Highlights on long dark hair

Is highlighting for long dark hair in trend? Definitely yes! But what kind of techniques were held in high esteem by the fashion trends of 2019, you will learn from our article.


Staining features

  • Long hair gives a sea of ​​​​opportunities for the creativity of the stylist. However, such hair is more susceptible to dryness, so gentle coloring techniques are preferable. Highlighting can just be attributed to them.

  • Any technique of partial highlighting of the strand adds volume and expressiveness to the hair, and the image becomes fresher and younger.
  • The choice in favor of highlighting can also be made if there is a desire to mask gray hairs. This solution is especially effective when gray hair is just beginning to appear.

  • If your hair is oily, you can dye it from the very roots – this will give it a little dryness.

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  • Before coloring, discuss with the stylist the direction of the contrasting strands. For example, with a round face, it makes sense to prefer highlighting with vertical lines, with triangular outlines, strict geometric lines are undesirable, and for girls with a square face, it is recommended to darken the front strands.
  • Highlighting looks especially impressive on dark hair with bangs elongated along the edges, as well as on graduated and multi-stage haircuts.

Emphasis on naturalness

The trend for naturalness and naturalness continues to march triumphantly along the world’s main catwalks. Today, natural beauty comes to the fore, which only needs to be artfully emphasized. By the way, highlighting in natural tones would be a great idea for this!

But coloring with totally contrasting strands can be safely added to the list of antitrends. Only naturalness, only natural attractiveness!

Among the soft natural tones of coloring, the fashion trends of the 2019 season highlight caramel, walnut and chestnut shades. Highlights with toning can also be done using the color of chocolate, cinnamon or coffee.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Dark hair is more difficult to color and is often pre-lightened. This feature does not give the master the right to make a mistake, because correcting coloring errors on dark hair is not an easy task.[/stextbox]


The staining technique, which translates as “kiss the sun”, will a priori mean something attractive, beautiful and feminine. This is true! The main principle of this technology is the successful combination of balayage and classic highlighting. The effect of such a collaboration is amazing – as if a fashionista returned from a seaside resort and her hair was gently burned out in the sun.

The main direction of this technique is clarification. It will be a real find for brunettes who want to add softness and light to their image. In addition to shades that are several tones different from the original hair color in highlighting 2019, pearl and pastel lilac shades can be used for long hair.

The key principle of babylights is naturalness, as well as unpretentiousness. Even without special styling and hairstyles, the hair will delight with volume and attractiveness.

Venetian highlighting

A great way to revitalize and transform brown hair is to give it coloring using the Venetian highlighting technique. This species also has a California counterpart, which also creates a “sun kiss effect”, but on lighter hair.

Gentle Venetian highlighting

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With this coloring, the hair roots are not affected – highlighting is carried out only in the middle and center of the strands. The hit of the 2019 season is golden strands that give attractive highlights to dark hair. In addition, such a fashionable color scheme will give a slight shine and glow to the hair.


The balayazh technique, which has been loved by fashionistas since last season, is not going to lose momentum in popularity in the 2019 season. Its essence lies in the fact that the master designates vertical highlights on the hair. They can be evenly shaded along the entire length or flow smoothly into light tips.

Among the undeniable advantages of balayage are:

  • the individual approach of the master ensures that the pattern on the hair will look soft and natural;
  • when the roots grow back, the hair will not look untidy – on the contrary, such changes will successfully complement any hairstyle;
  • harm to the state of curls is almost minimal;
  • Balayazh gives amazing volume.


Shatush technique on long dark hair looks expressive and impressive. The length below the shoulders allows you to demonstrate in all its glory a smooth transition of shades with lightening to the tips. The beauty of the shatush is that the technique does not require frequent correction – one visit to the salon every 2-3 months will be enough to maintain beautiful coloring.

Unusual technique Shatush

Shatush is perfect for girls with natural hair color who are not ready for radical changes, but still want to bring new colors to their image. Moreover, the less contrast there is with such staining, the more natural the result will be.

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Smooth lightening of the strands to the tips, combined with a graduated haircut, will make you the most fashionable beauty in the new season!

American highlights

This technique is characterized by an increased level of complexity, so not every master will decide on it. The original meaning of the American look was to combine shades of brown, red and tan.

But today you can safely choose a combination of other topical tones, which can reach a palette of 4 colors. This approach helps to reveal the full depth and richness of natural color – this is exactly what is at the peak of popularity in the 2019 season!

pink shades

There’s nothing to be done – the love of pink in girls of any age is in the blood. Only if before they bought dresses in the cutest shade, today they dye their hair in the appropriate colors. Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, not only blondes, but brown-haired women can afford this trend.

Blue-black tones

If the soul requires bright changes in appearance, brunettes in the 2019 season make highlights with blue-black shades on long dark hair as in the photo.


This coloring technique came into fashion a few years ago, and 2019 only consolidated the position of ombre popularity. The essence of such changes lies in the horizontal transition of shades. Fashionistas in the new season are more likely to give a smoother blending of tones and light ends of their hair.

To achieve a soft and natural transition, it is recommended to use not 2, but 3 shades with one intermediate tone. This coloring will be an excellent choice for girls who want to grow a natural color …

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