Herbs for weight loss

Now more and more talk about the benefits of herbs. Various herbs can help you lose weight. They have advantages over imported powders.

Herbs are environmentally friendly, not expensive. They bring a good effect, but you have to wait a bit, because their action is slow. But the result will surprise you. You will lose not only excess weight, but also improve the functioning of the whole organism. At the very least, when taking herbal infusions, you will be completely sure that there are no chemistry in them. Now they produce a huge variety of teas for weight loss based on herbs.

How do weight loss herbs work on the body?

Today we will try to talk about it.

  • Decreases the feeling of hunger. Each herb works differently: one forms a film that reduces appetite, the other increases in volume and fills the stomach, from which there is a feeling of satiety. Herbs of this action include: spirulina algae, angelica officinalis, etc.
  • Remove fluid from the body. Such herbs are commonly referred to as diuretics. When taking such herbs, excess fluid, toxins are removed. Herbs of this action include: burdock, horsetail, lingonberry leaf, etc. Such teas should not be consumed often, once or twice a day, otherwise they can cause dehydration. They also wash out useful substances that will then be difficult to replenish.
  • Bile output. Such herbs promote the secretion of bile. The intake of such herbs helps to improve the functioning of the liver and gallbladder. This group includes: field dandelion, volodushka, etc. It is important to know that if anyone has difficulties with blood clotting, you should not take such herbs.
  • Improve digestion. Such herbs improve digestion, bowel function, and promote the removal of toxins. If you decide to lose weight with the help of herbs, then these are the ones that you need in the first place. These include: buckthorn bark, dill, anise, etc. You should not overdo it either, it can cause irreparable harm to the body.
  • Increase energy consumption. They help you burn more calories than usual. Herbs of this action include: ginger, cinnamon and other spices.
  • Reduce blood sugar levels. Using these herbs will help lower your blood sugar. Can be taken by people with diabetes and a sweet tooth. These herbs include: blueberry leaves, strawberries, etc.
  • Help to calm down. Many of us often experience stress and begin to “seize” our problems. Taking these herbs will help keep your emotions in check. Herbs of this action include: hawthorn, chamomile, motherwort, etc.

To properly prepare the decoction you need, you need to take equal amounts of each component, mix them. Then 200 grams of water and pour a teaspoon of the mixture. To insist, you need to close the container and leave for a quarter of an hour. Then dilute with water to the desired volume. You need to take herbal infusions about twice a day in an amount of 100 ml before meals for two months. If for some reason you cannot take the infusion every day, then try to drink it at least while dieting.

As you can see, weight loss with herbs is real, and also economical. But it is worth considering that various herbs have their own side effects. You need to study them. And do not overdo it with tricks. It is not always safe to take herbal teas and infusions. Those who have kidney disease, liver should not take such teas.

Herbs that help to lose weight can be taken not only inside in the form of teas and infusions, but also taken from their decoctions of the bath. Such baths will be effective when dieting, playing sports.

  • A coltsfoot bath will help cleanse clogged pores and resist inflammation. To make the effect more, you can add calendula.
  • To get a beautiful figure will help baths made from birch leaves, plantain or oregano.

Recipes for infusions for weight loss

  1. 10 g of buckthorn bark is poured into 200 ml of boiling water and insisted for half an hour. Drink should be half an hour before meals. This infusion will help reduce appetite.
  2. An infusion of corn stigmas will help reduce appetite. Drink 1 tablespoon before meals.

We have considered only some recipes for infusions for weight loss. In fact, there are a huge number of them. If you decide to get rid of excess weight, then choose the one that suits you and try. Before use, you should consult a doctor to avoid poisoning, allergic reactions and other unpleasant consequences.

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