Highlights on dark hair 2019

Are you a brown-haired or brunette and want to know what to do highlights on dark hair in 2019 according to fashion trends? Today, there are dozens of coloring options, so before going to the hairdresser, you should learn about the main trends.


Current trends

For dark hair in 2019, natural highlighting is relevant, which emphasizes the natural shade of the hair. In the trend of technology, in which there are no sharp transitions between colors. Most hairdressers use soft stretches, take shades that differ by 1 or 2 tones. Those who want to experiment with hairstyles are encouraged to use bright colors. This year, such colors are popular – turquoise, cherry, ultramarine, yellow.

Classical highlighting and screen coloring

A non-standard coloring option is stencil highlighting. This trend came to us from America. But in everyday life, this technique may not be suitable for every girl. For example, when working in an office, there are rules that do not allow you to wear too extravagant hairstyles.

With highlighting, hair looks more voluminous

Babylights coloring

The name of such a hairstyle in English is babylights, which means baby lights in translation. Jack Howard was the first to think of dyeing his hair in this way. Babylights coloring is based on a combination of classic highlighting and balayage techniques. The effect is very gentle and sweet, as if the curls were burned out in the sun. No wonder this style is also called “kissed by the sun.” It seems as if you have just returned from a vacation by the sea, and your hair has not yet departed from the sea salt and the scorching sun.


The waves should be as natural and natural as possible, and the successful combination of light and dark shades allows the hair to look voluminous even without styling. It is better to do such highlighting on straight hair, no matter if you have bangs or not. Such highlighting for black hair is especially suitable, as it looks as natural as possible. For him, you do not need to lighten the entire length or paint over the roots additionally – this will significantly reduce the time spent in the hairdresser. In general, this coloring adds warmth, freshness and youth to the image.

Babylights coloring process

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The next trendy highlighting for dark hair in 2019 is ombre. Many fashionistas have been familiar with the technique for several years, but this year the ombre does not lose its position. It is better to do such highlighting on long straight or slightly curly hair. On such a head of hair, all the advantages of coloring appear, the colors are revealed best.

The essence of the ombre is to make a “stretch” of one palette for the entire length: from roots to ends. On the curls, a smooth transition from shade to shade is performed, the darkest remains on the roots, and light on the tips. Ombre is suitable for girls who do not like to visit the hairdresser often, because even if the hair is in the industry, it does not harm the image much. Those who want to stay in trend this season should look at bright shades – turquoise, fuchsia, red, yellow. Such colors look bold, interesting, and most importantly, they will definitely attract attention.

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Highlighting with colored strands

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! Highlighting became very popular after the release of the Sex and the City series, where one of the main characters, Sarah Jessica Parker, preferred just such coloring.[/stextbox]

Highlighting and coloring

Zebra highlights


The essence of armoring is a bit similar to the ombre technique – a gradual stretching of the color is performed. Such highlighting is something between light brown and dark. For the “stretching” of flowers, natural colors are chosen – amber, coffee, walnut. Owners of dark hair can gradually lighten their hair. The advantages of this technique are that the hair becomes very voluminous, due to the play of color, depth and volume appear.

When highlighting on dark hair in 2019, zonal bronding becomes a fashionable trend, photos can be found in our review. The bottom line is that the roots are painted in a single light shade, and the tips are highlighted in a natural dark color – light brown, chestnut, chocolate.

[stextbox id=’info’]Attention! Coloring became popular after Jennifer Aniston drew attention to it. The famous actress has been repeating the same highlights on her hair for many years in a row.[/stextbox]

Balayazh in cold shades


Despite the fact that such staining was invented in France in the 70s of the last century, it still remains relevant. This is one of the universal methods of dyeing, as it is suitable for light and dark, long and short hair. At the same time, balayazh looks natural, natural, because the master uses paints 1 or 2 tones lighter than the native color.

Owners of dark hair choose balayazh, because highlighting looks as impressive as possible on such hair. For brunettes, warm shades are suitable: caramel, golden, honey. Due to overflows and transitions, colors and hair look more voluminous. Girls who love bold experiments should choose shades of Burgundy wine, grape bronze or leafy. With these colors, you can either simply emphasize the ends, or paint the entire length.

Balayage and colored strands

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This technique resembles burnt strands, which is why it is also called “California highlighting”. It is best to do this coloring on medium length hair. The difference between the hairstyle is that the roots can differ from the tips by 3 or even 4 shades. The strands are painted gradually, the lower – the more intense the color. You can paint with natural shades – cognac, walnut, chestnut – and differ by 5-6 tones.

Shatush. Coloring process

Shatush is chosen by women of age, as staining qualitatively hides gray hair. Highlighting does not spoil the hair as much as previous techniques, since not the entire length is dyed, but individual strands. Another plus is practicality and economy. Shatush does not need to be renewed every 2-3 weeks.

Shatush for different hair lengths

Screen staining

Footage or screen dyeing is a relatively recent trend that has firmly conquered fashion shows. In this highlighting, hair is dyed with spray paint using special templates. Patterns can be different – from ethnic ornaments to animal drawings. This method is suitable for those who still doubt whether they are ready to experiment with a hairstyle. Simple geometric patterns are sure to please everyone.

Footage in the form of pixels

For screen highlighting on…

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