Henna for eyebrows. Eyebrow coloring with henna

In spring, I especially want to be irresistible! Every beauty that she had in perfect condition everything: body, legs, hair, and of course, makeup. The average beauty devotes at least half an hour a day to this pleasant and troublesome business. You need to take care of the shape of the eyebrows, their general appearance, condition, color. Ordinary natural henna will help to emphasize and make expressive eyebrows. How to use it correctly is described in the article.

Benefits of dyeing with henna

The henna dyeing procedure originates in India and Africa. With the help of competent mixing, you can get a variety of shades of paint: from the lightest to almost black. Usually, after coloring, the color is quite stable for up to a month. There are a lot of advantages of using such a natural component as henna, among them, the following can be listed:

  1. Proper care can keep the original saturation of the shade for more than 4 weeks.
  2. Henna is absolutely harmless to women in an “interesting position” and nursing mothers.
  3. Ideal for brows that are sparse and slightly defined. Visually I make the eyebrow thicker, the look is more attractive and expressive.
  4. The coloring process is completely painless.
  5. You can do this procedure, both in a specialized salon, and at home.
  6. Reduces time for general make-up. This is especially true when you are in a hurry somewhere.
  7. Pretty low price.
  8. Practically confirmed property of hypoallergenicity. Irritation and other side effects are very rare.

How to determine if there is an allergy to henna?

If you are still afraid of the negative consequences of the henna staining process, then you can conduct a simple test for a predisposition to allergies to this component before the dyeing process itself.

To do this, take a little mixture on a brush and apply a small amount of the mixture diluted with water and anoint the bend of the elbow joint. Then you have to wait 48 hours. If after the procedure there was no irritation, itching, redness, then henna suits you, and you can safely use it for cosmetic purposes.

In addition, before painting, include lemon juice in the mixture with which you will test for allergies in order to finally double-check the entire main composition.

Cons and other features of use

Considering all the above pluses and advantages, the negative feature of the tool should also be highlighted. If we compare the process of dyeing natural henna with salon methods and means. Then, of course, quickly and more intensively, the result is achieved in the salon. Coloring with chemical conditioners and ointments will take much less time than painting with henna. Coloring it will last more than an hour.

To strengthen the result, as long as possible, use simple improvised means and materials: kvass, citric acid. And the intensity of the resulting color can add coffee, tea brewing.

Eyebrow tinting in the salon

In general, the duration of a bright pronounced color has nothing to do with genetic fate, fear of a possible negative option. Usually, this parameter depends more on the type of skin, careful care of the painted area, and of course, directly, on the quality of the dyes and the skills of the person who is involved in the procedure.

Of course, salon color lasts longer than home color. After a while, henna tends to wipe off the surface of the skin.

In modern beauty salons, they offer such a staining procedure using a variety of substances in their composition. These can be plant variants of the dye mixture and chemical solutions. Each master uses his own method of applying paints, using a variety of techniques and materials in his arsenal. It is applied using special technologies and for each type of appearance in its own way. It is worth knowing more about this:

  • Brunettes directly draw the shape of the eyebrows, and then paint each hair, almost separately.
  • Blondes, on the other hand, are dyed exclusively by the eyebrow hairs themselves.

In the salon, in addition to coloring your eyebrows, they will also help you choose an individual shape and variant of your eyebrows. Usually, in the salon they always consult with the opinion of the husband. They can immediately advise the client on the correct, optimal shape of eyebrows only for her, their thickness and possible colors of painting.

Salon service also has its charms: the specialist is much more than you yourself, savvy in matters of cosmetology and eyebrow correction, their shape. Whatever one may say, salon work will last at least a week longer.

Eyebrow coloring with henna at home

In order to save money on going to a professional salon, the same event is cancelled. But you can always do this fairly simple procedure yourself. In order to do everything very well, you will need the following tools and materials:

  1. Basma – it can be found in almost any store that sells personal care products, rarely, but sometimes even in the Pharmacy.
  2. Disposable gloves.
  3. Brush for coloring.
  4. Towel large.
  5. Juice of one lemon.
  6. Tea or coffee not for brewing, to make the light even more saturated and bright.

Before the staining itself, it is better to change into the oldest clothes that you will not be sorry to either wash or not wear at all if something happens. Put on protective gloves immediately. Keep this in mind whenever you need to work with any chemicals.

Next, follow simple, completely accessible to everyone, recommendations, where it will be described step by step how the process of staining with natural henna takes place.

  1. Dilute a small amount of natural henna with hot water, carefully follow the instructions on the dye package.
  2. Before that, in the water that henna will be diluted with, you need to add a few drops of natural real lemon juice.
  3. In its consistency, the resulting slurry will be somewhat reminiscent of sour cream. The same thick and practically does not look like it.
  4. Then the mixture applied to the eyebrows must finally be applied where necessary.

You want the result to be lighter than darker. Better, of course, closer at least a little to the black version. In order to make the effect darker, you need to pre-test the resulting solution after adding water. You can also mix natural henna with a small bag of basma.

Then you will need to clearly draw yourself a “template”, that is, the contour itself for future beautiful eyebrows. To do this, you can use a regular white pencil. When the brow line is more clearly defined and drawn…

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