Homemade cucumber lotion: benefits, composition, preparation

Even our grandmothers and great-grandmothers could not even imagine the great variety of cosmetics that a woman has today. But after all, the fair sex in those days strove for beauty, but how did they get out of this situation?

A bit of history

And the thing is that all cosmetics in ancient times were made on the basis of medicinal herbs, herbal decoctions, fruits and vegetables grown in their own garden. And our ancestors were absolutely sure of their quality, their beneficial effect on the skin of the face and body, and that these “cosmetic products” do not cause any allergies or irritation.

For example, in those days, ordinary cucumber lotion was especially popular. Its composition is quite simple and this tool was available to everyone. Yes, over time, a similar lotion called “Cucumber” appeared on pharmacy shelves. For a very long number of years, it was produced by many domestic manufacturers, and was trusted by most Soviet women. Of course, this tool can be found in cosmetic stores at the present time. However, no one will doubt that the quality of such a lotion leaves much to be desired. But to prepare such a lotion does it require any special ingredients or the use of high technologies? Not at all. The composition of this lotion is painfully simple and corny natural.

Cucumber and its “magic” effect on the skin

But before talking about how to prepare and use this “magic” remedy, it is worth mentioning its effect on the skin. Over the past few decades, that cucumber lotion, the preparation of which at home does not take much time and is not difficult, has been very popular among many women. And all because:

  • this miraculous remedy is considered one of the most effective facial skin care products;
  • cucumber is a vegetable that can be used for any disease and it is absolutely allergenic;
  • this product has excellent antibacterial properties;
  • this wonderful moisturizer and cleanser is quite inexpensive and accessible to all women on the planet.


If we consider cucumber lotion as a facial skin care product, then we can say with full confidence that with its constant use, the skin condition improves significantly. The face in a very short period of time acquires a fresh look, does not look tired, becomes younger. Moreover, this wonderful tool helps to whiten the skin, and also perfectly fights skin diseases such as acne and pimples.

To be more precise, cucumber lotion is suitable for absolutely all skin types, even very sensitive ones, that is, any woman of any age will find him an excellent and effective use. Take, for example, oily skin. If a woman with oily skin regularly uses cucumber lotion, then in a very short time she will be able to get rid of the greasy sheen that is so hated and prevents her from living. After all, such a lotion actively affects all the sebaceous glands, thereby normalizing their work. A girl or woman with age spots or freckles with constant use of the lotion will be able to get rid of them.

And in the summer season, when there is incredible heat and stuffiness outside the windows, this lotion can perfectly moisturize and cool the skin, thereby improving its appearance.

A big plus of cucumber lotion is that it is able to change the condition of the skin of the face in a very soft and gentle way, without causing any harm.

Many are sure that there is practically nothing in a cucumber except water. But this is absolutely not true. Yes, 95% of the vegetable consists of water, but not ordinary, but structured, which improves the process of cell metabolism, skin toning and the absorption of toxic substances. Cucumber is a real storehouse of nutrients and useful minerals. These are vitamins A, E, C, and this vegetable is also very rich in essential oils, which nourish the skin very much, thereby making it healthy, attractive and almost perfect in appearance.

The only thing you need to remember is the shelf life of homemade cucumber lotion. Some recipes require that the product be stored for only 2 days, after which its effectiveness is reduced to zero.


Some useful recipes and their preparation at home

So how do you prepare a healing cucumber lotion that would help return your skin to a healthy, well-groomed and beautiful appearance?

One of the most popular is classic cucumber lotion recipe, which will not be difficult to prepare. To do this, you need to prepare a couple of ripe cucumbers and plain vodka. Place finely chopped cucumbers in an ordinary glass container and pour it all with an alcohol solution. Close the resulting mixture tightly and store for approximately 15 days in a dark, cool place. The resulting tincture should be wiped on the skin of the face daily. It would be better if the procedure is carried out in the morning and in the evening. After several applications, you can notice a significant improvement in the condition of the skin, that it has acquired a certain evenness, smoothness and tenderness. The complexion becomes healthy over time. This lotion is recommended for use by women whose skin is exposed to various kinds of rashes, acne.

Women with acne-prone skin the use of frozen cucumber lotion, so to speak, will be very useful. To do this, you need to prepare pure cucumber juice in advance. To prepare juice, you need to peel the washed cucumber, grate it on a regular grater and squeeze the juice. You can do it by hand, or you can use a juicer. Then the juice is poured into special molds for ice and placed in the freezer. Regular rubbing of the face with ice cubes is excellent for narrowing the pores, cleansing the face and whitening it.


For girls with dry or normal skin the use of a small amount of chopped cucumbers mixed with a glass of warm milk is very suitable. This prepared mixture should stand for 30 minutes, after which it is carefully filtered. Morning and evening are the most suitable times of the day for all procedures using this therapeutic lotion. It perfectly moisturizes and fills the skin with nutrients.

The following recipe is perfect for owners of any skin typesince it contains green tea, with healing and miraculous properties of which, for sure, …

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