Hello from the 2000s – the low waist is back this spring

Even in the distant 2000s, not everyone understood the fashion for clothes with a low waist, and now they even consider it to be kitsch. But world-famous designers such as Versace, Alexander Wang, Hermes, Tom Ford break stereotypes and return long-forgotten low jeans, trousers and shorts to fashion.

Fashionistas with perfect figures immediately picked up a new “understated” wave, and you can already see such pants on Bella Hadid or Victoria Beckham.

Casual style

Of course, navel-opening jeans are not for the office or an evening event, but for a casual or spore-chic look, they will come in handy. In combination with T-shirts, hoodies, short jackets, these jeans will look stylish and relevant.

It should be understood that it is not worth getting twenty-year-old trousers out of the closet, since the fit of fashionable trousers, although understated, but not as much as before, underwear should not peek out from under the jeans.

In addition, the styles of modern jeans are completely different from the bell-bottoms from the “zero”.

In addition to T-shirts and sweatshirts, stylists suggest combining low-rise trousers with formal shirts or elongated jackets. Such an image will turn out stylish and not too frank. And if you tuck the shirt into trousers, then such an outfit will hide the flaws of the figure, while making the image discreet.

Tops are considered almost a classic option for such pants, but still it is worth considering the features of the figure and the relevance of this image to the event.

Even romantic

The open waist in this style of trousers in itself sets you up for a romantic or even love mood. And if you add a beautiful chiffon blouse and high-heeled sandals to jeans, then in this outfit the date will be perfect.

True, for a first date, it is better for girls to choose an elongated blouse or an oversized T-shirt without an open neckline, so as not to show everything at once.


The first association when you hear the expression “understated shorts” is a piece of fabric that covers only the intimate area, with an open waist and hips. But in the spring of 2021, completely different shorts are in fashion. Yes, the waist in fashionable styles is lower than in classic ones. But at the same time, the length of the leg should be slightly above the knee, at least in the middle of the thigh.

Anyone who is frightened by the very phrase “low landing” should not be afraid, because designers offer not so radically low models. And in modern styles of trousers, the open waist does not seem vulgar or vulgar.

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