Hats for autumn 2021: fashion trends of the season

A folk proverb says: “Keep your head cold and your feet warm.” Many of us remember how mothers made us put on a warm hat, which we deftly hid in a bag when we went outside. And why did this happen? Because the hats of that time did not decorate either girls or girls at all. But today everything has changed. Fashionable hats “Autumn 2021” will please even the most inveterate non-lovers of hats.

What hats are popular this season

If you are still worried that the hat will spoil the whole image and add some kind of sloppiness, then your worries were not justified, because with the advent of fashion trends in 2021, you can look stunning and stylish.

Fashionable knitted hats for autumn 2021

Knitted hats are a hit this season. Modern hats look charming, stylish and creative. Knitted hats were presented at fashion shows in the collections of the most famous designers. This attribute is harmoniously combined with both coats and jackets, down jackets.

Large knit is more suitable for cool autumn and winter. For the warm season, small knitting with a large lapel is relevant. The most popular option is knitting in the form of a sweater. No crocheted additions, or other stylistic designs. Simplicity and minimalism – that’s how you can describe the knitted hats of 2021. The trend is mustard, green, blue, pink colors, as well as pastel, nude shades. So the choice of colors this season is quite large.

Photos of knitted fashionable hats for autumn 2021 fascinate with an abundance of options. Separately, we note the cap of the “sailor”, which covers only the top of the head, and does not reach the ears. But this option is referred to youth hats, and it is not for everyone. Therefore, it is better to try on first than to buy in an online store.

beanie hat

A great everyday headpiece that can be worn in a variety of ways. Beanies can be worn covering the forehead and ears, as well as on the crown, releasing the front strands. Such negligence looks trendy and emphasizes the beauty of the hair.

Beanie can be combined with any type of outerwear, be it a coat or down jacket. Nude colors are in fashion, as well as bright shades:

  • Fuchsia;
  • Emerald;
  • Pink;
  • Purple.

Long knitted hat

As a novelty, designers have created interesting elongated hats, because this season is dominated by a non-standard form and individualism. If you want to express your taste, we offer an elongated beret that can be given any shape. The Dolce & Gabbana collection features a gray beret. The layering of this hat makes the image complex, strict and original.

What hats will be in fashion in the fall of 2021, in addition to knitted ones, we will describe below.


Do you want to choose a stylish headdress for a coat or raincoat? Then pay attention to the hood. If you do not like ordinary hats, the bonnet will be a great and fashionable alternative. Choose pastel and muted shades of brown. This season, calm tones are more relevant than ever. And, of course, black will never go out of fashion, because it is universal and will suit any bow.

A headdress of this format is suitable not only for those over 50, but also for young girls.

leather cap

In addition to bonnets and knitted hats, leather caps take pride of place this season. This headdress is suitable for both young girls and women of age. The lady in the leather cap looks a bit aggressive, bold and independent.

The cap goes well with coats, leather things, and looks good with a down jacket, if you choose a piece to match the jacket. Actual colors: burgundy, black, beige, dusty pink.


This fall is full of options. Each girl will find for herself a bow that she will wear with pleasure. Another option for the autumn collection of fashionable hats is a classic scarf. But in this case, you need to decide on the color and print of the scarf in order to get into the trend.

So, fashionable color is turquoise, nude shades, lilac, blue, mustard. At the expense of prints, colorful options, an animalistic pattern and delicate monograms will look relevant. The scarf can be tied as a scarf, bandana, and also in an elegant Italian style, tying the ends at the back of the neck. By the way, this option is relevant for a full face.

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The French headdress has become popular again. However, new beret designs have now appeared. For lovers of bright, beautiful and “flashy” things, sequin berets of golden and silver shades are suitable.

For lovers of the classics, we prepared plain berets of bright and calm colors. When choosing a headdress, you should pay attention to the style of the product and the shape, choosing the right one for your appearance. Bright red, brown colors are in fashion. By the way, this season it is fashionable to combine this elegant headdress with lipstick of the same shade as on the Marc Jacobs show.

Fashion trends for women’s hats fall-winter 2021-2022 allow you to choose several options to diversify your everyday style.

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Fur earmuffs

The most spectacular, youthful and cheerful headdress of this season. Fur earmuffs can be combined with any type of clothing:

  • jacket;
  • coat;
  • down jacket;
  • raincoat;
  • leather jacket, etc.

By the way, this accessory is not so important to combine in color with the rest of the wardrobe. He can keep a “separate” and at the same time, you will look relevant and fashionable.

Fur headphones are more suitable for warm autumn, so you need to pick up other models in your arsenal.

Fashionable hats for autumn 2021 are multi-format and outstanding, which allows you to choose not one, but several options that will suit almost any type of face.

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