Highlights on red hair

Highlights on red hair look amazing. Strands shimmering with shades of red interspersed with other tones will make the red-haired girl even more attractive and stylish. What shades to choose, and what highlighting technique to stop on – we’ll figure it out together.

Red-haired ladies and new images

Even if nature endowed a girl with a luxurious hair color, this is not always enough. Sooner or later, every fashionista wants to change something in her appearance. Hair color is the most radical change. Of course, no one will completely repaint the luxurious red color, but no one will refuse to add zest in the form of highlighting.

Why highlight redheads?

The reasons may be different:

  • the desire for something new and intriguing in appearance;
  • dull natural or dyed color requires freshness and brightness;
  • desire or need to soften the brightness of the fiery color;
  • giving density and volume to the hair;
  • search for trendy shades in 2019.

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Important. Choosing bright red highlights is for girls with flawless facial skin.


Trendy shades of red

In the light of current trends, now the fashion is not only for red in clothes, but also in hair color. The most stylish are the following colors:

  • rose gold (strawberry blond) – here it is possible to enhance the warmth of the resulting color by adding more gold or go into the coldness of pink;

  • honey – a warm, rich shade of light red;
  • copper – beautiful and shimmering in the sun;

  • fiery red – some happy owners of such hair try to soften it or shade it by adding a dark or light shade;

  • cinnamon color – playing in the sun with bright highlights;

  • dark red – burgundy, burgundy – may be a little dark and gloomy for the spring-summer season, but there are girls on whom such a fashionable color looks stunning.

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Important. When staining or highlighting red, it is worth remembering: the pigment is quite caustic and strong, so it may very well be that it will not be so easy to get rid of it later.


Stylish highlighting options for red hair

Contact good and experienced craftsmen who can choose the right technique and the most ideal shades. Only then will the result please the owner of the hair, and arouse the admiration of others.

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See before and after photos for inspiration.

Light highlights for red hair

Classic highlighting

By dyeing individual strands in a different color, you can achieve both a general lightening of the hair, and adding brightness or muting the main tone.

Highlighting can be:

  • frequent – when many strands are dyed and a different shade competes with the main tone;
  • rare – when strands of a different color are rare;
  • zonal – literally a few light strands near the face will already rejuvenate a woman by five years. And also it is enough to highlight only the bangs. Or walk with “feathers” on the top of the head along the upper strands.

Richer and brighter reveals traditional highlighting on short haircuts, especially on a bob.


Color stretching technique, gradient – from light to dark or vice versa. And it does not have to be within the same palette.

Now in vogue transitions:

  • from dark red to light red;
  • from natural natural red to fiery bright red or purple;
  • from red to white (yellow).

Ombre is best done on medium and long hair – this way you can make the transitions smooth. Best of all, girls love to make beautiful curls with ombre and amaze others with an incredible bow.

California highlights for red hair

One of the most fashionable and popular is giving the hair an image of sun-bleached strands. Hair is dyed according to a special technique that is very gentle on the hair. Red or red hair, slightly “touched by the sun”, looks natural and romantic.

Strands as if burned out in the sun


Shatush is a technique of additional, zonal coloring in shades close to natural. Shatush may not even be noticed on the hair, the master selects the tones so carefully, but in the sun the hair plays with mysterious tints.

Chestnut color, for example, is suitable for sand, caramel or honey blond.


Highlighting this technique on red hair with bangs gives a natural transition of shades, adds density and volume to the hair. It is done selectively, without a clear structure, by the “swipe” method and with a brush. Does not affect roots.

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Mysterious AirTouch

The technique is that the master takes a small strand and blows the hair with a hairdryer, all short or thin strands fly apart, and those that remain in the master’s hand are dyed. They say that after this, the hair looks great, multifaceted and voluminous. However, in our opinion, the result is very similar to other techniques, so it may well be that this is just a marketing ploy.


Unlike traditional highlighting for red hair, where one shade is used, here the masters select two or three or more. These can be close shades in tone or completely different. In coloring, cold and warm colors often interfere, achieving a stunning result. Coloring is best done on short or medium hair, and the implementation is easier, and the effect is stronger.

Coloring can be:

  • horizontal – the shades are located one below the other – somewhat reminiscent of an ombre, if they are selected from dark to light;
  • vertical – strands of different shades are adjacent to each other.

Sometimes, when you see a woman with luxurious highlighted hair, you can not immediately determine what type of highlighting was used. The fact is that experienced craftsmen sometimes combine techniques, wanting to achieve the best result.

Color selection for highlighting

The color and tone of the skin, eyes, color type of the girl, the main tone of the hair plays a big role in choosing shades. It is worth trusting a professional in this matter.

Light highlighting

To lighten the hair, use lighter shades than natural. It can be:

  • light red, copper and coral, if the main color is dark red;
  • white, milky or cream cold is most often used to add a touch of contrast to warm red, as a component in a complex color palette, or for girls with a cold type, so that the red does not look too unnatural;

  • strawberry blond has a reddish tint that diversifies and enriches natural copper or rust color;

strawberry blonde

  • yellow, wheat, golden or caramel blond is ideal for all red shades, although white is preferable for cold burgundy.

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Important: When using light or bright shades for highlighting, it may be necessary to pre-bleach the strands.


Red and red…

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