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Hidden hair coloring, or secret, as it is also called, has become a real trendy trend over the past couple of years. First of all, it was liked by fashionistas who love bright shades, but for one reason or another do not dare to include them in the image on an ongoing basis. It is understandable, because the curls, painted in bright pink, blue, orange, light green or any other catchy shade, look extravagant and not always appropriate in everyday life. However, this does not mean that they should be abandoned. We recommend to resort to hidden staining. And what is it, we will now tell.


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Features of secret staining

In simple words, hidden coloring is a technique that allows you to make part of the hair bright. Moreover, you can turn to even the most acidic shades, or apply several colors to the curls at the same time. In this case, all the color will be concentrated in depth, under the very bottom, while the upper layers of the hair will have a natural look. That is, in a loose form, the strands will look traditional, and only by lifting them up, you can see a riot of colors or single colored strands.



It is most convenient to do secret coloring on long and medium hair. In this case, the color can be stretched vertically along the entire length, obliquely, horizontally, or concentrated exclusively in the root zone. So unusual coloring can be hidden even more reliably. However, all manipulations can be performed qualitatively only in the salon with a professional, since this technique is considered one of the most difficult. At home, hidden staining can be done by inviting a master who is familiar with the intricacies of the process, able to choose the right combinations and make beautiful smooth transitions.


For short hair secret coloring can also be applied. It will be much more difficult to disguise it. Therefore, it is desirable that the length of the curls reach at least the shoulders. In this case, you can already get an excellent result.


Fashion hidden color ideas for light and dark hair

Hidden coloring is a great opportunity to create a creative look. Bright colors will help draw attention to you, become a recognizable highlight of your personal style. Another advantage is that even after a long time, staining will not lose its attractiveness, because the growing roots are securely hidden, and therefore invisible to others, as with normal staining. However, in order for the image to retain its effectiveness, the color needs to be updated regularly.

Next, we list the main fashion trends for hidden dyeing for the 2022-2023 season.

  • With white. Hidden hair coloring should be contrasting. The simplest solution is to turn to white, which is applied to dark hair. This is especially true for brunettes and owners of dark blond curls. Classic is always in fashion. And this technique will allow you to easily transform into a blonde. However, choose a blonde based on your color type. For example, ashy is suitable only for girls with a Nordic type of appearance.


  • With blue. Another original solution, which can often be seen in the images of dark-haired girls. Moreover, it is allowed to resort to different shades of blue, many of which are popular this season. These are: cobalt, electric, blue-black. Bright strands peeping through the dark curls of natural color will set the dynamics for the whole image. It looks fashionable, stylish, modern. Quite relevant for youth images.


  • With turquoise. Another trendy shade that can be safely used for hidden staining. Turquoise is the hit of the 2022-2023 season. And it will look best on blond, light blond, and blond-red hair. They can turn to turquoise and brunettes, but they can’t do without lightening the strands. However, the result is definitely worthy of such “victims”. Take a look at the photo and see for yourself how beautiful the secret coloring with turquoise looks.


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  • with purple. Another successful hidden coloring for light brown hair. Purple is also a popular shade of recent seasons. Thanks to this, it is readily used in many fashion segments. Light blond fashionistas can turn to delicate tones of purple – lavender and lilac. And dark blond ladies should give preference to a more saturated color. However, this is purely a matter of taste. There are no strict rules here.


  • With pink. Pink is the perfect choice for blondes. When applying staining, you can use several shades of rose at once to make the result even more interesting. Both bright fuchsia and delicate strawberries with cream or juicy raspberries are in trend. Which color scheme is most to your taste, decide for yourself. If desired, saturated pink can be combined with dark hair, but lightening is also indispensable here.


  • With red or orange. A combination that makes the heart beat faster. It is bright, catchy and very beautiful. Most often, dark-haired girls resort to hidden staining in red. And no wonder, because contrast is in fashion today. You can use all popular shades from scarlet to brick and mahogany.


  • With green and lettuce. The green palette is equally suitable for owners of dark curls and blondes. Choose cool or warm shades based on your color type, personal preferences, style, eye color. Both dark green and bright light green will look very impressive. They can also be combined with other shades. For example, with yellow or blue.


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One of the main fashion trends is rainbow secret coloring. It is also relevant for dark and light curls of any length. Suitable for the most courageous and self-confident girls.



We told what it is – hidden hair coloring, shared ideas and photos of the most creative works. It remains for you to decide how acceptable this fashion trend is for you.

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