Highlights 2021: fashion trends

To make your hair look not only beautiful and pretty, but also stylish, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the latest highlighting fashion trends for 2021. This coloring is considered the safest, so the curls are not damaged and retain a healthy and chic appearance. From the article you will learn about all the new highlights for the new season, see photos of stylish images.

Fashionable highlighting – advantages

Highlighting not only looks stylish and beautiful, but also has many advantages.

  • Such coloring does not cause significant harm to the hair. After all, no more than 30-40 percent of the hair is subject to clarification.
  • This is an easy way to change your image.
  • Coloring for a long time retains an attractive appearance. Well-done highlighting can be worn for more than six months. The secret lies in the fact that the roots remain intact, so even with the growth of hair, the curls do not lose their attractiveness.
  • Such coloring will cost less, unlike full hair dyeing.
  • Allows you to give the hair extra volume, makes them shiny and textured.
  • Suitable for any haircut without exception, regardless of the length of the curls and the presence of bangs.

When choosing highlighting, you should pay attention to the features of this technique.

Hairdressers warn that such coloring cannot be carried out if the hair has been previously treated with natural dyes.

Such a combination can harm the hair, and the result will be unpredictable. Coloring should not be carried out immediately after a perm. It is necessary to allow the curls to recover within 1-2 months.

Highlighting is also contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, against the background of hormonal imbalance.

Current trends

Highlighting in 2021 will undoubtedly be among the fashion trends, you can verify this by looking at the photos of the models participating in the latest shows.

The main trend of the new season is neat and almost imperceptible coloring, which allows you to create the effect of a natural overflow on the hair. Therefore, highlighting looks best, made in slightly lighter or darker tones from the natural shade.

Such soft staining can be performed using a wide variety of techniques, but in the new season, special attention should be paid to two of them: bronding and zonal staining.


This technique involves coloring strands in slightly different, but similar shades. The selected tones should be slightly lighter or darker than the base. Bronding is suitable for ladies who have never dyed their hair before – this will allow you to update the image, while not harming the curls.

In the process of such dyeing, only the upper part of the hair will fall under the influence of dyes, while the lower ones remain practically untouched. The roots are also almost intact – this allows for a smoother and more accurate transition.

Zonal staining

Another fashionable option for gentle highlighting is zonal. Such staining is done according to the classical scheme – one or two shades are taken, which are a couple of tones lighter than the base. Only the upper part of the hair is also subject to coloring, which allows not to harm the hair, giving additional volume and attractiveness.


In 2021, special attention should be paid to fashionable highlights made using the ombre technique. Compared to the previous options, this coloring is more complex and multifaceted, which allows you to create a smooth stretch from darker roots to lighter ends. Only an experienced master can cope with such a technique.

The main problem for fashionistas with this coloring is that the most vulnerable part of the hair, the tips, is lightened. Also, girls may face the problem of yellowing of highlighted strands. However, with proper care, the curls will look healthy and beautiful, and special tint shampoos will help restore the right shade.

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shades of bronze

Highlighting in bronze tones is the most suitable for representatives of the Slavic appearance. Such shades best emphasize the attractiveness of the skin and eyes. Such coloring does not have strict rules and recommendations, the only thing is that the hair can quickly lose its attractiveness, so you need to take care of the health of the curls in advance.

To make such highlighting look as lively and textured as possible, use several shades of gold at once.


This coloring appeared quite recently, but has already managed to win the love of stylists and women around the world. Such highlighting will also be fashionable in 2021, and it will suit both dark and blond hair.

A distinctive feature of coloring is the creation of the effect of burnt hair, the presence of light strands created by the rays of the sun. It’s no secret that natural hair burnout can be very uneven and not obey the rules of symmetry, so it can be quite difficult to achieve such an effect.

When using high-quality materials, such coloring will practically not harm the hair, but it will help create a breathtaking appearance.

With the Californian method, a special paste and foam are used, while the use of foil and paper is not provided at all.

If you choose the right shades, you get a very beautiful highlighting, which is suitable for both short and long hair.


This type of staining also appeared relatively recently. This highlighting creates the most natural and beautiful effect. When using this technique, predominantly cold shades are used, so this coloring is more like coloring.

Best of all, such highlighting looks on light brown hair. Masters paint individual strands using foil and coloring pigment, after which the curls are tinted. This technique allows you to get the most natural and uniform transitions.

American coloring perfectly emphasizes the main shade of the hair, allows you to add texture and additional volume. After this procedure, the curls become more beautiful and healthy.

Features of dyeing for short hair

Stylists say that such fashionable coloring is great for any length. However, if all trendy highlighting techniques are applicable to long hair, then not all options are suitable for short hair.

For girls with short curls, it is best to look at such types of highlighting as classic, California, diagonal.

But ombre coloring is not suitable for too short haircuts, as it will look untidy.

Shade selection

As noted above, in the new season, natural and natural shades will be in trend. However, brighter…

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