Hand care during cold weather

Recently, when colds and frosts come, most girls think about nourishing the skin and about additional vitamins for the female body. And rightly so, but often they forget about their own hands, which are weathered in the cold and not only look ugly, but also quickly become covered with wrinkles. But in order to have beautiful, soft and tender hands, which every girl dreams of, you need to take special care.

This does not mean that you need to urgently go to a beauty salon and buy the most expensive cream or service that is there. Everything can be achieved at home, but you also need to know a few rules.

Firstly, hands should not be washed in very cold water and in very hot. Since with very cold water, the skin of the hands begins to coarsen and peel off, and with very hot water, the skin becomes degreased and becomes dry. It is best to wash your hands under warm water.

Second, when washing your hands, don’t use cheap soap or soap with a strong, strong scent. It is better to use mild soap or, for example, children’s. But the most important rule is to dry your hands well after each contact with water. Since the more hands remain wet, the more they become dehydrated.

Thirdly, on the street, in the frosty season, it is advisable to always wear gloves that will provide warmth to your hands. But if you think that you are not comfortable wearing gloves, and that the slight redness and chapping of your hands will soon pass by themselves, then this is not so. Over time, the hands will become rough, and the red or blue color of the skin may soon become natural. Painful cracks may appear and to correct this situation, long procedures will be needed.

Fourth, you should also pay special attention to the skin on the elbows. So that it is not rough, it is advisable to make warm baths from vegetable oil. You should pour the oil into two baths and, dipping your elbows there, hold for 5-6 minutes, then rub a little with pumice and moisten with crepe.

Also, if you add lemon juice to vegetable oil, you can get a wonderful hand mask. Since the oil moisturizes and softens the skin of the hands, and the lemon juice whitens and strengthens the nails. But special attention should be paid to the hands in the evening, taking baths and immediately applying the cream.

Further, at least once a week, peeling of the skin of the hands should be done, this will help get rid of dead skin cells, and the nourishing cream will penetrate deeper into the skin itself.

There are many recipes to make a cream at home that will save you from any frost, consider one of them.

To make it, you don’t need so much: mix one tablespoon of lemon with a tablespoon of vodka, after which, add four tablespoons of glycerin and a little potato flour to this mixture. Stir until the mixture has a fairly thick consistency. Further, the cream can be applied to the cleansed skin of the hands. Also, this cream can be stored in the refrigerator, and used as needed or half an hour before going outside.

Observing all these simple rules, and regularly caring for her hands, the girl does not allow such signs of the past as roughness, dryness and fine wrinkles to appear, while maintaining their beauty for many years.

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