Hand skin care

Your interlocutor does not pay attention to anything so much and first of all as to his hands. It has long been proven that it is hands during communication that play an important role, and women’s hands are also an object of desire for all men, without exception.

But so many worries and all sorts of things fall on the lot of fragile and delicate ladies’ hands every day: cleaning, cooking, washing, cleaning, and so on. To keep the skin of your hands soft and smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch, you need to devote a few minutes to your hands every day for simple procedures.

The main procedures for hand skin care at home consist of such activities as:

  • cleansing;
  • deep cleansing;
  • massage;
  • nutrition and hydration.

In addition, do not forget that the skin of the whole body, including the hands, is affected by the internal state of the whole organism, the presence of essential vitamins and trace elements in the body is also important for your skin.

In winter, special attention should be paid to the skin of the hands. Since your face, your hands are always in sight, do not forget about gloves. Gloves in winter are not a tribute to fashion, they are a necessary measure of protection against hypothermia and chapping. It is not allowed that the skin of the hands be wet during your stay on the street, this will instantly turn into weathered skin and peeling.

Do not neglect, also, household gloves while working with cleaning products. Whatever advertising tells us, we need to understand that any washing powder or gel dries the skin, and in some cases can cause rashes, peeling and cracks on the skin.

If you have a pet scratch or cut, don’t forget to lubricate the damage with antiseptic cream, this is important to avoid suppuration and scarring. Also, after each contact with water, it is worth lubricating your hands with a nourishing cream, creams with a silicone base are better suited for this. Such creams form an invisible protective film and moisturize the skin for longer.

So, cleansing the skin of the hands, as a rule, during this procedure we use soap, it dries the skin, but also destroys microbes. It is better not to forget about soap, just use a cream after washing your hands.

Hand baths are a double effect: deep cleansing and good disinfection. The main components for such baths are edible salt (no more than 50 g), and a variety of dry medicinal herbs (chamomile, celandine, calendula, hawthorn). Night masks are no less useful for rough skin of the hands. To do this, apply a rich layer of oily cream on the skin of your hands and wait 5-7 minutes, then remove the excess cream, and put on cellophane gloves on your hands, then the warm result will show itself in the morning.

Purchase a hand scrub cream or soap with apricot kernels or walnut shells. But this soap should not be used very often, peeling is carried out about once a week, this time is enough for new dead cells to appear on the skin.

Take care of the skin of your hands, devote a little time to its beauty every day, and your hands will attract only admiring glances.

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