

blood stains

If you don’t have the time or inclination to go overboard with your Halloween look, you can simply wear a white outfit that you don’t mind sacrificing for this party and creatively smudge it with red splashes of paint. To make everyone around you really understand your idea, you can take a knife and a partner with you, also stained with impromptu blood.

Gothic princess

If you have gothic outfits with dark lace in your arsenal, you can safely interpret them as part of your Halloween look. For example, a lace-up dress or corset would be a great solution.

When creating such an image, the main role will be expected to be given to make-up – this is where a girl can afford any experiments with dark makeup!


The touching story of the fairy Maleficent has touched many, so it is not surprising that the image of the character inspires many girls to create an appropriate image for Halloween. The main highlight of this costume is, of course, …

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