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Even the strong half of humanity cannot do without a headdress. Especially in early spring, autumn and winter, when the weather leaves much to be desired. Modern hats, baseball caps and caps fit perfectly into brutal images, emphasize style and taste. Therefore, every fashionista should know what men’s hats he should wear in 2023.



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Headwear for men: trends 2023

This year, at fashion shows, the world saw very original styles of men’s hats (up to lamp hats). Of course, society was immediately skeptical of the most extravagant and unusual of them, because it is impossible to imagine them in ordinary business or everyday images. But we will tell you what fashion trends and models designers still recommend to introduce into the wardrobe in 2023.

  • Hat with ear flaps. This is a real must-have! It looks trendy and adds zest even to basic looks. In general, it is easy to fit into the wardrobe of any style, from casual to sporty chic. The hat with earflaps is not only beautiful, but also warm and comfortable. It can be either bright with an unusual print, or neutral, or trimmed with fur. In all cases, this men’s headdress looks stylish, catchy.


  • Knitted hat. First, she is warm. And, secondly, it has a lot of options for execution. For example, for young people, hats with bright accents of childish infantilism (embroidery, badges) are suitable, and for men over 50, laconic hats in soothing shades are suitable. For the most daring, there are cone-shaped styles, a cockerel hat and even hats made using the crochet technique (with through holes). In general, any knitted hat will be fashionable this year!


  • Ribbed hat. Knitted models can be called classics of men’s wardrobe. But ribbed hats are deservedly considered the most fashionable in this segment. This trendy headwear for men remains very popular in 2023. Including it willingly worn by celebrities. Moreover, both Russian and foreign. Therefore, with such a hat, you will definitely be in trend.

Also here it is worth mentioning a shortened version of a knitted hat – a “micro-hat”. Best of all, it fits into sports or casual looks.

  • Padded baseball cap. If you think that this is a purely sporty style thing, then you are mistaken. Modern baseball caps are successfully combined with almost all basic looks. In fashion 2023, models from different materials: from knitwear and velveteen to fleece and wool. But, of course, no matter how warm a baseball cap is, it does not warm the ears. Therefore, this trend is more suitable for men who travel by car.


  • Insulated Panama. This thing is familiar to many from the women’s wardrobe, but this winter this trend has reached the men’s. Although men’s panamas differ significantly from female models in that they are more reminiscent of hats. Most often, this headdress has a clear shape and walls, which is not typical for panama hats. If we talk about unusual models in this category, then you should pay attention to knitted panamas, dresses with curved edges or fur trim.


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  • Balaklava. This trend is at the peak of popularity for the second year. But, if last season the models of balaclavas were modest, then this season designers offer men bright options with various prints. This type of men’s hats is considered more athletic and suitable for people who lead an active lifestyle in winter. Indeed, a special cut reliably protects the head and neck from snow, wind, and cold. But, despite this, in 2023 the balaclava will become the most fashionable men’s headdress that will perfectly complement everyday looks.


  • Kepi. It is also called the newsboy’s cap. Distinctive features of this headdress are a hard visor and a soft occipital part. Caps are ideal for men who wear classics. It will perfectly complement the outfit with a strict coat and scarf.


  • Bini. This model has been considered popular and fashionable for more than a year. With the seasons, only the way the beanie is worn changes. For example, now fashion experts urge her to wear it in such a way that the forehead is as open as possible. Of course, this version of socks is not suitable for the harsh Russian winter. In the cold season, beanie lovers will have to give preference to models made of thick yarn and wear them like a regular hat.


  • Hat with pompom. New 2023 in the world of men’s fashion. This model looks very fresh and fervently, for which it fell in love with young people. The type of knitting in such a hat does not really matter, here all attention is paid to it … Pompom! It can be made of threads in the main color of the dress or in contrast. Also, a hat with a fur pompom is considered the trend of the autumn-winter 2023-2024 season. Such models are often the result of manual work.

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These were the stylish men’s hats of 2023. We hope that by the attached photos you have already decided which fashion trend to follow. And remember that an irrelevant headdress can spoil the image in an instant. Therefore, you should not buy the first hat that comes across!

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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