Halloween Manicure 2020

Stylish look for Halloween 2020 will not be complete without a beautiful and original manicure. On this day, fashionistas can afford the strangest and most extraordinary outfits, as well as bold and extravagant nail art. From the article you will learn what manicure to do on All Saints Day to look the coolest.

Fashionable manicure for Halloween 2020 – current trends

In order for the nails to look stylish and attract the attention of others, it is necessary to think over their design in advance. You should not restrain yourself, because on Halloween everything is possible. At the same time, the more interesting and original the nail art is, the better. Modern experts offer many options that will fully fit the theme and format of the party.

For example, you can make a bright manicure with the image of blood streaks, or you can complement nail art with unusual patterns in the form of a cross or pumpkin. At the same time, you can portray both evil and terrible characters, and goodies.

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A real hit of 2020 will be a manicure with snake picture, bats and insects that terrify people, such as spiders.

Themed prints can be replaced with a trendy Halloween-style nail design. Choosing from modern techniques, it is better to opt for nail art in the style of “spider line”, “brush strokes”, liquid metal, ombre, jacket, but perform them according to the gloomy canon of the holiday.

Bright red splashes, a haze effect and the use of dark shades will achieve the necessary mood.

Among the shades that are stylish and suitable for a themed manicure, experts recommend taking a closer look at bright neon colors, such as yellow, light green, and orange. With their help, you can highlight individual parts of the picture, making the manicure even brighter and more intimidating.

Another important point is the length and shape of the nails. Make halloween manicure 2020 better for long sharp nails. Any festive design in such an interpretation will look especially stylish and expressive.

Manicure with faces

Design with faces has long been promoted by experts, but has not gained wide popularity among fashionistas. If you want to get not only attractive, but also fashionable nail art for Halloween, use this idea.

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Try to choose a portrait that will look as realistic as possible. Expressive features, disheveled hair, large eyes or red lips combined with a dark background will look very impressive. The mystery and mystery of this design will add expressiveness to any costume that you choose for the celebration.

Drops of blood

The image of splashes and streaks of red is a classic of the autumn holiday. This trend will continue in 2020 as well. Thanks to the skill of specialists, it is possible to achieve a fairly realistic and intimidating effect.

You can depict on the nails not only splashes and streaks of red, but also try to create an imitation of seams and wounds, which also looks very intimidating.

Interesting, but Halloween manicure easy do it even at home. To do this, you need a bright red or burgundy varnish, as well as varnish for the base. AT In this case, you can use a light base for the picture, or you can use a spectacular combination of red and black. Having covered the nail with the main color, proceed to the decor. To do this, blot the sponge with red varnish and press it to the top of the nail. After that, use a brush to draw bloody streaks. Cover everything on top with a colorless fixative.

Liquid metal

This trend will be one of the most popular with designers in 2020. After all, with its help you can create an original and very stylish nail art. For Halloween, this technique will also come in handy, especially if you complement the island of liquid metal with awesome black or red patterns.


Girls love to depict these cute animals on their nails. This print is also suitable for creating Manicure for short nails for Halloween 2020. You can simply draw black cat ears on the edge of the plate, depict this graceful animal on each finger, and even simply decorate the manicure with a cat’s eye. Most often, the animal is depicted in black color that is perfect for halloween manicure.

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A stylish ombre is perfect for creating Halloween nail art. It will turn out to be a spectacular and at the same time quite intimidating design, especially if you choose the right shades of red to create it. As a basis for such a design, experts recommend using a nude palette, while to decorate the tips of the nails with a stylish transition, you will have to choose several colors, ranging from dark burgundy to a lighter red tone.


Comic book characters are one of the favorite Halloween nail designs for girls around the world. After all, during this holiday, even good girls want to be like evil characters, or vice versa, to feel like a superhero. If your Halloween costume is associated with one of these characters, you can easily depict it on your nails, making the image more concise and complete. A photo of Catwoman or Supergirl will come in handy.

Black jacket

Long sharp nails go well with a gloomy black jacket. This manicure is great for celebrating Halloween. If you want to achieve a frightening result, add one or more fingers with a haze or marble effect, depict a web and even its inhabitant. This will help make the manicure more catchy and expressive.


This is another original novelty used in the design of nails for Halloween. The most popular is nail art depicting dancing skeletons. To make the drawings clear and beautiful, you should use the thinnest possible brush and contrasting colors. You can complement the design with a small amount of silver dust and foil.

Complement the Skeleton costume with such a manicure, it will turn out very stylish.

Pumpkin, cute ghost, clown

Another one easy halloween manicure design ideas 2020 – thematic drawings. You can apply various designs on your nails in the form of a bright pumpkin, many cute ghosts and even sinister clowns. It is not difficult to make such her-art. You can go to the salon and ask the master to make your plan a reality, or you can decorate your nails at home using special stickers. As for the pumpkin, it can be anything: as reminiscent of a real vegetable as possible, or, on the contrary, with a sinister smile and big eyes.


Toothy design is another hit of 2020. If you want to look cool and original at the Halloween party, pay special attention to this design. It won’t be too hard to make either. The easiest way: paint over the bottom and …

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