Hip Slimming Exercises

It has long been known that in every era fashion dictated its own rules, and women tried to keep up with them. These rules concerned not only style, but also formed the ideal of the female figure. A figure in the form of a guitar was equated to perfection, then thinness came to replace it.

This cycle continues to this day. But at all times, slender legs, especially their upper part, were considered an adornment of any woman, because it is the hips that are the first to experience the harmful effects of extra pounds. And do not think that the beauty of the legs is curled from your natural data, to a greater extent – this is the result of daily training and proper nutrition.

In fact, the merit of daily exercise is more visible. It is thanks to the diligent implementation of a special set of exercises that you can achieve the desired result. Since diets contribute to proportional weight loss simultaneously in all parts of the body. This is worth thinking about for those women and girls who, in general, do not have a bad figure, but their hips are too “lush”.

Therefore, special exercises will help to correct the shape of the hips. But first of all, the exercises must be correctly selected, depending on which problem area you would like to tighten. But it should also be recalled that the process of “increasing” the volume of the hips is much faster and easier than reducing them. Therefore, you need to prepare for regular loads.

There are exercises for the inner thigh and the outer – by performing them in a complex, you can give the desired shape to your hips. Among the simpler exercises that can be done almost anywhere, you can call “leg swings”, when you stand on the side of the chair, leaning on it, and swing forward, backward, left (if you hold the chair with your right hand) and right ( if left).

No less useful is the familiar “bicycle” exercise, provided that it is performed correctly – lying on your back, you need to bend your knees slightly and imitate cycling, while trying to straighten your knees as best as possible when lowering your legs.

Another effective exercise is “scissors”. It is also performed lying on your back. The legs are spread apart and then returned to their original position.

All these exercises are performed 20-25 times.

The following exercises are more difficult and require more effort. You need to lie on your right side so that the body is straight, raise your left leg and try to describe circles as large as possible. Repeat 10-20 times.

Many fitness trainers advise as often as possible, just lying in bed, cross your legs, lifting them higher. Such a simple exercise is also your faithful assistant in the fight against extra pounds.

Quite interesting and not the easiest is the exercise “walking the buttocks”. It is performed from a sitting position on the floor. Straighten your legs. The exercise consists of “steps” on the buttocks, while trying to keep your back and legs straight.

The next possible exercise is the “chair stretch”: you need to sit on a chair and put your legs at a right angle, while keeping your back straight and try to bend over to touch your feet. Then stay in this position for a couple of seconds and return to the starting position.

These exercises will undoubtedly help you get the desired shape of the hips, even in a short time, for this it is necessary to combine training and a healthy diet. You can also purchase special slimming underwear, which also helps to tighten the thigh muscles.

Try to devote at least 20 minutes a day to doing these exercises and then the result will not be long in coming!

Video exercises for slimming thighs

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