HG Polishen head for hair polishing

Beautiful hair is the dream of every female representative, but, unfortunately, regular coloring, temperature exposure, lack of vitamins and much more damage it. The fight against split ends has been going on for more than a dozen years, earlier, to solve this problem, many girls had to resort to cutting their hair.

In the modern world, there are many different ways that allow you to save hair from visible damage. Recently, a haircut made by a classic machine with the help of a special nozzle HG Polishen, which performs the function of polishing, is gaining unprecedented popularity.

Hair polishing or in another way, this procedure is called grinding, it is a hair treatment and removal of split ends using a special nozzle for the HG Polishen machine. The hair is smoothed, becomes more obedient and acquires a well-groomed appearance.

Polishing Benefits

The unique HG Polishen nozzle has become a real lifesaver for a huge number of girls with damaged hair. This procedure can be performed in almost any beauty salon, plus everything, it does not take much time. More than 90% of damaged tips can be removed in a few minutes. During the processing of the strands with the HG Polishen nozzle, each cut tip is removed. Positive aspects of polishing:

  • Safety, the hair is not exposed to thermal effects;
  • Proven effectiveness, the section disappears completely, the hair acquires an attractive appearance;
  • The minimum duration of the procedure, polishing even long and thick hair, takes no more than an hour;
  • The length will remain the same, when polishing the hair, no more than 10 mm is removed;
  • Long lasting effect that lasts at least 4 months;

If you want to save money, you can buy the HG Polishen nozzle and do the split ends polishing procedure yourself. To do this, you will need almost any professional machine designed for men’s haircuts.

Self-polishing hair with the HG Polishen nozzle

To get started, get a good clipper. Next, we put on it a special nozzle HG Polishen, which must be purchased at the appropriate store, as you can stumble upon a fake. The nozzle must be selected specifically for your machine, as the length of the nozzles differs only in width. After preparing the machine and nozzle, you can safely proceed to the preparation of the hair.

So, we wash our hair well with shampoo, without using additional care products, for example, such as balms, rinses and conditioners. Since they can change the natural structure of the hair, and the polishing process may not be of high quality.

After washing, the hair must be dried and combed with a special comb. We divide the hair into equal strands and go through each along the entire length about 5-7 times. With self-polishing, the procedure can take from one to two hours, depending on the length of the hair.

After polishing, you need to wash your hair, which will allow you to evaluate the result. It is also recommended to take a course of hair masks to strengthen the hair follicles after the procedure. For the best result when planning your own polishing with a nozzle, it is recommended to watch the instructional video, which can be found on the Internet.

Frequency of hair grinding

After the first procedure, seeing the amazing effect, many want to repeat it. Hair buffing, this is the same haircut, in which only dead hair is removed. It is impossible to answer the question exactly when you will have split ends again, as this will depend on many factors.

  • Hair type, normal, dry or oily;
  • proper care;
  • Chemical exposure, highlighting, coloring, etc.
  • Use of an iron, curling iron, hair dryer, etc.

To increase the time between procedures, it is necessary to properly care for the hair. Polishing is recommended once every four months if you have healthy hair. But, do not forget that even healthy hair can split and break off even with proper care.


To prolong the effect after polishing your hair with a special nozzle HG Polishen, you must follow the following recommendations:

  • Use a variety of balms, masks and hair conditioners that contain natural ingredients. Preference is given to masks prepared at home;
  • You should refrain from daily use of irons and hair dryers, as they severely damage the ends of the hair;
  • In cold weather, take care of your hair, wear a hat;
  • Use special sealing tips, they help protect the hair from adverse effects;
  • It is advisable to comb the hair from the ends to the roots, gently and slowly.

Suitable grinding machines

Special nozzle for hair polishing – HG Polishen. This nozzle is suitable for almost all machines. The length of the working block of the machine should be approximately 45-46 mm. The knife should have extra protrusions as well as bends. If these requirements are met, the tip will sit well on any professional typewriter.

Much depends on the quality of the knives. From the experience of professionals, it can be noted that blades made of stainless steel are not suitable for grinding hair using a nozzle. To get the best result, it is recommended to use professional machines, the knives of which are made of alloy steel. Thanks to such a machine, you can get the highest quality cut.

A special nozzle for polishing allows you not only to remove split ends, but also to make hair soft and manageable. A good effect is visible after one procedure. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated, especially that hair polishing has no contraindications. This technique is compared in quality with keratin straightening.

HG Polishen Tip Reviews

Hair polishing is a procedure that has appeared quite recently, but has already managed to gain a huge amount of positive feedback. In most cases, the fair sex is struck by the fact that the length after polishing the hair remains the same. Split ends disappear, the hair acquires an excellent appearance, and the effect of the procedure lasts for a long time. This is the reason for such a large number of positive reviews.

Negative reviews are extremely rare, which are primarily due to the fact that many buyers, in order to save money, purchase cheap fakes, which in turn are very different from the original HG nozzle …

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