Henna face masks: what are the benefits and how to make recipes

You can achieve perfect facial skin on your own, at home with the help of an inexpensive and simply magical remedy – this is a henna mask. Probably many will be surprised that the tool that everyone is used to using for hair coloring is proposed to be used as a face mask.

But this is not quite the same henna, henna powder without coloring pigments is used for face care, henna is colorless, it has a unique combination of active ingredients and will be effective for all ages and skin types. Any woman can use such a mask and be convinced of its effectiveness.

Henna is a natural plant product and practically does not cause allergies, so representatives of sensitive skin can safely use such a mask. But still, it would be useful to conduct a test for the individual reaction of the body. To do this, apply a small amount of the mask on the wrist or elbow and wash off after five to ten minutes. In the absence of allergies, you can safely use henna for the face.

Who is recommended to use henna face masks

Colorless henna is a product that is unique in composition and effectiveness. It contains in its composition a huge amount of useful and effective substances and provides high-quality and safe care. Therefore, such masks for regular use can be recommended to absolutely all women, for all ages and skin types. But it will especially help in solving such problems:

  • to eliminate rashes and redness of problem skin;
  • to improve the complexion, deep cleanse the pores and normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands for owners of oily and combination skin;
  • for nourishing, moisturizing, detoxifying and lifting normal and mature skin.


The composition and benefits of henna for facial skin

Henna has been used for thousands of years in medicine and cosmetology, its antibacterial, healing and rejuvenating properties, which are combined in one product, are simply unique and have no analogues. The composition of the henna powder makes the face mask such an effective cosmetic product:

  1. The natural dye kryzofanol has antimicrobial and antifungal properties, heals acne and pustular rashes on the skin, and effectively removes inflammation.
  2. Fisalen soothes sensitive and problematic oily skin.
  3. Powerful natural antioxidant zeaxanthin provides deep protection to the pores of oily and problematic skin and also protects against the action of free radicals, prolonging the youth and healthy appearance of the face.
  4. The antioxidant rutin strengthens blood vessels, cell membranes, and enhances oxygen respiration. It increases elasticity, firmness for aging skin.
  5. Betaine is an excellent herbal moisturizer, normalizes water balance, so the henna mask perfectly moisturizes dry, irritated skin.
  6. Emodin, due to its high bactericidal properties, promotes rapid cell regeneration and heals the skin, removing inflammation almost instantly.
  7. Carotene is known as a very useful antioxidant for the skin, which promotes rapid cell regeneration and ensures a healthy complexion.

How to make a henna face mask

To prepare the mask, you need to take a portion of dry henna powder 15-25 grams, dilute with half a glass of boiling water, after cooling, you can apply the product on your face. To apply the mask, use a special flat brush, it will help to easily and evenly distribute the mask on the face without stretching the skin unnecessarily. Apply the mask, like any other remedy, along the massage lines, from the center of the skin. The mask should not be applied to the eye area.


Before applying the mask, you need to clean your face, put a small amount of eye cream under the eyes and apply the mask. The duration of the mask on the face is 15-20 minutes, then gently rinse the mask with water, wipe your face with tonic and apply a moisturizing or nourishing face cream.

Henna masks for problematic oily skin

Herbal mask. Use an herbal decoction of chamomile, rosemary, or another plant known for its antibacterial properties. Mix hot herbal infusion with henna powder until sour cream thickens and apply to the skin. With regular use 1-2 times a week, it helps to get rid of pustular acne, acne, inflammation on the skin, and removes oily sheen.

Aroma mask. Pour boiling water over henna powder in the proportion of 25 grams per half glass of water. After cooling to room temperature, add a small amount, 2-4 drops, of tea tree oil, you can additionally add a couple of drops of rosemary, fir oil. Such a mask will provide quick cleansing of the skin, heal inflammation.

Cosmetic clay mask. When preparing a henna mask, add a little more boiling water to the henna powder to make the mixture runny. After cooling, add cosmetic clay to the mask and stir to the desired density. Clay with as part of such a mask will provide deep cleansing of pores, whiten the skin and nourish it with useful trace elements.

Henna masks for dry and aging skin

Nourishing mask with sour cream and honey. Add a little sour cream and honey to the prepared henna powder mask. This mask deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, provides a magnificent complexion, smoothes wrinkles.


Olive mask. Mix the henna mask with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Good nutrition and care for dull and dull skin.

Fruit mask. Mix the prepared and cooled henna mask with fruit puree; banana, melon, persimmon are excellent for this purpose. You can add the yolk of one egg. This mask nourishes and moisturizes the skin, refreshes, improves tone.

Henna masks for normal skin

Mask with aloe juice. Previously, aloe leaves must be cut and put in the refrigerator for 10-12 days on the lower shelf, this will ensure the production of active substances of biostimulants. Prepare a tablespoon of aloe juice and mix with a henna mask. This procedure moisturizes the skin, promotes rapid metabolism and regeneration of skin cells.

When choosing this or that mask for yourself, be guided primarily by the type of skin and the ingredients in the recipe. Also be careful when buying henna powder. Buy it only from outlets you trust. Then you are sure to get amazing results from use and give up further searches for the perfect skin care product.

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